One and the Same: A Power the Dark Lord Knows Not

October 2002

A young woman with slightly bushy brown hair was working late, trying to get rid of a couple of pro-pureblood laws so scumbags like Lucius Malfoy would not be so easily able to just donate money and get whatever they wanted from the ministry.

There was a crash outside, and some of her wards went off; there was an intruder in the outer office. She grabbed her wand from her hip holster and prepared additional shields, as well as raising some more wards on her inner office, hoping to at least slow down the intruder.

A few minutes later, and even her extra wards had failed. Four strangers entered: monk-like men with runes where their eyes should be. She threw a few stunning spells and got one of them, but the other three were still trying to attack her with their wicked knives. She sent a bat bogie hex at one, and another stunner at each of the other two.

After the battle, she had four unidentified bodies on the floor. She put each of them into separate stasis spells and wrote down the runes so she could look them up in her books and identify them. She levitated the four bodies and went down to the Department of Mysteries.

November 2002

She had not identified the runes or heard back from the Department of mysteries about the bodies, and had for the most part forgotten, as she was totally immersed in her fight against pureblood laws. Once again, she was working late, but this time, there was no ward disturbance, no attack. Now, she was just filled with a new strength, with a power and a determination like she had never felt before, not in her studies, or in her work.

Hermione Granger had been Chosen.

A/N This is a companion one shot for my story One and the Same, and there will probably be more Hermione one shots following this story, and they may at some point entertwine.