Rating: PG-13
Warnings: masturbation
Prompt: South Park, Stan/Kyle (MUST BE teenage): phone sex - (summer vacation) Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Word count: 656

"He… hello?"

"Stan?" asked Kyle when his friend picked up the phone. "Dude, what the fuck are you doing?"

"Eh… Hi Kyle." Stan's voice sounded ragged and Kyle could hear his heavy breathing.

"You fucking douche bag, please tell me you're running or something."

"Not… quite," answered Stan, not hiding his pants. "But I am exercising, though."

Kyle knew that tone too well. He could hear Stan's soft grunts and if he closed his eyes, he could see Stan's body writhing under his own touch, clenching in sweat.

"Dude, if you are jerking off, why the fuck did you answer your goddamn cell phone?" he asked, trying in vain to sound indignado.

"Because I knew it was you."

"What the– what? Don't be such a queer, man," he said, his voice shaking a little.

"Now Kyle, didn't Principal Viktor told you not to say that? It's 'sexually diverse', or some crap like that," he stuttered. Stan's breathing was getting faster and faster, Kyle knew it wouldn't take much longer. "Besides, we've jerk off together before, why the fuck are you freaking out now?"

"We've jerked off in the same room, dude, it's not the same! I'm hanging up." Kyle was fretting and Stan could sense it. He loved to make him suffer.

"No, wait! I'm so close!"

Seconds later Stan came with a soft, long moan and all Kyle could do was listen to his friend regain his breath and recover his speech.

"You're still here, I see," he said in a smug voice. "Come on Kyle, don't you miss me a little?"

"I– Not– What the hell are you talking about? I called to talk to you because you fucking went away on summer vacations while I'm stuck here freezing my ass off, you asshole."

Stan's chuckles sent butterflies all over Kyle's stomach.

"You do miss me, then."

"Right now I just hate you."

"Don't give me this crap now," he said I've seen the way you look at me, that way you istare/i, and your display of jealousy every time Wendy comes near me. You want me Kyle, be a goddamn man and admit it already."

"I– I don't–"

"In fact, I know you so well, I can feel your boner from here. Come on Kyle, touch it for me. Pretend it's my hand grabbing your skin, jerking you off, " he said in hoarse voice.

"Dude, I really fucking hate you."

Stan knew he'd won when Kyle's breathing started to sound more uneven and his words got incoherent. "I know you think of me when you jerk off, even if I'm not there with you."

"No, no!" But Kyle let out little sharp groans, his voice lower that it usually was.

"Liar. I've heard you, you know. You don't fucking shut up when you sleep. You don't talk though, you're a moaner. And when you wake up, you can't even fucking look at me! Why are you so ashamed?"

"What the–"

"Don't worry Kyle, you what they say, a moan is worth a thousand words. And your moans, my god, they're worth like ten fucking thousand."

"I'm– I'm gonna hang up, you fucking son of a bitch," Kyle snapped trying very unsuccessfully to stop moaning.

"Not before you…"

"Oh my god!"

"… finish."

Stan waited for a while until his friend was breathing again. He didn't want to freak him out more by sweet talking him after an orgasm, but he was smirking and gloating in his success.

"Now you can hang up like you were threatening to do. You better clean yourself up before good old Mrs. Broflovsky finds out what his hormonal firstborn is up to."

"Shut up, you fucking idiot. This won't happen again."

"I know it won't. Summer vacations are almost over, and you know we have a lot of free time in our senior year. I'm gonna teach you how to do it without a phone."