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Theme= Charity

Gohan stared at Erasa with wide eyes.

"So, will you sign up?" the blonde asked, smiling dazzling at him.

"But…I…" the Son boy said, nearly speechless.

"Please Gohan, please!" Erasa whined. "It's for a good cause. If you help me, I'll be your bestest friend!"

She had him; there was no way he could refuse. Especially after that pouting face she was throwing at him.

Sighing, he said "Okay, I'll do it."

"Yes! Thanks Gohan!" Erasa cheered before looking away from and jotting his name on a piece of paper. A closer inspection of the paper showed many more names, indicating that it was a list of some sort.

It had only been moments before that the young blonde had approached Gohan and begged for his services. Apparently, the school was holding a fundraiser to send money to local charities. Which ones, the demi-saiyan didn't know but it was for a good cause or so he was told.

The fundraiser itself was to be an auctioning of the student body. People were to make bids on certain students and the highest bid by the closing bell would win the services of the bought student; in other words, a modern day slave auction.

Throughout the last week or so, Erasa had been running around, signing people up. From what she claimed, she only needed one more person and Gohan had been that lucky soul. With him added to her sizeable list, all that needed to be done was to advertise and get this fundraiser underway.

"So, who else is helping?" Gohan asked, trying to strike up some sort of conversation.

"Sharpner's helping," Erasa replied as she looked at the Son boy. "You wouldn't believe what it took to get him to agree to it."

"Do I want to know?"

"No; not really."

"That's because Mountain Boy here couldn't take it."

Both teens looked up to see the beloved Sharpner as he sat in his seat. "And what's that suppose to mean?" Erasa spoke.

"It means that not everyone can handle this brilliance of mine," the blond bragged as he leaned back into his chair, his arms folding behind his head. "You're just lucky I was in a good mood to help out."

"Oh joy, I can see Erasa passing out from appreciation."

This time, three teens looked to see the ever popular Videl Satan. For some reason, she always looked like she was in a bad mood, or so Gohan thought. Maybe she didn't get a good breakfast or something? That could explain a couple things.

"Hey Vi," Erasa greeted. "Guess what? I just got the final person we'll be selling."

Videl rolled her eyes as she sat down. "Good for you, Erasa. Who was the 'lucky' guy?"

Not catching the sarcasm, the blonde replied "Gohan volunteered. Isn't he such a sweaty?"

A blush found its way onto the Son boy's face.

The Satan girl looked at the saiyan before shrugging. "I still don't see the point of this whole thing. What exactly are people suppose to do anyways? Once you buy them, you really can't do anything."

This time, Erasa rolled her eyes. "That's because you're not thinking creatively." This earned the blonde a glare from her dark headed friend. "You pretty much get to boss the person you want around and they have to do what ever you say. You can have them move furniture; do your homework; tell them to streak around the school—"

"Okay, okay, I get it," Videl interrupted. "I'm still not gonna try and buy anyone."

"Oh, come on Videl!" Erasa pleaded. "You said you wouldn't be one of the auctioning people, so you have to try and buy someone. Heck, buy Sharpner!"

The sound of crickets could be heard around the room.

"Okay, maybe not Sharpner but—"

"Hey! What's wrong with me?!" the blond boy in question protested.

"Everything," Videl retorted to the boy. "I've got better things to do than buying some guy I want nothing to do with."

"Then how about Gohan? I know you've been curious about him since he got here. Maybe you can get him to tell you something about himself," the blonde girl pleaded.

That seemed to catch the Satan girl's interest. "Wait, if I buy Gohan, I can ask him about any secret of his and he'd have to tell me?"

"Well, yeah."

"Now hold on a second!" Gohan protested. "You didn't mention that when you asked me to sign up!"

However, the damage had been done. Just taking a look at Videl, the Son boy could see the gears turning in her head; a devious glint in her eyes.

If Gohan thought his Saiyaman secret wouldn't be safe, he was dead right. Rules were rules after all, even if he didn't like them. If Videl won the auction on him, all of his secrets were done with being secret.

He should've known. With Erasa in charge, he should've known that every person signed up for this auction was a guy.

Lining the walls of the emptied cafeteria, platforms stood, presenting what ever stood on them. In this case, the people who had agreed to be auctioned off.

It should've been no surprise that Erasa wanted to sign every boy she thought was hot, cute, or otherwise. Which group the Son boy fell into was beyond him. Perhaps it was otherwise since he had been the last guy she asked.

Walking throughout the room, girls looked at the boys like they were recently cut meat, sizing them up and debating the pros and cons of bidding for them. Some platforms held more gatherings of girls than others but the others had some sort of interested girls.

For Gohan, he had one constant person: Videl. She stared at him like a hawk hunting a mouse. For a moment, the demi-saiyan thought he was until he heard the squeal of a microphone through the speakers. Everyone turned to look at Erasa, who held the mike. "Thank you everyone for coming!" the blond announced. "The auction will start shortly, but I'd like to go over some rules before we begin."

At that point, a lot of people zoned out the girl as the girls turned their attention to which ever boy they were interested it and the boys…well, they just looked uncomfortable. Being the center of attention was a pretty nerve-wreaking experience, after all.

"And now, let's start with the bidding!" Erasa finally announced, receiving some cheers. Walking to the nearest platform, the blonde climbed on top of it before talking about the boy there. From what Gohan could see, she was about four guys down and intended on doing this auction one at a time. This was gonna take a loooooooooong time.

Suddenly, there was an uproar of high-pitched voices as girls threw out bids. There was quite a bit of them over there so who knew how long the bidding war would last. Taking a look, the Son boy was a bit relieved there weren't a lot of girls eyeing him up. Though it was concerning that Videl was still staring at him.

"Sold!" Erasa announced as one girl squealed in delight while others muttered sourly. The winning girl was motioned by Erasa to come up to the stage where she handed her a form and envelop. "Just fill out that form and put your bid in the envelope and turn it in to the front desk," the blond instructed. "Then you and your new boy toy can paint the town red."

As the girl began following the directions, Erasa moved on to the next boy, who just so happened to be Sharpner. "Alright girls, I now present Sharpner! He's one of the top jocks of the boxing and baseball clubs. Girls have literally clawed and bitten each other just to get a date with him! The opening bid for this hunk is 100 zenni! Do I hear any offers?"

The sound of crickets chirping could be painfully heard.

Hesitantly, one girl finally said "One zenni?"

"Okay, I've got one zenni! Do I hear two?"

Once again, another girl hesitantly said "One and a half zenni?"

"Hey, that amount doesn't even exist!" Sharpner protested.

Erasa promptly ignored the boy. "I've got one and a half zenni; do I hear one and three quarters?"

In the end, OSH's greatest jock brought in five and a half zenni. To say that Erasa was pleased would've been saying a blind man had 20/20 vision. But at least the useless goods were disposed of. Now she could rake in some serious cash.

Gohan gulped audibly. Even if he didn't like the idea of being sold off, there was no way he wanted to be sold for such an embarrassing amount. Just looking at Sharpner's face told him his friend was less than ecstatic with the price he had been bought with. The look on his face was only dulled by the same lack of excitement on the girl who bought him. It was obvious the girl had felt bad for the boy and hoped to raise the price on him, getting stuck with him in the end. Perhaps being nice didn't get people ahead.

Though the Son boy wasn't sure how much he would bring in, he was fairly certain he would have a decent price, due to Videl. One hundred, maybe two hundred zenni. A bit low but then, expecting any more might disappoint the boy.

Suddenly, Erasa was at his side, giving him a friendly smile and a wink. Tentatively, Gohan returned the smile. Leaning to him, the blonde said "Don't worry, Gohan. I'm sure you'll bring in a good price." Though she was just trying to reassure him, it made the Son boy feel relieved, if only for a few moments.

"Now I present to you Gohan!" Erasa announced. "He's the newest guy to our school with an IQ that'll blow you away! Need help on your homework? He can get you straight A's in a flash! He's even cute to boot. Rumor has it that he has a very big package, if you know what I mean."

For some reason, Gohan couldn't help but notice the gathering crowd around his platform. Eyes were violating his privacy as the Son boy felt more naked than in his entire life; and that was saying something since he had run around his home naked more than on one occasion.

"The starting bid is 100 zenni; do I have any offers?"

Immediately, one girl shouted "100 zenni!"

That was soon followed by "200 zenni!"



"1000," Videl suddenly spoke up, confidence in her eyes. Erasa had done a good job selling the demi-saiyan, the Satan girl had to admit. But she figured if she threw out a very high bid, she'd scare off a bunch of the other ladies. A quick check around told her she had been correct.

"1100!" another voice shouted. Turning to look, Videl couldn't help but frown slightly as she stared at the red headed Angela. Where had she come from anyways? Wasn't her filler episode over already?

She wouldn't be outdone though, even as a couple other girls threw out 1200 and 1250 zenni bids. "1350."

"1400," Angela countered.

"1500," Videl shot back.


A bunch of people had been taken back. Things were escalating a bit faster than expected.

Growling a bit, Videl upped her bid "2500."




"4500!" Erasa exclaimed. "We've got a 4500 zenni bid girls; you are not mistaken."

Videl didn't lose her cool. "5000"




Her patience was coming to an end. How much money did Angela have anyways? A quick look at her told the dark haired girl that she was running out. There was a bit of a frantic look as she dug into her money purse.

"9000," Videl declared. Then after a moment's pause "Make that 9001."

"Oh my Kami!" Erasa shouted. "We're over 9000!"

That seemed to break Angela's concentration as she lost count of her money. Rushing herself, she couldn't quite keep the number right and had to start over again.

"Do I hear any bid more than 9001?" Erasa asked. "Going once; going twice; sold!"

The daughter of Satan pumped her fist into the air, her sign of victory. Gohan, in the meantime, just stared at the crowd in front of him. Never had he thought he'd bring in that much money; but why look a gift horse in the mouth?

Suddenly, reality crashed down on him. He was now Videl's slave, for lack of any better words. If she wanted his secrets, and she did, they stood no chance of remaining hidden.