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Arc 1: The New Spirit

Chapter 1: Return To The Digital World

The rain began pouring down in buckets. It had only been sprinkling twenty minutes before. The early morning had been dreary looking, promising no sun for the time being. Why hadn't I brought a rain coat? A lone figure grumbled to herself as she walked down the road. Her green eyes kept looking around nervously from under her soaked hood. She past several houses and kept walking. She couldn't go back for it, not now.

She heard something bark behind her. Before she turned around, she was face first into the ground.


The dark haired boy wearing a bandana and a yellow shirt under a blue jacket ran after his dog. It managed to get out the door into the pouring rain after Koji opened the door to let it outside. It tackled someone to the ground that had been walking to the other side of the street. He ran over to the dog pile and heaved the dog off the person.

"Bad dog!" he commanded in a disapproving tone as he pulled the German Shepard off of the person the dog had pulverized. He turned to face the girl. "Sorry about him. He gets excited when he sees new people."

She pushed herself up and turned back to him with a sour expression. "Don't you have a chain or something to keep that dog from running people over?" she asked, eyeing him with her green eyes. Her short brown hair clung to her wet face. She wore a dark hooded sweater and loosely fitting jeans. She stared at him for a minute and then turned quickly and walked away.

Koji frowned after her. He began pulling his dog towards the house when Koichi ran up to him holding an umbrella. "Koji!" his twin shouted half way down the street. Koichi looked a lot like Koji except that his hair was shorter and he had a much kinder expression on his face then his younger twin did. He wore the same thing that he always wore: a maroon long sleeve under a teal vest and tan pants.

"Yeah?" Koji asked turning to Koichi. The dog tried lunging towards him but Koji yanked hard on his collar.

Koichi gasped for air and patted the dog, saying "Hi Taiki." After a few minutes, he regained his composure and looked at his brother. "The Digital World's in trouble again!" he nearly shouted.

"What?" Koji asked, bewildered. "I thought that that was all cleared up after we defeated Lucemon!"

"Apparently not," Koichi replied. "Something has gone really wrong. Cherubimon has disappeared somehow. That's about all I know."

"How come I wasn't notified in the first place?"

"According to Takuya, he couldn't get a hold of you," Koichi answered. Koji made a mental note to have a "talk" with the goggle head later. "We have to get to Shibuya Station right away!"

Koji nodded and pulled Taiki back inside. He wrote a note to notify his father and step mother that he'd be gone for a while and grabbed an umbrella and his key and ran out the door, locking it behind him. The two twins ran down the street towards Shibuya Station.


Nazu continued walking down the street towards the train station. She walked over to the nearest ticket dispenser and pulled out her wallet. "What's taking Koji and Koichi?" wondered loud voice.

"I honestly don't know," said a girl's voice sarcastically. "Maybe if you tried harder to contact Koji, the two would have been here by now."

"I just hope they get here soon," said a third voice.

"Uh huh," said a younger boy's voice.

Nazu looked over her shoulder. A group of four was approaching the ticket dispenser she stood at. One of the three boys was large and tall and wearing a blue and yellow . . . jumper was it? He had brown hair and brown eyes. The only girl of the four wore a sleeveless light purple sweater over a stripped blue and white shirt. She wore a matching hat over her long blonde hair and skirt. The youngest boy wore a white T-shirt and tan overalls. Its straps were hanging instead of on his shoulders. A huge orange had covered his brown hair. The last boy wore a yellow shirt and a short sleeve red vest and brown cargo pants. He wore a hat and goggles over his brown hair. She looked back at the dispenser and looked at her options on where to go. Which one will get me the farthest from here?

She heard the four stop at a ticket dispenser next to her. "So the 3:45 train out and then the 4:00 westbound train?" asked the girl.

"Yeah, well, that's what it said," the first boy said.

"What time is it now?" asked the younger boy.

The bigger one checked his cell phone. "It's about 3:35."

"Well, Koji and Koichi better hurry or we're leaving them behind!" the goggle head said. The girl sighed.

Nazu looked at the dispenser. 3:45 train out? That wasn't a bad idea. She quickly paid for the ticket and headed for the train.


Koji and Koichi joined them a few minutes later. "Sorry we're late," Koichi huffed, apologizing for both of them.

"No time to apologize now!" Zoe said. "We have to get to the train!" Takuya handed them their tickets and the six flew off towards the train. They managed to make it in time.

"Talk about close calls," Takuya said huffing.

"That seems to be you, all right, Takuya," Koji joked.


The six could feel a set of eyes look at them. They turned to face a girl who was standing on the other side of the train. She looked at them with curious green eyes. "Hey, that's her," Koji said quietly to himself.

"Who?" asked Koichi.

"Is she a girlfriend~?" Takuya grinned, raising his eyebrows twice in emphasis.

Koji glared at Takuya. "No!" he shouted at the brown haired boy. "She was a girl I saw earlier."

"Eh?" They looked at the girl. She was looking out the window of the train.

The train stopped and they switched over to the westbound train and came to their destination. They quickly filed into the elevator that they had taken a year before. The force of the decent made them drop to their knees. They shakily stood and got out of the elevator and into a crystal underground train station.

"Hey, what took you so long humans?" asked a red Trailmon named Worm.

"Waiting for some late people," replied JP.

"Didn't we say that we were sorry?" Koji asked.

"Koichi did," said Zoe. Koji looked away defeated.

"So all seven of you are here?" asked Worm. They looked at him oddly. The sudden ding of the elevator caught their attention. It opened to show a girl forced down on her butt with a cross between a horrified and a shocked look. Surprisingly, it was the girl from the train.

"W-what the hell was that?" she asked.

"A fast descending elevator, that's what!" Takuya joked. The girl gave him an odd look and shook her head. She stood and looked around curiously.

"Well, all seven are here!" shouted Worm. "All aboard!"

The girl turned to the group. "Where is the train heading to?" she asked. "Somewhere far from here?"

The others turned to look at her, confused. "Uh, yeah," Takuya answered. "Why-?" The girl ran off towards the train and boarded the train. The six looked at each other, shrugged and boarded the train. The girl had already taken a seat and waited silently. The Trailmon headed out into the tunnel. They sat not too far away from the girl. She looked at them and eyed Koji.

"You're the guy with the dog," she muttered. "Why the hell did you sick it on me?"

"Hey! Didn't you hear me say 'I'm sorry'?" Koji shot back with a frown. The girl snorted.

"So, what's your name?" Zoe asked before the two could get into another argument. "I'm Izumi Orimoto but please call me Zoe."

"Nazu," she answered, turning her gaze towards Zoe.

"I'm Tomoki!" Tommy said enthusiastically. "I use the name Tommy though!"

"Junpei but everyone calls me JP," JP introduced himself.

"The name's Takuya," he said jabbing his thumb at himself and then pointed towards Koji. "That guy's Koji. He's just rough around the edges."

"And I'm Koichi," said Koichi.

The train began to pick up speed. "Sorry to the passengers aboard but we're going to be hitting some rough rails."

"Rough rails?" asked Nazu.

"Uh oh! Please on like that one time!" Takuya said anxiously. Koji, Koichi, and Nazu looked at the other four who clung to the poles near the entrances and exits of the train. Suddenly, the train jerked upward, sending the unexpecting three falling backwards and clung to the poles nearest to them. Then, like a roller coaster, it went straight down, running at full speed. The seven clung to the polls for dear life.

"Why couldn't they have installed seat belts in this thing?" shouted JP. The train went up several more hills. Eventually, the light of day reached them when the Trailmon came to an easy pace without all the rough turns and steep hills. They all stood and looked out the window.

"Wow," Nazu said as she looked out the window.

"I wonder what's up with the Digital World." Zoe asked.

Nazu looked at Zoe. "What do you mean 'Digital World'?" she asked.

Takuya turned to her. "A year ago, this world we are in now was in danger." Nazu stilled looked at them confused.

The train stopped in a village with steel domes. Heat resonated from them like furnaces. "Where is this?" Nazu asked.

"This is the Flame Terminal," Takuya said proudly.

"Takuya! Koji! Zoe! Everyone!" cried a voice. They turned behind them too see two small things running towards them. One was a rather tall yellow dopey rabbit wearing way too long red pants. The other was smaller odd looking thing that was white and wore a pink waist belt.

"Bokomon! Neemon!" shouted six of them.

"What the heck are they?" Nazu asked giving them odd looks.

"Full of questions, isn't she?" asked Bokomon. "Didn't you guys fill her in on anything?"

Takuya scratched the back of his head. "Heh eh, well yea- no."

"Do I have to do everything myself?" Bokomon asked quite annoyed. He turned to the confused girl. "You are in the Digital World, a world along side yours. This world is inhabited by Digimon which is short for 'Digital Monsters'. We have various forms and such. Madam Ophanimon has called upon you seven to help protect the Digital World."

"Seven?" asked Tommy. "Why seven of us?"

"Seven seems a little . . . off," Takuya said. "But glad to have ya aboard!" Takuya patted her back. She gave him the eye and walked farther from the group. "What's her problem?" Takuya asked, annoyed.

"Maybe the shock of another world?" asked Tommy.

"Maybe she's Santamon!" shouted Neemon.

Snap! "No, you nitwit!" shouted Bokomon.

Bokomon turned his attention back towards the group. "Because you're all here, I have something for you guys." He pulled out a bag from his pink belt. "You're Spirits!" He pulled out a red orb and handed it to Takuya. Bokomon handed Koji a white orb, JP an electric blue orb, Zoe a light pink orb, Tommy a green orb, and Koichi a black orb.

Takuya looked at it oddly. "Where are the D-tectors?" he asked.

"They went with you when you went back to the Human World," Bokomon explained.

"Oh! Our Cell phones!" Zoe took a light pink orb and set it over her cell phone. The two fused with it in a bright light and turned into her lavender and pink D-tector. The other did the same, getting their D-tectors.

Nazu turned to look at them and Bokomon walked over to her. "You probably would have the Spirit of Water," he said.

"Spirit of Water?" she asked. She sighed. "Look, I really don't care for a Spirit. I just want to have a look around."

"Well, we have to go see Lady Ophanimon and Sir Seraphimon! For some reason, they said for a seventh Chosen and you're here. If you ask me, we only need you six. But, I'm not one to complain since you all are back!" Bokomon cried tears of joy. "Ack! That's right! We have to go see Lady Ophanimon and Sir Seraphimon!" Bokomon began running towards the outskirts of the village with the others following him.

When they were out of the village, they came across a green forest and a trail that lead through it. Fireballs rained down on the trail in front of them. "Where do you think you're going?" asked a cocky voice. They looked up to see a humanoid looking figure with a gray body, a dog's head, a ram's horns and ears, and bat like wings that kept him suspended in the air. He wore red body armor. Piercing yellow eyes glistened dangerously down at them.

"Who are you?" shouted Takuya.

The red armored gargoyle smirked down at them. "So you humans are back. They'd be happy for the news," he said. "I am Heikamon and I will take your Spirits. Flame Spire!" Towers of red hot flames burst from the ground around them.

Takuya and the others wasted no time and held up their D-tectors. "Spirit Evolution!" They were covered in cocoons of spiraling data. A few seconds later, they scattered the data cocoons to reveal different people.

"Agunimon!" cried a red armored Digimon shouted where Takuya had been.

"Lobomon!" cried a white wolf themed armored Digimon wearing a blue scarf where Koji had been.

"Kazemon!" cried a slender female Digimon with butterfly wings wearing a purple leotard, boots, and gloves where Zoe had been.

"Beetlemon!" cried a blue stag beetle themed armored Digimon that replaced JP.

"Kumamon!" cried a small white bear wearing green boots, a green hat and a green carrier to carry a gun that had replaced Tommy.

"Loewemon!" cried a dark gray lion themed armored Digimon that stood where Koichi had been.

Nazu's eyes widened in surprise. "W-what happened?" she stuttered.

"They became Digimon," Bokomon explained.

Nazu looked at him. "What?"

"They turned into Digimon using the Spirits," Bokomon repeated. "There aren't good Digimon like us. There are those that would attack for no reason. How do you expect that they saved our Digital World?"

So that explains why they were here in the first place, she thought. She took a mental note to ask for further information.

The six dodged a red fireball. "Hurricane Wave!" Kazemon summoned small funnels of wind from her fingertips and whipped them at the fires.

"Crystal Freeze!" Kumamon took a deep breath and exhaled a freezing breeze that mixed with Kazemon's attack to turn the fire to ice.

"Howling Laser!"

"Shadow Meteor!"

"Pyro Punch!"

The three unleashed their attacks towards Heikamon, who dodged them easily. "Thunder Fist!" Heikamon looked behind him in surprise but could do nothing as he was hit by an electrified knuckle hammer, sending him towards the ground.

"Frozen Tundra!" Kumamon jumped into the air and turned into an icicle, crashing into the grounded Digimon enemy.

"Burning Blast!" His body resonated with a blistering heat that melted Kumamon back into his bear form. In a blast fiery, it scorched everything within a few yards. The six Legendary Warriors, the human, and the two Rookie Digimons were blown back towards the village from the shockwave. The six were forced back into their human forms and rose shakily.

"What was that?" asked Nazu, as she stood up shakily. "Who the hell was that?"

"The enemy, that's for sure!" stated Takuya. Takuya ran over to Tommy who had taken the worst of the damage. "Hey, buddy, are you okay?"

He nodded. He looked towards the place where the fallen Digimon was. "Look! He's gone!" shouted Tommy, pointing to where he had been.

"Maybe he took himself out with his own attack," suggested JP.

"For some reason, I highly doubt that," Koji said.

"Either way, we'll see more of those people," said Zoe, walking over to the group, clutching her sore arm.

"Just why would they be happy to see us?" wondered Koichi. "And how many others are there?"

"We can find that out when we see Ophanimon and Seraphimon!" Bokomon said. "We have to go to the Forest Terminal!"

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Digimon Scanner:

Name: Heikamon

Class: Adult

Type: Gargoyle

Attribute: Virus

Field: Dragon's Roar

Finishing Move: Burning Blast