My gaze was blurred but the movement of the door caught my attention and I looked up. Holding a metal case, Ukon entered. His thin lips twitched as he looked at me, then went to a table that was set up in my line of vision and deposited the case on it. I ignored him as much as possible focusing on a ripped hole in my jeans.

I was tied to a chair in the middle of what looked to be a cell. There weren't any window in the room and the walls seemed to be made of cement. Several candles were lit in the room providing light and the chill air had long since numbed my body…except for my broken arm which throbbed intensely.

I dimly heard the tinkling of metal against metal but didn't register the sound. I was going to die, it was a fact that I'd been given enough time to get used to. There were many things that I had wanted to do before this day arrived. In my youth, I'd wanted to see the world, walk along the Great Wall of China, gaze upon Mount Fiji, swim in oceans that were so clear that it seemed like you could touch the bottom even thought they were fathoms deep. I'd wanted to marry someone and have a large family…in recent weeks that someone had become Sasuke.

The thought of him caused my heart to ache. And I forced my mind to empty. I couldn't think of Sasuke right now, it was too painful, maybe when I breathed my last I could think of him…

"Did you know that Sakon is alive?' Ukon stated nonchalantly his back still turned to me.

I frowned. Sakon was alive…this statement filtered into my foggy brain. I been given a dose of the drugs that Sakon had been giving me in order to make me compliant.

"But it doesn't matter; I'm still going to kill you. Only this time I'll wait until after I get the information as to where that little box is hidden. Orochimaru wants that first and then he doesn't care what happens to you afterwards. In that little box is a journal of the transactions, kind of like a blackmail book but more importantly the receipe and notes of the little drug that is now floating in your system. It's new, you see. Uncle O and Sakon were using you as a test subject…since you weren't useful in other ways. And uncle O needs the recipe and notes in order to present them to potential buyers. So here I am to take care of that little detail.

"It's too bad really. You were quite the little demon in bed. I wouldn't mind trying out that body again. But then you had to go and try and kill Sakon, which I thought you had succeeded. Seems like Orochimaru had some plans for Sakon that involved everyone here thinking he was dead. Since that little slip up of Orochimaru's, letting you get a hold of that box, Uncle O had to find a scapegoat or two. It was arranged that you and Sakon would get into a fight and you would try and kill Sakon. Brilliant planning on Uncle's part, and it seemed to work."

My hazy mind began to remember the events and put things together. In my panic, I'd tried to call Gaara and Konkuro but Orochimaru had shown up, taken the phone from my hand and disconnected the call. I dimly remember thinking that I'd heard someone answer and hoped that they'd come looking.

Orochimaru had been livid in his anger, shouting accusations and hitting me. I'd been able to flee outside. Ukon had been waiting in the car and saw me come running outside with Orochimaru following, shouting that I'd killed Sakon. I remember hearing the revving of the engine followed by a shove then nothing until I woke up in the hospital.

Ukon was approaching me now with a scalpel held in his left hand. I saw this with clarity and nearly giggled. Sakon was right handed, now I knew how to tell them apart.

Ukon pulled my head back by my hair.

"Maybe I'll start by plucking your lovely blue eyes out. I could display them in a special case for all to see. Remember the bible says an eye for an eye." He was quoting scripture at me and I knew that he had descended into madness.

The sharp edge of the scalpel neared my eye and it seemed like the world slowed down. My vision enhanced and I could see the small lines in the blade from the grinder. Everything behind it was blurred out.

But the scalpel never landed, instead, chaos erupted. I blinked and tried to focus on the bodies that were crashing about the room. Several people were being thrown about the room, unable to figure out what was happening, my brain seemed to over load, and my mind shut down.



Shikamaru looked over at Temari who was holding their brand new baby girl. Smiling in a rush of happiness, he turned back to the ceremony. In the arched bower were two people who were fated to be together. The bride wore a simple but elegant white dress and held a bouquet that was made up of white roses and tiny blue flowers. The same blue flowers were used as decoration for the brides honey blond hair. The groom stood straight and proud next to here listening intently to what the priest was telling them. His tuxedo was fitted to perfection and accommodated his wide shoulders. His white hair was pulled back from his head and tied with a simple thong.

"They look so good together," Temari said leaning toward him. "I never thought I'd see the day when Jiraiya would remarry."

"True. And Tsunade looks very beautiful and happy. It was troublesome getting them together but I'm glad that everything worked out right.

"Where are Sasuke and Naruto?"

"Jiraiya didn't want to interrupt their honeymoon, so he hasn't told them." Shika sighed at the trouble this would bring when Naruto got back. His mind lapsed back and he reminisced about everything that had happened.

Kiba had been trying to get someone on the radio but silence had greeted them. Unble to contact anyone in the team Kiba decided that they would head in. They had found the several men dead lying in pools of blood. At the top of the stairs leading into the tunnels they'd met up with Sasuke's brother, Itachi and a black man by the name of Kisame. Sasuke had asked Itachi to help in finding Sakon. It seems that Itachi had contacts that could get information much quicker than the police. Kisame had found out that the dead body wasn't Sakon but just a pawn in Orochimaru's organization. Itachi and Kisame had taken care of most of O's subordinates and had just gotten into the house. Heading into the tunnels, they'd found Konkuro first. He was being helped out by a pale man with white hair. Konkuro looked at them sheepishly then introduced them to Kimimaro who was their inside man.

Kimi told them that Orochimaru had been killed by one of his buyers who'd found out that he'd planted Sakon in their organization to spy. Once he'd heard word of Orochimaru's death from Sakon who was running from the same buyer, they'd flown here. Ukon already had Naruto and Sakon had told his brother to get the boxes location from Naruto. Sakon wanted the recipe for him self and was going to proceed to sell it to the highest bidder. Orochimaru had double crossed everyone and had been in such financial straights that none of his money was left. Sakon needed the recipe in order to continue to live the lifestyle he was accustomed to.

Leaving Kimi to help Konkuro out they'd found Gaara at the end of the hallway about to descend to another level. He had a couple of bullet wounds but nothing serious and they convinced him that he would just be in the way with his wounds so he headed back out.

They'd reached the first door and heard a crash from inside. Bursting in they were in time to see Sasuke pull his revolver and shoot. Sasuke had stood over him, chest heaving from his fight. In an eerie voice he'd spoken to the dead man.

"Now, lets see you come back from that."

Kiba had shuddered at the voice and carefully approached the raging man.


Eyes that flickered red in the dim light latched onto Kiba and for a moment Shika had thought that Sasuke was going to attack him. But then they found Itachi and Kisame and he seemed to grow calmer. He didn't seem surprised to see his brother there instead…

"You're late."

"Ah, Sasuke. Do you know how many people were stationed outside? It was tough taking care of them without alerting the authorities that were out there too."

"Hn,' the man grunted then turned back to Kiba, Shika, and Jiraiya.

They'd filled Sasuke in on what had happened before they went in search of Naruto. It hadn't taken them long since Kiba's nose was extra sensitive and he'd been able to sniff out Naruto's subtle scent, literally.

They'd broken the door in to see the dead man leaning over Naruto with a scalpel to her throat. Sasuke was across the room in an instant, tearing the man's hand away from Naruto and tossing him across the room. Tayuya had rushed in to help and a brief fight had ensued. It was over quickly since they out numbered the two. Tayuya had ended up dead and Ukon unconscious.

Sasuke had carried Naruto out, then spent the next week at her bed side until she recovered fully from the overdose of drugs in her system. It was a miracle that they hadn't killed her.

When she woke up she'd talked to Gaara and Konkuro telling them where she had hidden the box. They'd made sure that she was cleared of all charges, then had to spend the following year rounding up buyers and sellers. It was one of the biggest drug smuggling operations to have been broken, though many people died before they'd been able to dismantle the whole operation.

Tsunade had come down to visit her favorite patient and never went back. She'd fallen in love with the town and people on first sight. She'd bought Naruto house since Naruto was living with Sasuke and didn't need it.

Everything of Orochimaru's and Sakon's had been sold off and Naruto had donated the money to charities across the country that specialized in abuse victims. It had gone a long way to helping with her recovery. Just knowing that she could help someone else out had soothed a part of her mind and the embarrassment that came with being a victim herself. She'd also gone to a group therapy session twice a month and talked about her experiences with them.

Shika felt his phone vibrate and pulled it out flipping it open to read the message that flashed onto the screen. After a moment he began to punch buttons sending a message back.

Temari frowned at her husband, irritated that he would be texting someone during Jiriaya's wedding.

"Who was that?" she hissed quietly so no one else was disturbed.

"Naruto. She wanted to know how the wedding was going."

Temari blinked in surprise.

"I thought that Jiraiya hadn't told her."

Shika shrugged. "It was too troublesome to try and plan another wedding around planning Naruto's and Sasuke so Tsunade told her and they planned both of them together." He nodded to the portrait of Tsunade in her gown. It wasn't a photograph but an actual painting. "Who do you think did the painting?"

Temari grinned. "Naruto is really good, isn't she?"

"Yes, most of her paintings have sold. The lowest went for around ten thousand dollars."

The priest stepped back announced, "May I please present to you for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Jiraiya…" The crowd roared with approval as they stood clapping and tossing bird seed as the couple rushed down the isle.


"So how is the happy couple?"

"They are great," I said snapping my phone shut and tucking it into the bag that rested next to me. I settled back onto the towel that was stretched out over the front of the boat. My orange bikini seemed to glow in the sun against my tanned flesh. I knew that Sasuke's eyes were devouring me as he stood at the wheel. I cracked open my eyes and grinned up at him.

The clear water lapped against the sides as he checked gages and set the wheel. There wasn't anyone around us so we were in semi privacy.

Sasuke descened the stairs and came around to sit next to me. His hand found my leg and began to rub the flesh paying close attention to the scars that still lingered there. He rubbed the tight muscles and I closed my eyes I bliss just feeling the pleasure that it induced.

"So Mrs. Uchiha, on this list of what you want to do, does it include making love on a boat out in the middle of nowhere?" his low voice purred in my ear. His breath cause goosebumps to break out and I shuddered in near ecstasy.

"Now that you mention it, it does. Right after swimming in the water!" I leaped to my feet and dived into the crystal clear, but cold water. The next instant I felt a hand wrap around my waist and pull me into Sasuke's warm chest. Lips closed over mine.

"I'm glad that you came home," he said, when our heads broke the surface.

"Me too."

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