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"Careful, Gohan-kun!"

"Sorry, sorry."

"Ah, stop it, that hurts!"

Gohan sighed softly to himself, then started to gently rub the smooth bare back of the woman lying on her stomach in front of him. His fingertips searched over the relaxed muscles to find tight knots and work them away. Each time he did a soft moan would leave the woman's lips, an encouragement for him to continue. Occasionally though he would accidentally press on a nerve or something and she would let out a soft gasp of pain.

"Sweetie, is this necessary?"

"You pick," she said quietly. "Do you want to spend forty minutes massaging my back every afternoon, or do you want me to be irritable?"

"Lesser of two evils," he sighed, and moved his hands lower so they caressed the small of her back. "But every day?"

"Shh," she murmured, nestling her head into the nook of her elbow. "That feels really nice, Gohan-kun. Stay there. I've been kicked there all day."

"Naww," he said, grinning suddenly. "Poor Videl-san. Bullied by an infant."

"A pre-natal infant," Videl growled, then sighed. "Just rub my back."

Gohan didn't lose his grin, but shut his mouth and continued to gently massage her sore muscles. He wasn't sure if it was because of the Saiyan blood in the baby within his wife's belly, but Videl seemed to suffer from much more back pain than other expectant mothers. And while the pain may be a slight exaggeration, the knotted muscles there were not. Gohan was just glad he could do something to ease Videl's discomfort.

"Videl-san, I think it's time to think about the...the birth..."

She stiffened just slightly beneath him, but with his hands in such intimate contact with the muscles in her back he noticed.

"What about it?" she asked, her tone icy, and Gohan sped up his hands slightly in an effort to pacify her.

"Well, do you want to have it here, at home, or in the hospital?"

There was silence. As he released the last tangible knot in her back she didn't even twitch, and he continued to massage if for no other reason then that this would be easier to talk about if they weren't actually face to face. In this matter he had to convince her, and it would be difficult under the burning intensity of her blue eyes.

Eventually she said in a clipped tone, "What's the difference? There's going to be someone looking at me no matter where it is. Someone looking at our baby..."

Here Gohan hesitated. He wanted to tell her straight out, but he couldn't. She wouldn't really understand. Instead he had to proceed cautiously, because if he just blurted it out she would reject the idea completely.

"Well...not necessarily..."

She froze. It was different than before; her muscles didn't lock up, but the gentle movement of her breath stopped.

"What do you mean, Gohan-kun?" Her voice was carefully measured, but he detected a hint of hope in it. That was a good sign. It made him feel more confident about the idea.

"There's...someone I know...a good friend of mine from when I was a kid..."


Gohan was blushing now, and he was grateful that Videl couldn't see.

"He knows all about the Saiyans, and also knows how to remove our baby's tail so it never causes any trouble."

"This is that Oozaru thing, right?" Videl asked, then muttered under her breath, "I never heard of something so ludicrous."

"Believe it or not, it's true," Gohan said, feeling a little stung. "Saiyans who still have their tails turn into Oozaru. And I'm not going to let our baby go through the transformation... It hurts sometimes, Videl-san. I've only turned a couple of times, but the stretching...the cracking..." He shuddered suddenly and Videl let out a low concerned noise.

"Alright, okay, I believe you. Who is this person who knows so much about Saiyans?"

"Well...he'" Gohan took a deep, preparatory breath, then plunged into it, "He's the Guardian of Earth."

"He's what now?"

"The Guardian of Earth. Kami, so to speak."


Videl's voice was disbelieving, and then Gohan remembered something that had happened while he'd been assumed dead.

"You've met him," he said, then let out a low relieved laugh. "Of course! You spent some time at Kami's Lookout during the fight with Buu. His name is Dende, remember him?"

"Dende? The...Namekian?"

"Yeah, that's him. He can get rid of our baby's tail without them even knowing it and heal them up so they never feel a thing. What do you think, Videl-san? Are you willing to let Dende help you give birth?"

Videl was still, but Gohan suddenly realised that the delicate skin of her neck was tinting pink. He smiled, then leant down and pressed a gentle kiss to the flushed skin, whispering into her ear with loving tenderness.

"It's alright, Videl-san. It's okay if you're embarrassed. He's really very understanding..."

"Fine," she whispered, but the warmth radiated from her blush didn't fade. "I guess so. He'll come here, right? We don't have to go up to that place in the sky?"

"He'll come here. I'll ask him tonight." He hesitated, then bent and kissed her neck again, whispering urgently, "Are you alright with this, Videl-san? It's just that I think it's best if we get rid of the tail right away and Dende's the best person to do it. He got rid of Goten's tail no problem."

Videl was quiet for a moment, then sighed and shrugged her shoulders a little.

"I guess so," she said. "I guess it's better safe than sorry, right? And he heals, right? So even if something goes wrong..."

He silenced her there with another kiss, this one on her shoulder. He didn't want to think about possible complications now. He was just happy that she had agreed, and that Dende would be there to oversee the birth of his first child. Dende, who had been taught by Kami, who had originally removed Goku's tail all those years ago. It was a great comfort to him to know that his wife would be in capable hands, even if doctors were considered the optimum. He was happier knowing they would be with Dende. He trusted Dende, and knew that the Namekian would not let anything bad happen to either his wife or his child. It was all he could ask for.

AN. Okay, so the definition of Prudence I found was basically: Caution and/or Weighing up two good options to decide which one is better. Hence the decision between "real" doctor and Dende as main...birth...helper guy... Ah, I'm sleepy... Anyways, see you all tomorrow! I hope you enjoyed! And I hope this fit the topic (if it didn't, sorry ;P) See you tomorrow! (/later today)