Title: Adonis in the Gymnasium
Author: Sare Liz
Series: Daily Vampire Mating Ritual
Continuity: The Day The Earth Stood Still (outtake)

Disclaimer: Nope, not original characters. Belongs to S. Meyer, et al.
Beta: Bless Colleen P. for putting up with me and my antic. And my histrionics.
Author's Note: I really try not to do outtakes on purpose. But these scenes existed, and they just didn't fit into the flow of the story...

This outtake takes place the Monday after Book 2, Chapter 1: His Cake. EPOV, naturally.

There was no time to do something like the present. Alice had smirked at me as I decided this, on our way to the gymnasium I wasn't able to hear her or see the vision she caught as I was in Bella's head, but I could imagine fairly well what it was. After all, I knew what I had just decided to do.

As of Bella's second day of school, I had yet to attend a gym class while not happily and securely within her head, and necessarily out of everyone else's. It was an arrangement generally preferable to the eighty-seven year alternative with which I had been working.

Yet today, and perhaps tomorrow, I will break that trend and for good reason - my one hundred and fifth birthday present, or as Bella likes to call it, my Adonis' Belt. We are both curious as to what our peers will make of it, if anything.

I will admit that this venture appeals to the braggart within, more so than any non-existent sense of exhibitionism. Beyond the crest she wears on her wrist, which I am sure is both common knowledge and old news at this point, there is no thing, no item visible upon our persons that would obviously indicate our attachment to one another, or the permanent nature of that arrangement. I had my promise ring, the Swan Signet, and she her hidden engagement ring, but there was nothing else - such as, oh, I don't know - wedding bands appropriately placed. I knew and understood the need for discretion, I even accepted it, but that didn't mean I had to like it. And like it I certainly did not.

So I chose a place in the middle of the locker room instead of off to the side as I usually did. I walked in and begun changing while everyone else was half-way through the process, thus making it more difficult for their natural instinct to get away from me to have sway over their actions.

Five boys noted the change in my actions.

I set my academic things in an empty locker, my journal and pen, and my exercise things as well, having retrieved my lock, shorts, socks, shoes and shirt from my usual locker across the room. I quickly took my shirt off and hung it in the locker. I took my loafers and socks off next, putting them in the bottom of the short locker. I took my trousers off quickly and hung them as well. Then I adjusted the chain around my waist, subtly bringing attention to it.

What I would give in this moment for Emmett to be in here. He would have loved this game I was playing, and would have insisted on his own role. I could imagine it so clearly.

Emmett would smirk.

Emmett would snort, a shit-eating grin on his face.

Emmett would clap me on the shoulder and say something sensational, risque, and borderline objectionable. I couldn't actually imagine what it would be, as he always surprised me in such moments with what he thought up, with what actually came out of his mouth, but I have no doubt it would have been perfect and it would have perfectly fed the raging braggart within me that wanted the world to know how incredibly wonderful Bella was, how much we loved one another, and how dedicated we were to the other.

It was not a nice side of me I was airing today, but I saw no reason for Bella to know of it. I was as sure that if she noticed it within the next several hundred years, she would either forgive me or help me to balance myself out. Either way, I wasn't worried. Neither was I ready to share my motivation, however. That was between God, myself, and Jasper.

Ah, if Emmett were here... He could have been relied upon to call attention to my birthday present with the proper level of sexual innuendo, if not blatant reference to our very active sex life. I could imagine him tugging very lightly on the chain from behind and me threatening quite audibly - though with a grin - to tear his arm off and hide it if he breaks the chain. It would be a viable threat, as I could run significantly faster than he could. And Emmett would respond, undaunted as always, with some reference to Bella having purchased it for me. Ah, if Emmett were here...

But it does not do to dwell on the impossible.

I finished adjusting the chain and stood sideways to the half-locker so the chain and lock would be more visible to a greater proportion of the people in the locker room.

At this point is was not entirely quiet in the room, but everyone in the large open middle area where I stood at my new locker had fallen quiet.

Two boys were fantasizing about licking my stomach. Three were jealous of my physique. Two more were fantasizing about being part of a group sex scenario; one with Rosalie and I, one with Bella and I. Six of the boys, including all four who were fantasizing, noticed quite particularly the chain, though no one guessed correctly at its nature or origin.

I began slowly folding my clothes, clad only in my signet ring, belt, and light blue boxer briefs. No one moved in any significant fashion in my portion of the room.

By the time I folded my shirt, everyone in my vicinity had noticed the belt. Two had guessed that it was a gift from Bella. By the time I had finished folding up my trousers news had spread to the rest of the locker room and there was widespread speculation about the level of kink employed by Bella and I. I smirked. They had no idea how deliciously kinky Bella was.

With great reluctance I put my gym shorts on. Then a stroke of genius. I rearranged the belt so that four inches of the chain along with the lock draped over the waistband of my shorts. Then I got up, stretched, paused as if to think, and meandered - sauntered, one might say - over to the drinking fountain. I let the water wet my lips as I grinned at my own amusing antics. I wish Bella could be here to watch my vanity. I think it would amuse her, as well. It certainly had amused Alice.

As I started to imagine Bella, I knew that the vibe I was sending out was changing. I could hear it in the thoughts of the boys.

Six boys who were shocked at their own thoughts wanted to perform fellatio on me. The two who were already reasonably secure and aware of their sexuality had moved on in their fantasies. One wanted to penetrate me, the other to be penetrated. Two boys who were as shocked at the six found themselves wondering how my lips tasted, and if I possibly was interested in experimenting, sexually.

It had never been this bad, before now.

I smirked. Then again, I had never before intentionally put myself on display while mostly naked and thinking of my mate. If Carlisle were ever to do such a thing in the doctor's locker room I hate to think of what might happen. Some of his colleagues didn't have the healthiest cardiovascular system.

I wondered what would happen if...

I adjusted my cock as I walked by a group of boys, back to my locker, my hand lingering as I groaned almost - but not quite - inaudibly, "Bella."

Instantly in four, then six, then ten of the boys' minds there were the most graphic images; ten different images of Bella and I having sex.

Bella performing fellatio while wearing a cheerleader's outfit.

Myself fucking Bella on the hood of my Aston Martin in the dress she wore to prom.

Bella and I having sex in the backseat of a car I did not recognize.

Bella and I having sex on a twin bed in a room I did not recognize - but one that was filled with Mariners and Seahawks sports paraphernalia.

Two boys imagined me fucking Bella against lockers in the school. I wondered if they'd seen us after prom.

Up against a brick wall at the back of a bar, or possibly a restaurant.

From behind, with Bella bent over in the shower room next door.

On a shabby couch in a room I did not recognize.

In a kitchen I did not recognize, Bella bent over the countertop.

Each of the ten fantasies was intricately detailed and rendered in full sound and color. Details were wrong, of course, but their collective impact on me was not diminished for the inconsistency to reality. It was so shocking I almost stumbled. I was instantly hard. I swallowed my groan and quickly put my shirt on, leaving it untucked and blessing the dual facts that it was not skin tight and that it was long enough to cover most of my erection, which I then did honestly need to adjust.

Six new fantasies.

God, I wanted Bella.

I debated whether or not to continue listening in. I decided to make as thorough of a job of it as I could.

Three boys continued to fantasize about Bella and I on and off for the entire hour. One of the boys in an attempt to cozy up to Lauren Mallory told her of the incident in the locker room. I was amused at how much he edited out. He had noticed his neighbor become erect while looking at me, and he himself had been quite perceptive about the unresolved sexual tension in that room. Still, now that Lauren knew, the rest of the school would know by the end of lunch.

I wondered if I should stay out of Bella's head for the rest of the day. I wondered if it would be worth the sacrifice. It would certainly feed my ego. Bella might find it amusing, particularly given the possessive streak that I found so endearing, adorable, and stunningly sexy.

I relayed the tale to her and the family at lunch, including the statistical analysis of reactions, both in the locker room and during gym class, accounting for the variables of time from event, gender, preference, and internal peace with said preference. Rosalie reminded me that I hadn't accounted for the variation of whether Bella was admired or held in contempt by the individual in question. I conceded her point, but hearing it stated to blatantly raised my ire - not against Rosalie, but Lauren Mallory and her ilk. I had the strongest and strangest urge to rip her hair out, which she considered one of her greatest assets. Also, I wanted to rip her tongue out of her head and crush her eyeballs while still in her sockets. It was odd, as I had never paid much attention to her, but the thought that anyone held my beloved in contempt was enough to make the darkest part of my nature flare up. I was not, however, ruled by the darkest part of my nature, so instead of doing these things, I gently embraced Bella and contemplated our love.

I watched as she shook her head as if to clear it. She turned and gave me a look, one part knowing, one part incredulous, two parts aroused. In the din of the cafeteria and the ongoing conversation of our family I could only just barely hear the whisper of her mind, and not too clearly. Perhaps it was one of those moments where she was seeming to keep her thoughts from me, without actually closing her mind entirely, but then again, perhaps she just wasn't thinking anything in specific. But I was willing to bet she'd just figured out-

"You're not inside, are you?" She didn't wait for my answer, but leaned in, burying her nose in my neck, bracing her hand on the other side of my neck. I put one arm around her waist to help stabilize her, whatever she was attempting. Bella took a deep breath and her fingers spasmed against my neck, her nails scratching across my skin. Our groan was mutual and simultaneous. The burn was negligible. The erection was back. I doubted my ability to make love to her in this state, three days out from having fed, but I was perfectly in control just now with our present level of intimacy.

Oh my God, Edward! You know what your scent does to me when you're like this! Did you think I wasn't serious?!

Bella was yelling at me in her head, even as she remained right where she was, nose buried against my skin, taking one deep breath after another. I smiled the smile of the deeply self-satisfied and put my free hand in her hair, holding her head to my neck. I angled my head so she had more room.

"You should eat, love," I said, trying half-heartedly to redirect her.

Silly me. I gasped softly when she started licking me.

"Yummy," she breathed out against my skin before returning to her licking. Thank heavens she hadn't started in with her teeth yet. I wasn't sure what I would do if she did. And really, it was just a matter of time. And I was hard-pressed to care...

"Yes, yes," Emmett said, interrupting us, though Bella continued without stop, as if she hadn't heard. At least he had a part of our attention. "You two are ready to have sex. How very surprising. But you have bigger fish to fry, here children. How is it that half the junior boys have seen your birthday present and we haven't? Hardly seems fair, Eddy-boy. Come on. Fork it over. I wanna see it."

"Bella has the key. If you want to see it, you'll have to ask her," I responded in a normal tone, despite what pleasures Bella was evoking within me, via my neck.

"Good luck with getting her attention," Rosalie muttered.

I saw what Emmett had planned.

"That won't make her more amenable to agreeing to anything you ask," I point out, knowing that Alice was waiting for me to do so.

"What do you suggest?" he asked.

"Culinary bribery," Alice said.

I had to admit, it was a good one. Emmett had finally found his calling in the family - chef - and according to Bella and Jacob, he was phenomenal. He'd even come over and cooked for Charlie once.

"Come on, Bella; I'll make you a masterpiece tomorrow night. You can ride the Edward Express to your heart's content in just two more hours. Give us a break and show us what you got Edward. We're dying of curiosity here, Bells."

Bella whined, clearly weighing her options. I gave Emmett a significant look.

"Peach cobbler, Bella. I'll go to Seattle to get the peaches, Bells. Plus your two favorite ice cream flavors. And hor d'oeuvres. Little itty-bitty ones that Edward can feed you by hand. I'll deliver them to your room an hour before dinner."

Bella moaned.

"Thursday, too."

Bella threw her head back, her fingernails still resting sharply against my skin. She panted, and I kept my tight hold on her. "What does he want?" Bella's voice was the same breathy cum bunny voice I so adored.

I purred.

"Not helping," Jasper growled at me. I ignored him.

"Emmett is offering to amaze and astound your taste buds if only you'll unlock my belt so they can see it. They're curious."

Bella shook her head and sat back, trying to disengage, but I kept my arm loosely around her waist. She licked her lips and my cock twitched. "Sure," she said, reaching for the key tucked in the cuff on her left forearm.

When Bella went digging for the lock, I groaned. She didn't need to go quite as far past my waistband as she was, and she knew it. She'd mentioned this past weekend that given how I smelled when I was outside of her head and feeling hungry in any capacity, she'd want to go down on me in the cafeteria. I wasn't sure that was the best idea, but I was all for having her lips around my cock sometime very, very soon.

I wish the Volvo had tinted windows.

No. We could wait. We would have two hours before Charlie came home. There was plenty of time for her to coax an orgasm of mine onto her tongue before we started dinner.

Bella unlocked the belt, tucked the key away, and then with agonizing slowness and no small amount of drama, pulled the chain from around my waist, hand over hand, letting the excess pool and fall over my erection. Her gaze never left mine as this occurred. Staring into Bella's eyes, it was too hard to ignore my family and their very loud thoughts. As a point of interest, most of the cafeteria was watching this new "Edward in Chains" episode of Forks High Dinner Theatre and their minds were raging with curiosity and fantasy, adults and teenagers alike. It was a relentless noise I would have liked to escape from, but if I went back into Bella's head nothing short of driving away from her this evening was going to pry me out of it again.

Bella handed the chain belt over to Jasper who sat next to her. Then she leaned into me and proceeded to pet my cock through the fabric of my trousers. I hugged her close to my side, angling my body towards her. I lasted as long as I could.

"Bella," I whispered, trying to keep the groan from my voice. "It's getting overwhelming. The voices, and... everything. I need... I want-" I cut off, embarrassed to expose my weakness to the family. For eighty-seven years I had been strong enough to withstand the mind-breaking cacophony without a single moment of reprieve. Only now, now I didn't have to. I was weak to crave the solace of her mind every time I was near enough to enjoy it, but crave it I did.

But Bella and I had agreed to this experiment and since it wasn't a matter of Bella's personal safety, it just seemed so wrong to be in her presence, yet be in her head without her permission or knowledge. Lord knows I'd done it before, but the closer we became as lovers and friends, the less I wanted to keep from her, the more I respected every gift she gave me - her mind in the foremost four. I wanted to keep it as a gift that was freely given, and never stolen.

Her reply came without any hesitation on her part. Her head turned toward me and our lips touched as she spoke, her voice a quiet murmur. "You never have to ask, baby."

I shuddered in relief and arousal as I sank into the soft, enveloping folds of her mind. All was silent.

My lips parted as I reached out to trace her lips with my tongue. Bella only smiled, enjoying my attentions to her. She kept lightly stroking me through my trousers.

"Sexy as shit, man," Emmett declared, the belt having quickly gone around the table and ending in a platinum heap next to our tray. "Good job, Bella."

That's my bunny, I thought.

"Thanks," Bella responded, blushing slightly, looking toward our family. Her hand rested on my upper thigh.

"Bella," I called softly. Her eyes met mine before I continued. "I need my belt back on, please." And I see no reason for it to come off again. Ever.

A human could have heard a pin drop in the cafeteria as Bella efficiently chained me in my Adonis' Belt. I simply smiled and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. When she was finished I shifted, straddling the bench we were sitting on together, and scooting close. I wrapped my arms around Bella's waist and murmured in her ear. "Please eat something, Bella," I asked sweetly.

I do need to keep my strength up. I fully intend on playing with your cock after school. If you feel the need to reciprocate, you may do so later in the evening.

I smiled at my love, though she could not see me. "You'll find no argument from this quarter, love."

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