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The One Rose

Oh my god. I'm so nervous. I mean I have a cast on one of my foot, and the other one has a death trap, a 3 inches heel. However did Alice think I could make it through with all this? I know she knows how clumsy I am.

The dress, however, I agree with. It reaches till my knees; it's very simple, so no attention, another plus. And it's blue, Edward's favorite color on me.

Edward. It's been really hard for him after the 'James accident'. Somehow he blames himself for everything that's happened. Charlie is at fault. He's always blaming Edward and doesn't response well. And it doesn't help that Edward's a mind reader. Poor guy has to go through so much.

Right now, Edward and Charlie are downstairs. I don't hear them talking…wonder how it must be…

Okay Bella, you can do this. Just go down stairs and that's it. Ok. Relax. I took a deep breath in and settled myself on the top of the stairs. I heard the chairs creak against the tiles on my kitchen floor and few footsteps. Edward and Charlie were standing on the other end of the stair.

"You look beautiful." Edward breathed a compliment. I, being me, blushed deep red. But from the corner of my eyes, I saw Charlie throw a look at Edward.

"Thanks," I said. I was on my last step, when I tripped. Of course.

"Don't worry," Edward whispered in my ear, low enough so that Charlie can't hear him. "I got you." he smiled his crooked smile, sending my heart fluttering.

Edward stood me up and opened the door going out to his car. I waited behind and turned to my dad.

"Well, I guess I can't call you kiddo anymore." He chuckled. "You look nice Bella." He smiled a fatherly smile I haven't seen in a long time.

"thanks dad." I hugged him. I turned to the door, almost leaving when Charlie stopped me.

"Bella," I turned to him "you still got that pepper spray?" I rolled my eyes.


Edward drove speedily to our school. I could say that now I'm use to its speed. When we got to our school, Edward rushed around to open the car door for me. Unlike his car speed, I think that this is one thing I can't get over about Edward; his gentlemanliness.

"Thank you." I said while he got me out of his 'special occasion car'.

"Your welcome, my lady." He smiled.

Before we went inside Edward stopped me. "I have something for you." I looked at him curiously. Out of nowhere, he had a bouquet of flowers. I smiled timidly as I reached to hold them. Roses. My favorite. And they smell amazing.

"Thank you." I blushed, probably even more red than the flowers.

"I'll love you until every flower dies." My eyebrows furrowed. His love won't last forever? He knows how bad I am with plants. I looked down back to the flower and this time I noticed something.

11 of them were real and soft. The last one…it was fake.

I gasped and looked back up at Edward. He was smiling crookedly again. I threw my hands around and him hugged him tightly.

"I love you…so much." I whispered into his shoulders.

"And I love you…forever."


An: ok that was it…I love the concept how a guy would give you flowers and say I'll love you until each of them die, and one of the flowers turns out to be fake. Oh wow that would be soooo romantic! Review!