Alright folks, it's time for GohanVidel Week 2.0! That's right, you heard me; a second round of oneshots being posted once a day for the next week. For more information, go to the SweetestIrony forum. There will be the address to the group's page on Deviantart, which holds all the stuff you'd want to know about this week. While the first one was the Seven Sins; this weeks is more about redemption for our sins. Thus the Seven Virtures are our themes. Nice, huh?


"One can never be too cautious in this day and age. Prudence is a virtue," Son Chichi always told her son.

"It's a little too late for that," Gohan muttered as he walked down the halls of his school. Though he was sure that the saying was "Patience was a virtue", he wasn't about to correct his mom on it. She was a bit too strong-headed to be corrected.

In all honesty though, the Son boy tried to be prudent; he really did. He just…didn't succeed all the time. On his first day alone he stopped a bank robber, made a couple of his fellow classmates suspicious of him, leapt 25 ft into the air to catch a fly ball, and took a pitch to the head; all before lunch time. Speaking of which, hopefully he'd have enough food for today. He didn't want to go hungry again.

It didn't help that despite his carefulness, he still attached more and more suspicion to his name. Disappearing after one of his classmates, Videl Satan, would go off to stop a crime; always being around crime scenes as he attempted to escape from them; and being late to class being a few of those things.

To add more fuel to the fire as well, just five minutes ago he had removed a whole set of lockers from the wall when he leaned against it.

Hopefully this occurrence wouldn't be tagged onto him, but knowing his luck, his name was already at the top of someone's list. Fortunately, he was early to school for once; so early that only a handful of students were in the building and conveniently not in the same hall as the fallen lockers.

"Holy crap! What the hell happen here?!"

Well, never mind; seemed someone just found his handiwork.

Rounding the corner of the hall, the Son boy put more distance between him and the scene of his latest accident.

"Who would vandalize school property? I mean really? Couldn't they go somewhere else and do that?" Videl complained as she sat in her seat.

Naturally, the moment the fallen lockers were found, someone made a call to their resident, one girl police force, hoping she could get to the bottom of it. Needless to say, she wasn't very pleased to receive that call.

"I don't know," her blonde friend Erasa answered. "Though I'd like to meet him. Anyone that can move lockers off the wall has to be a hunk."

Videl gave her friend an annoyed look. "Is that all you ever think about? Cute boys?"

"Yep, pretty much."

"There's nothing wrong with that," another blond, Sharpner, defended. "I'd love to meet the guy too so he can give me some muscle building tips. My arms haven't been improving from my last couple of workouts."

"I'm surrounded by idiots," the Satan girl sighed as she sat in her seat. Lazily, the dark headed girl looked to her left, past Erasa, and settled her gaze on the geeky looking Gohan. "Would you like to add any other idiotic comments?"

Startled, Gohan looked at the girl and seemed to look nervous, causing sirens to wail inside Videl's head. "Umm…uhhh…not really."

"You're acting awfully weird, Gohan," Videl said as she narrowed her eyes. "Do you know anything about these lockers?"

"No! I mean, no, not at all," the Son boy denied.

"Is that so? Then why are you so nervous?"

"Videl!" Erasa exclaimed. "You think Gohan moved those lockers?" This was followed by a burst of laughter from the blond on the opposite side of the Satan girl.

"That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard!" Sharpner laughed. "The nerd can barely hold up his pencil, much less tear school lockers from a wall!"

Mentally, Videl couldn't help but agree with her "friend's" claim. Gohan wasn't exactly the type that looked like he could show such amazing strength. Then again, he had displayed some very unusual abilities since he got here…

"You never know," the Satan girl replied. "Aren't comic book heroes suppose to pretend to be weak when they could lift trains with their pinkies?"

"Videl, babe," Sharpner spoke, "comic book heroes don't exist. They're just fantasy. You might as well say geek boy over there could fly around the world in a day."

"Those guys from the Cell Games could fly," Videl shot back.

"But didn't your father say those were just tricks?" Erasa countered. "He seemed pretty adamant about it."

"Maybe they are tricks," Videl admitted. "But there were quite a few of those guys that could do it, including Cell. There may be more to it than it being just a trick."

"You think so?" Gohan spoke up, much to the surprise of the other three.

"Yeah, I guess so," the Satan girl replied. "Why?"

An uncomfortable look crawled onto the boy's face. "If you could fly, would you want to learn how?"

"Of course," Videl answered. "Who wouldn't want to be able to fly?"

"Right," Sharpner said as he rolled his eyes. "Why don't you just hunt down one of those Cell Game fighters then and make him teach you to fly. That'd go over well."

"Just you wait! I will!" Videl confidently. "Then I'll be flying all over the place!"

All the while, Gohan couldn't help but cringe just a little bit. Knowing his luck, he was gonna end up being the very person that would have to teach her that. Hopefully it wouldn't happen too soon though. He was still getting use to this school and things would get a little bit hectic if he was forced to teach flying lessons.

For the time being though, he just needed to be a little bit cautious was all. Couldn't make it too easy for her, could he?