Title: In character
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: None
Prompt: RPF: Supernatural - Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles - roleplay - "Call me Sam"
Word count: 482
Summary: Jared helps Jensen get in character.

"Jensen!" Jared yelled, coming inside the dressing room.

"What?" he answered quickly turning away from the mirror, hiding something behind his back.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Jared asked, noting his friend startle.

"Um… nothing?" he volunteered not sounding very secure about it.

"Dude, is that mascara?" he said watching the reflection of Jensen's hand on the mirror.


"Dude, why the hell are you putting make up on?" he accused with a smirk on his face.

"Oh, come on, like your face is all shiny and pretty out of magic," Jensen said defensively. "We have to shoot in like three minutes."

"Well, yeah, but there are people that do that for you! Where's Patricia?"

"If I knew, do you think I'd be putting this shit on myself?"

"I'd say no, but now I'm not that sure."

"Shut up."

"Hey," Jared pondered for a while. "Did you just say my face was pretty?" he asked, getting closer to Jensen.

"No. Go away," he replied quickly, taking a step back. His arse hit the makeup table.

"You did!" he was getting closer, and closer. Jensen had no means of escaping.

"You know what I meant," he tried to defend himself.

"Really?" Jared raised an eyebrow. "Care to explain?" his chest was pressing Jensen's body feeling his ragged breathing.

"Dude, get away from me."

"I don't wanna." Jared's hands found their way into Jensen's jeans, massaging his growing erection.

"I– Oh, god, Jared, do that again!" Jensen said, abandoning his will to resist, his forehead resting on Jared's shoulder.

But Jared's hands stop their movement as soon as the words escaped Jensen's lips. "Call me Sam."

"What the– why…?" he asked, lifting his head and making a puzzled expression.

"I don't know, we're about to start shooting, we might as well get in character," he shrugged. His hands were purposely taunting Jensen's cock, the sly movements not enough for his needs.

"I– Dude, I can't fucking believe this," a pause, "Sam."

"Really?" Jared answered, starting to move his hand again. "Is that better?"

"Man, this is so fucked up," he stammered, not hiding his ragged breathing.

"I know. Shut up," he said, his rhythm getting faster and faster. "Can I call you Dean?"

"Wha– whatever," he mumbled. A few minutes after, he was coming on Jared's hand, throwing his head back, moaning loudly.

"Scene 4, chapter 5, all cast and crew to their places, we start in five," announced a shrill voice on the PA.

Jensen took a few deep breathes regaining control and pushed Jared away. "Now I have to change my fucking pants, thank you very much. And my makeup is all fucked up," he said, stomping away.

Jared saw Jensen disappear behind the curtains with a big smirk in his face. "I didn't hear you complaining a minute ago," he said, in a voice too low for Jensen to hear.