AN. Okay, here's the last one :D It's been a fun week. I've gone from being in a house with my very sick mother and sister, to feeling sick myself, to being freezing in Melbourne (my current state, in case you're wondering where that came from). This was delayed by the fact that I didn't write in the plane, got back to Melbourne and was like: "FRIENDS!! *rabid stalking*" Anyway, it's now nearly 2am on the 19th, so I'm technically late (however, not sleepy at all. I'd better go to sleep though, uni starts up again on Monday XD). I hope you enjoy! This one I was going for a cute, funny, little story; I hope it worked...


"Bugger," Gohan muttered as he searched desperately through his bag. Videl looked over at him, then back at her book. She looked up again when Gohan repeated himself, his voice a little louder and more vicious. "Bugger!"


"Videl-san, I don't have any money!"

Videl's eyes widened with surprise, and then her eyebrows drew together in a frown as he threw his bag to the ground, the books inside banging against each other with enough noise to make other people in the restaurant look around in confusion.


He looked at her, then muttered a distracted apology. She sighed, bent and retrieved his bag, and flipped the cover up, peering into the depths. There were about ten books, but nothing else that she could see. She lifted her eyes to his, raising a quizzical eyebrow.

"What do you need money for anyway, Gohan-kun?"

"It's Goten's birthday in two days," Gohan said quietly, viciously. "And I can't afford to get him a present. I can't afford anything anymore. He deserves something really nice and I can't get him squat."

He groaned, then shook his head hard and hit his palm against his forehead. Videl paused, then ventured uncertainly, "Well...what do you want to get him?"

"Something big. Something he'll never forget."

Videl was silent for a moment, then offered, "I could help know, lend you some mon-"

"I am not a charity case," he said coldly, cutting her offer off. "I don't need your money."

"I wouldn't be giving it to you out of charity," she said, horrified at the very idea. "It would be out of...well..."

"Just because I'm poor and you're rich doesn't mean I need your pity," Gohan spat, and she felt the first needling touch of anger. "I don't need your...your handouts."

Videl's jaw dropped. She struggled for a moment to find words, then eventually burst out, "It's not a handout, Gohan-kun! I don't pity you; why would I? You've got a wonderful little brother and parents who adore you. Did it occur to you that I love Goten too and maybe I want to help you get him something??"

They were quiet for a long time. People eventually stopped staring at them and idle conversation started up again around them. Then Gohan sighed and put his hand on Videl's.

"Sorry," he said softly. "I've gotten used to people making those kinds of...gestures... You wouldn't've been the first."

She narrowed her eyes at him, her lips tightening into a thin line.

"Stupid boy," she said eventually. "Why would anyone ever view you as a charity case? Kami only knows you're strong enough to do almost anything. Why would they assume you wouldn't be able to fight for your family, no matter who or what your opponent was?"

He looked at her, then lunged across the table and kissed her hard on the lips, one hand catching the back of her head and pulling her close.

She blinked when he finally released her, before asking breathlessly, "What was that for?"

"No one has ever been able to put it so succinctly," he said simply. "You get me, Videl-san. And I love you for it."

She smiled, leant over the table with much more control and decorum than he had shown, and kissed him gently on the corner of his mouth.

"Of course I get you," she whispered. "I wouldn't love you if I didn't." She pulled away a little, then asked, "So, shall we go shopping for Goten then?"

He grinned and nodded, shooting to his feet. "He was looking at something over here, we should go there first, Videl-san."

She got to her feet and followed him, silently thanking her father for all the work he had done. After all he had given her this money for her own use, and doing so made it as much Gohan's money as it did hers. She just wasn't going to tell him that yet.

AN. And there we go! I hope you enjoyed it. Once again, I really enjoyed this week. It was loads of fun. I have to say, writing the 7 Virtues was WAY harder than the 7 Sins. I wonder why that would be in this modern day and age... ;P I'll be seeing you next time something this awesome comes up! Until then ;D