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Draco paced back and forth in the corridor of Grimmauld Place. He had never been here before, but it seemed familiar; just like his cousins or uncle's house. Every pureblood's house had the same basic layout.
Upon his arrival, he had only spoken with his former professor, Lupin. He had seen a few other people come in and out but no one else even gave him a glance in his direction. He wondered if they really didn't notice him, or they were just ignoring him. He figured it was for the best anyway, he didn't want to draw attention to himself and although he hadn't done anything wrong, he still wasn't their favorite person in the world.

Time passed by agonizingly slow and Draco kept looking at the ancient clock. It had only been two hours since his arrival and he hadn't stopped his fidgeting. When the clock read 2:23, he heard someone else enter through the door. He thought it was just another Order member until he heard soft sobbing. Draco ran to the entrance of his house to see Mad Eye Moody holding his mother by her forearm. She broke free of his grasp when she saw her son to run and embrace him. He was taller than his mother, and he hugged her as she slowly started to shake.

Moody grunted and left the room, leaving them all alone.

"Is it true Draco?" his mother questioned him, breaking the embrace and staring into his eyes.

"Is what true?" he asked.

"You have betrayed the Dark Lord? You will not finish the task he gave you?" her eyes were watering and Draco couldn't figure out if she was upset or happy.

"Yes," he declared.

Her expression stayed the same for a few moments, but when the answer finally sunk in, she smiled.

"I never wanted this for you, you know. I tried to stop them, but they wouldn't listen, they still made you a..a.." Draco knew when she was rambling and pulled her in for another hug.

"Will we be safe?" she sniffed.

"I believe so," he replied.

Lupin cleared his throat and they both turned around.
"Erm, there's some dinner left over in the kitchen, if you two are hungry. I've showed Draco where you are to sleep. If you have any questions, ask me," Lupin kept shifting his weight from his heels to the tip of his feet. It was obvious that he was very uncomfortable.

"Right. Do you know how, erm, how the situation with Dumbledore went?" mumbled Draco.

"Everything went as according to plan," Lupin said simply.

Well, that was it. Almost everyone know thought he was dead, and even worse they thought he was an attempted murder.

A few hours earlier…

"You're sure?" demanded Snape.

"About as sure as I can be, Severus. As far as I can see, you are not breaking the vow," said Dumbledore.

"And how do you come to that conclusion?" Snape questioned bitterly.

"Repeat to me the exact wording Miss Narcissa used when you made the Unbreakable Vow," requested Dumbledore.

"Will you, Severus, watch over my son, Draco, as he attempts to fulfill the Dark Lord's wishes?" Snape repeated the exact words to Dumbledore.

"You most certainly watched over him, go on."

"And will you, to the best of your ability, protect him from harm?"

Dumbledore simply nodded.

Snape took a deep breath. "And, should it prove necessary…if it seems Draco will fail, will you carry out the deed that the Dark Lord has ordered Draco to perform?"*

"Ah," said Dumbledore with a smile. "You see, Severus, Draco did not 'fail'. He simply surrendered, which was a very brave task indeed. Failing, as I understand it, would be if he tried to assassinate me, but I overpowered him," replied Dumbledore.

"That's all very well, and I understand that I did not actually break the vow. However, since the story is going to be that he did try to kill you and you did overpower him, the story will be that he failed," Snape said the last word slowly, trying to make a point.

"That is why you still must kill me," Dumbledore answered, in a casual tone as if they were discussing the latest Quidditch match, or the weather.

"Face it, Severus, I am weak and I would much rather prefer a simple and quick death rather than the one I am destined for. And you cannot forget that you have to prove your loyalty to the Dark Lord," said Dumbledore.

Snape glared at him and thought carefully about what to say. It seemed there was no way out of this.

"When?" he finally asked.

Dumbledore put his hand up to his chin and started to scratch his beard, pondering over the situation.

"I have no need to make arrangements, as I have already taken care of that. When depends on you."

Snape scoffed. "So, when I feel up to killing you, I should just do it, is that what you're saying?"

Dumbledore smiled weakly.

"Not quite. Rather, you have two options. You can kill me right now in this very office, run to the Dark Lord, and everyone will think you have betrayed the Order and myself; until the war is over that is. Or, I would be happy to inform the Order of our plan, and although you will still play the part of a Death Eater and Voldemort will have no suspicions, at least the right people will know the truth."

Snape stared at him, shocked. He had never even considered the possibility of someone knowing the truth after he would inevitably kill the headmaster.

"What is it going to be, Severus?" Dumbledore prodded.

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*The Unbreakable Vow is taken directly from The Half Blood Prince, page 36 in the hardback American version. Sorry it's a bit short, kind of a filler, but I couldn't come up with anything to exciting, and this is better than nothing. Reviews are love (: