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Arc 6: The Silver Gems

Chapter 46: A Hero to Save Me Now

Piximon gulped again, eyes wide with fright. "Zeed... Millenimmon." "Hey, guys, any idea what that is?" questioned Arbormon, pointing upwards. Whatever was above them didn't look like a Digimon. No one was sure what it was but by the name, they new it was a Digimon. Whatever it was looked like a mass of a decaying body set aflame with purple and reddish-brown. Around it were glowing green fractal code rings. The creature gave out a devastating roar.

"Its ZeedMilleniummon," explained Piximon with fear in his voice. "The destroyer of worlds and time." Suddenly, his fear melted into hysterical laughter, as if he had gone mad. "I never would have imagined that it would be the Milleniummon killed all those years ago before the Digital World's pieces were brought together! You must have been sealed here by the 'Beings of the Void'."

The creature let out a gigantic roar again. Piximon flew up towards the chains but the Warriors followed. "Oh, no you don't!" shouted Ranamon, Slide Evolving into Calmaramon along with Arbormon and Mercurymon into Sakkakumon and Petaldramon. The three joined the two others, firing their respective long ranged attacks. The attacks hit dead on; all enough to turn him into a shadow and a Fractal Code. A sudden horrible feeling began filling the other Warriors; something wasn't right.

"And it ends here!" shouted Aldamon, flying upwards and pulling out his D-tector, ready to scan the Fractal Code. A second deafening roar came from ZeedMilleniummon, releasing shock waves that knocked the Mega Hybrid away from the mass of data. The digital code began to unravel and it streamed up towards the green codes surrounding ZeedMilleniummon's body. In a reaction to the new data, the codes began to glow a deeper green before turning red.

"Wh-what's going on?" asked JetSilphymon. Suddenly, their D-tectors began to vibrate and appear in front of the Legendary Warriors, glowing a bright red. The Fractal Codes from within the D-tectors began to stream out, taking on the form of all the previously killed Void Constellations. From Touhoumon's D-tector, the sign of the Void appeared, flashing red like a warning alarm. From it, a ghostlike figure of a woman with silver skin, long brown hair, and a flowing green gown appeared from it.

"Wh-what the heck's going on?" cried Touhoumon in surprise.

The female figure turned back to the Warriors with pale blue eyes. "ZeedMilleniummon's bending space and time, pulling our Fractal Codes towards him. You must stop him from getting those Fractal Codes! If he consumes them-!" she explained quickly but Aldamon and Beowulfmon cut her off.

"All over it!" the two cried, quickly floating up towards the codes that were already starting to make their way up towards the gigantic creature. "Destroy those Fractal Codes!" The others followed immediately.

"Ultra Turbulence!"

"Grand Void!"

"Thunder Laser!"

"Leaf Cyclone!"

"Atomic Inferno!"

"Gigas Storm!"

"Blue Hawaii Death!"

"Acid Ink!"

"Blazing Staff!"

"Coat of Iron!"

"Frozen Hunter!"

The attacks flew at the Fractal Codes but they were cut off by a rage of shock waves from both heads and hitting the Digimon hard. Being forced back down, the Warriors could only watch as the ten Fractal Codes seep into the flashing red chains flashed one final color change back to a deep green before scattering like sand hitting the ground. "That doesn't seem so good," commented Petaldramon.

"He's free," said the woman below them. "You have to stop him! Stop him NOW! Before he destroys both worlds!"

"How do you know so much about everything?" asked Reichmon, giving the woman a side glance.

She shook her head. "I'm Andromidimon but that doesn't matter! DESTROY HIM NOW!" the woman commanded but it was too late. With a tremendous roar from ZeedMilleniummon, the tunnel around them melted into a pitch black area with two glowing spheres a good hundred times bigger than ZeedMilleniummon floating in the middle of nothingness. They both looked like what might have been the Digital World and Human World.

Masses of energy of an undefined color floated towards him from everywhere. The Warriors gritted their teeth. There's no way we'll let him destroy both worlds! They flew into battle, readying their most powerful attacks they could call upon and launching them in a typhoon of elemental attacks. ZeedMilleniummon made no movement to get out of the way and allowed the deadly mixture of attacks hit him.

"We did it!" cheered Calmaramon, high-fiveing Petaldramon's tail with on of her tentacles.

"Is it really?" questioned Sakkakumon, noticing the serious look on the higher leveled Hybrids faces. The smoke cleared and their doubts were answered. ZeedMilleniummon hadn't been bothered in the slightest.

Gigasmon gritted his teeth. "After all of that, he can still stand?" he spat angrily. The Warrior of Earth flew at the Digimon, twisting himself into a tornado.

"Don't be stupid!" shouted RhinoKabuterimon. Petaldramon and Reichmon went after him so they could back him up. The others flew after them as well after the woman told them to just go.

"TIME DESTROYER!" ZeedMilleniummon bellowed. The energy that the Digimon had gathered was released much to the effect of a super nova.

Sakkakumon and Reichmon tried their best to protect their comrades with their own respective ways but all it did was muffle the blow, knocking them backwards and reverting them all back to their human forms. Their innards felt as if they were burning inside out. Over their own pain, they couldn't hear the screams of the others. Every agonizing second seemed as an eternity until it suddenly stopped. Confused and sore, they looked out at what was around them.

They were in a bubble of sorts. Somehow, it was blocking out whatever had caused the pain and gravity seemed to be working. "How-?" began Tommy but was cut off by the voice of the woman.

"I'm sorry, but this is all I can do," echoed Andromidimon's voice bitterly. "I'm sorry, so sorry about what has happened."

Shannon let out a horrified cry. "Everything… it's… it's gone!" It took a while for everything to sink in for them. Then it hit like a freight train. Their friends, family, all gone in a swift stroke like that. Lopmon, Bokomon, Neemon, Terriermon, Shinya, Silver, and the other Tainted Warriors… Unfinished business… all gone like they never existed. Everyone went numb. Zoe's hands went to her mouth and she gripped Takuya's arm tightly while Shannon burst into loud sobs. Takehtio bent down next to her to comfort the girl. Tommy was trying his best to hold back tears and gripped his arms tightly. JP, Hayato, and Nazu were chalk white and held horrified looks plastered on their faces. Takuya, Koji, and Koichi just stood there numb. Seth sank to his knees, surprised by everything that was happening.

Seth hadn't thought things would have gotten this bad. He never thought that this would go so far. He thought that the end would be easy to defeat the bad guy. JP was right, he thought to himself guiltily. If only I understood this earlier!

"There's still a chance," stated Takuya, looking back at the others. Determination and anger danced in his face. "We're all still alive! We have to keep fighting!"

"But… how can we?" asked Takehito, looking up at Takuya. "There's nothing worth fighting for anymore… Everything is gone…" Silent tears rolled down his cheeks.

"Takuya's right," Koji said. "Lucemon had destroyed the Digital World. We'll be able to fight him and kill him and get both worlds back." Koji seemed half hopeful of the latter happening. Everyone knew that there was no way that they could get their worlds back if they kept fighting. It was all just wishful thinking.

And Shannon stated this between her sobs. "There's… just no way…"

"Stop that now!" said Tommy. "There's still a chance! There has to be! There always is!"

Takuya and Koji nodded in agreement. "We're fighting for two worlds, we can't waver now!" The two boys pulled out their D-tectors and held them in front of them. "You guys willing to fight?"

Hayato looked at them as if he was crazy. "You're kidding? That thing took all of our attacks combined and wasn't even hurt! You have officially lost your minds!" The boy shared the look of desperation as Shannon, Takehito, and Seth.

"You're not going to fight?" Koji asked, raising an eyebrow. "Don't you care about the future of the worlds?"

"What worlds are there to fight for?" Hayato shouted back, temper rising. Despite the cool facade he tried to keep on, his hopelessness was evident in his voice.

"I will," said Nazu, finally speaking up. "I can't forgive him for stripping everything that I had away. I never truly understood what I had until know. I want to get back at that monster."

Takuya turned his head back towards the others. Zoe, JP, Tommy, and Koichi held out their D-tectors. "They are right about one thing: the eleven of us in our current forms are no match," said JP. "MagnaGarurumon and EmperorGreymon are more likely to do the damage we need."

The two nodded. They turned back towards the other four. "We're going to need your Spirits, if you're not going to fight." Takehito, Shannon, Seth, and Hayato all hesitated. Takehito was the first to pull out his D-tector. Seth followed not soon after and then Shannon. Hayato gave them all glares before finally relenting and pulled out his own.

"Wind into Flame!"

"Ice into Flame!"

"Thunder into Light!"

"Darkness into Light!"

The four followed suit after observing how the others did it. "Wood into Flame!"

"Water into Light!"

"Earth into Flame!"

"Steel into Light!"

Streams of data filled with each of the six's respective Spirits transfered into Takuya and Koji's D-tector. Nazu went to join them and pulled out her own D-tector. "Wait," called Andromidimon. "Naz, I'm sorry but you can't go out there to fight. If you do, I won't be able to hold this and protect your friends. You humans won't be able to stand the radiation emitted from ZeedMilleniummon without your Ultimate forms at least. If I'm too far from the Spirits, what little power I have will not be able to protect them."

Nazu paused and gritted her teeth. She didn't want to let the other two boys fight on their own but she understood. "Fine," she relented, shoving the D-tector back into her pocket. She looked at the two boys with a "don't you dare loose" look.

"Ready?" asked Koji to Takuya.

"Of course," he simply answered.

The two boys threw their D-tectors into the air, shouting, "ANCIENT SPIRITS UNITE! UNIFIED SPIRIT EVOLUTION!" In a bright flash of light, EmperorGreymon, an orange and red armored Digimon with a giant sword on his back and MagnaGarurumon, a humanoid Digimon that looked like a cross between a wolf and a military aircraft, stood outside of the small bubble. They turned back to them.

"Good luck!" cried Koichi and Tommy.

"Kick his can!" added JP and Zoe.

"Right." The two Zeta Hybrids flashed forward, brandishing their weapons. EmerporGreymon began spinning his sword while MagnaGarurumon fired blasts of light from his chest armor cannons. The monster let out a blast of antimatter at them with a cry of, "Chrono Paradox!"

The two easily dodged it and the attack rushed past the shield, startling the humans within it. "Hey, watch where you're aiming that, you over grown freak!" shouted JP, waving a fist at ZeedMilleniummon.

"Why do they insist on fighting?" inquired Shannon. Her sobs had finally died down and she gazed out at the battle.

"They're morons," stated Hayato. He wanted to turn his back but he found that he couldn't.

"We're still fighting because we have something worth fighting for," Zoe answered. "They aren't morons. We just haven't given up yet."

"We gotta have faith in them," stated Seth, looking out at them. "We have to."

EmperorGreymon had released his Dragonfire Crossbow attack at the creatures head, finally some damage being made. The roar of pain could be heard across the way, sparking a little hope in the depressed humans. Soon, two more cheers were heard to the echoing four. MagnaGarurumon fired a volley of missiles as he passed by one of the heads while EmperorGreymon went in with his claymore sword, piercing the other head and creating fire dragons to attack and burn the rest of the body. Both heads gave shrieks and made movements to knock them away.

The Zeta Hybrids regrouped in front of the beast, readying a new set of attacks. They began rushing in, EmperorGreymon firing a second Dragonfire Crossbow while MagnaGarurumon fired the rest of his artillery, discarding his empty weapons before firing the next one. The monster roared again but this time, shock waves flying at them, making them tumble backwards from the impact. "Chrono Paradox!"

"Takuya! Koji! Get out of the way now!" Unfortunately, they didn't have enough time to regather themselves. The antimatter hit dead-on. The Zeta Digimon had been extremely wounded from the blow.

"Koji, you okay?" asked EmperorGreymon, regaining his senses.

MagnaGarurumon made a nod and forced himself to an upright position. "Let's go!" The two sped back into battle, despite their aches and pains from the attack. The great creature unleashed a second Chrono Paradox. The two barely got out of the way, the attack grazing their arms. They winced but ignored it to the best of their ability. MagnaGarurumon began glowing and sped forwards towards one of the heads, going right through it. EmperorGreymon followed it up by stabbing it in the head where the eyes would have been. Flame dragons consumed the head.

With another roar, the great beast swatted them away and a Chrono Paradox from both heads followed them as they tumbled through space. The two dark beams twisted into a single one and hit them hard, tearing away their armor and revealing their codes. ZeedMilleniummon didn't care about it though and just left them there, floating in space. It gave out a final roar before going quiet.

"Takuya!" cried Zoe, rushing towards the edges of the sphere alongside Koichi. "Koji!" Everyone else followed quickly, shouting for them to get up and continue. They didn't respond, as if they were dead.

"Takuya! Takuya! Get up!" shrieked the Warrior of Wind, slamming her fist against the bubble's wall. "Get up!"

"Koji…!" Koichi began but stopped. No, he thought. It couldn't be… They can't! Not now! Fear flooded through him. Could his little brother be…?

"I… I'm sorry but they're dead…" Andromidimon said slowly. "They tried…"

Zoe fell to her knees. The news hit hard. Takuya… Koji… They can't be dead… Tears brimmed in her eyes as she turned them away from where the two Digimon were floating in space, slowly reverting to their human forms. In a flash of light, they were inside the bubble, laying unconscious. Everyone crowded around them. Takehito and Koichi checked pulses and their breathing. It was all true… they were dead.

Koichi bowed his head as he trembled uncontrollably, scooping up his brother. "Koji! Wake up! You can't die! You can't be dead!" he choked, trying to shake him awake. Tears streamed down his face.

Zoe and Tommy had went over to Takuya. The girl had collapsed over him and let out a long sob. Tommy bit his trembling lip so hard that it bled crimson. Shannon's eyes brimmed with tears again as despair overcame her. "Why…?" she asked. "It was hopeless to begin with… if only…"

"We couldn't win in the first place. Didn't those idiots see that?" Hayato shouted. "It's their own fault that they died, fighting a hopeless battle like that!"

Seth glared at him, finally snapping. "How can you say that?" shouted Seth. "They tried fighting! This may not be like those old cartoons I used to watch as a kid and we might not have won but they went out fighting for something! Don't you dare say that, Hayato!"

"I wish I could have done something," Tommy said softly. "I wish we could have won."

"There's nothing we could have done!" Hayato continued. "Once this stupid bubble give out, we're all as good as dead! We shouldn't have come here! There's no hope, we might as well all be dead! Dead as them!"

"Stop talking like that!" Nazu yelled, jumping to their feet. She leapt at Hayato, punching him hard in the face.

"Guys, stop it!" JP forced himself in between the two, grabbing Nazu by the arm. Hayato didn't listen though. He flew at the girl, making the three tumble to the ground. Hayato and Nazu rolled on the ground, exchanging blows. JP rubbed his sides from a blow he had received from one of the two in their tumble. He got up and was joined by Seth and Takehito in trying to pull the two off each other. Shannon was yelling at the top of her lungs to stop and Nazu and Hayato were exchanging verbal lashes as the three pulled them apart. Blood on their faces and cheeks were puffy.

"ENOUGH!" roared Zoe, finally rising. She was shaking in furry as everyone stopped and turned towards her in surprise. "We're Legendary Warriors but now we're acting like a bunch of kids! We're supposed to be above this, fighting amongst ourselves!"

"How are we Warriors if we have nothing to fight for? Everything's gone!" Hayato pointed out for the umpteenth time.

"Then… why are we still here?" Tommy asked, looking up at them. His eyes were puffy and his chin was caked with dried blood.

"What?" Everyone turned towards the youngest member.

"Why are we still here?" repeated Koichi, looking up. Hope filling his eyes.

Hope stirred in the pit of each of the children's stomachs but a few still remained unsure. "There's no way we can win," pointed out Takehito quietly. "Not even they could win with all that power."

Shannon, Nazu, and Seth's hope began to waver. "Yeah, that's what we though when we battled Lucemon," admitted JP with a serious tone. "We lost hope too but then the Spirits came to us, reminding us that there's still so much we can do. We had lost the Digital World but still had so much to fight for. And we still do now: our lives and maybe the chance of getting our homes and families back! Both worlds are ours, they were never Piximon's to take and they sure as hell not ZeedMilleniummon's."

"But-!" exclaimed Hayato. He still couldn't see how they could still be so hellbent on fighting.

Nazu shoved off from JP and wiped blood from the corner of her mouth. "JP's right, Fukatani," she stated. "If there was no hope, why are we still here?"

Shannon stood. "I think they're right," she agreed. "They said that they must have gotten the Digital World back when they defeated Lucemon, since it was there when we got there. Both worlds must come back if we defeat ZeedMilleniummon!"

"It seems impossible," commented Takehito, nodding, "but everything that we've seen and done here is just as equally impossible, yet we've been able to do it."

"Yeah!" agreed Seth, his look of sadness disappearing into the ordinary grin he had always worn. "We can do this!" They looked back at Hayato to see if he would argue. The boy remained skeptical and silent, his mouth a hard line.

"Don't you have family you want to see?" asked Tommy.

"Y… yeah," admitted Hayato, looking down. "My brothers and my parents… Rokuro and Hiroto… I was supposed to get home when those dragon Digimon attacked…"

"Well, then you do have something to fight for," Zoe said brightly. "If we don't fight for them, that over grown trash will win and we'll never see them again."

Hayato clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. She was right. He knew it. "Let's do it then!"

Determination had replaced doubt and hope replaced despair. Suddenly, something under Tommy, Zoe, Nazu, Koichi, Takuya, JP, and Koji's clothes began glowing brightly. Confused, they pulled out the Crests. They each were glowing their respective colors.

"What's going on?" asked Shannon. "And what exactly are those?"

"The Crests," answered JP just as confused as the others about why they were glowing. "They've been activated?"

The plates behind the plastic slid out of their tags and floated above them all, melting into a gold-yellow light. It gave them a warm feeling, as if they could truly do anything. As if their hope could turn into their strength.

Takuya and Koji suddenly began giving off glows. Any wounds they had attained from their battle were healed. The humans gawked at the two boys as they stirred and sat up in confusion. They looked at the other humans, bewildered by the dumbfound looks they were being given.

"Why are you looking at us as if we just came back to life?" asked Koji, breaking the awkward silence.

"I think we just might have," commented Takuya.

"Takuya! Koji! You're alive!" The nine flew upon the two boys. Koichi, Zoe, and Shannon embraced them in tight hugs while JP and Seth clapped them on the backs. The others crowded around and tears spilling down their faces, all joyous at the miracle that had just been given to them.

"Did we win?" asked Takuya, breaking away from Zoe's vice grip. The group turned serious.

"No," answered Hayato, pointing towards the creature in the distance. "But we're all ready to fight."

"What is that?" asked Koji, turning his gaze up towards the shinning Crest above them.

"The Crest of Hope," answered a voice of what sounded like a little kid. "You've shown hope that there might still be a chance that you'll win. You all realized what it is but you already have it within your grasp. All you have to do is use it."

"What does he mean?" asked Seth, blinking curiously.

"Susanoomon," Takuya, Koji, Zoe, JP, and Tommy answered simotaniously. The two boys pulled out their D-tectors and transfered the Spirits back to their original owners.

The ten walked forwards and put their D-tectors close to each other. "Ancient Spirits Unite! Ancient Spirit Evolution!" Nazu had to shield her eyes from the great burst of light and energy or she would have been blinded. When she dared peak out, she saw a single Digimon in red, blue, and gold armor outside the bubble. She just stood there in amazement. Refusing to just stand there as the others fought, she wiped out her own D-tector and Fusion Spirit Evolved into Toumoumon.

"Are you sure?" asked the fading voice of Andromidimon.

"Yeah, I'm sure," answered the Void Warrior, exiting the bubble. It faded back into the transparent Digimon, who flickered like a hologram.

"Ready?" asked the voices of the ten Warriors. If this had been any other day, they would have all shivered. Toumoumon nodded, extending her blades.

The two Digimon flew into battle. "Grand Void!" The blast hit ZeedMilleniummon in the head, irritating the creature enough for it to completely ignore Susanoomon as it flew behind it. It gave out a terrible roar before blasting a beam of antimatter at her. Toumoumon countered by dodging it to the best of her ability. Meanwhile, Susanoomon put his hands into the air. A giant cloud began to develop in the air. Toumoumon fired another Grand Void at the creature before turning herself back towards the Super Ultimate Digimon and stopping next to it.

"And now… the end is here!" announced Susanoomon. Thunder crackled in the sky, keeping the Digimon true to the namesake. In another flash, dragon shaped thunderbolts descended from the cloud and coiled themselves around the ZeedMilleniummon. The Super Ultimate put his hands in front of him, summoning a light that formed into a blue and red futuristic crossbow like weapon. A scope popped open. Energy began forming at the tip of the weapon. He swung it to the side before pressing the button.

ZeedMilleniummon seemed to know what was coming. It roared in anger, struggling against the bonds but they didn't give into the giant Digimon's will.

"Celestial Blade!" With the push of the trigger, the energy formed into a long blade. With another swinging motion, the blade slowly sliced through the Digimon, cutting it in half. The two halves turned into a single blob of a shadow and a ring of a massive Fractal Code surrounded it. Susanoomon held out its hands, Takuya's and Koji's D-tectors appearing in its hands.

"For both worlds that have been destroyed by the power of the Void, we shall return it to its rightful place. For our families and friends and strangers, have their souls and the ten Spirits purify your soul! Fractal Code, Digitize!" Susanoomon scanned the code before splitting up into the ten humans, all with their D-tectors in their hands held before them. Toumoumon went over to them, turning back into Nazu.

They pressed the buttons on their D-tectors and the data went flying into two huge masses. When their D-tectors were depleted, the humans turned towards each other, utterly speechless and eyes shinning brightly. The final battle had been won! The orange-yellow glow of the Crest of Hope broke into two small globes and joined with the masses of data. Both piles glowed and took shape, turning into the two globes, spinning once again.

Andromidimon floated over to them, a smile on her fading face. "You were able to do something I couldn't do," she congratulated.

"Everyone." The Legendary Warriors turned back to see who was addressing them. Shannon gave a small "eep" while Takehito gasped and Hayato and Seth blinked in surprise.

"How are they still alive?" asked Seth. "Is that a good thing?"

"You guys failed," chuckled Takuya to Agunimon. "You guys said that you'd protect the Digital World yet we were the ones who had to come back and get the Digital World out of this jam."

The other Warriors– Agunimon, Kazemon, Mercurymon, Ranamon, Lobomon, Beetlemon, Kumamon, Loewemon, Grumblemon, Arbormon, and Astrummon– had all appeared right next to their Chosen. Grumblemon, Mercurymon, and Ranamon gave their Human counterparts friendly smiles and Arbormon gave Seth a thumbs up.

"We've been apart of you," Mercurymon said, for once without the Shakespearean accent.

"Don't worry, we're the good guys," Ranamon winked at Shannon.

Agunimon turned back to Takuya and then addressed the entire group on behalf of his friends. "Yeah, it doesn't help when they blind sided us," joked Agunimon with a smile. His joking tone dropped down to a grateful one when he continued. "Truly, thank you. You have done all the grunt work, defeating first Daemon and Lilithmon and then those Void Constellations and that ZeedMilleniummon. After loosing both worlds, you still pulled through." Each of the Digimon held out their hands to their partners, who shook them.

Andromidimon cleared her throat. "I'm sorry to break things up," she apologized, walking forwards. "You see, we– the Void Constellation– created the Silver Gems to lock away ZeedMilleniummon in this prison so that one day, someone stronger than us could destroy him. Those keys are a one time thing, after the gates closed, the Void will be sealed for good. Unfortunately, this gate is only open for so long."

"What about you?" asked Zoe.

"Me being here is because my soul was connected to my Spirits and the Fractal Codes of the tablet that my comrades had sealed themselves in. Remnants of my soul were part of it and so, when they were released, I went back to the Spirits and first reached Naz. ZeedMilleniummon had given me power when he was warping time and space when he was alive and so I took this form. Once I fade, I'll go and join your Spirits' creatures in peace," she explained. From the feet up, she began to fade entirely. Noticing this, Andromidimon turned towards Nazu. "You have some unfinished business, don't you, Naz? How about you go and finish that up. You never know when the Digital World will get into danger again."

Nazu sighed. "I could just get into danger, can it?" she asked. "The Digital World was just reborn."

Andromidimon gave her a disapproving shake of her head. Next to her, Astrummon put a hand on the girls shoulder. "You will be able to do it," she said, looking back at the other humans. "You have friends to help you get through it. There's no point in making your family worry about you."

The girl nodded. "What're they talking about?" inquired Tommy.

"I'll tell you when we get back to the Digital World," the Void Warrior responded.

"That's right! We have to get out of here!" gasped Takuya. "It'd suck if we're stuck here just after saving everything!" He looked towards Agunimon and the Flame Warrior nodded. In a flash of light, the humans were joined with their Digimon Warriors before they all took off towards the gate.

"Good bye," called the fading voice of Andromidimon behind them. The Warriors noticed that the gate had been shrinking. By the time they got through it, the gape in space closed with a bang. A chunk had been taken out of the wall of the temple including the alter and the Silver Gems. "Well, now what?" asked Hayato.

"We go back to see the others," replied Takuya as he got up. The others followed him back to the village where their friends waited.


Bokomon, Lopmon, Terriermon, Neemon, and the In-Training Digimon were happy to see them. The humans told them of what had happened with their battle, even reciting it twice over for the excited Digimon and so Bokomon could write it down.

"Another tale to add to the story of the Legendary Warriors," Bokomon said as he wrote it down.

A short party celebrated that night. The humans stayed for the night to refreshen themselves before they headed off towards the closest Trailmon station below the Sky Terminal. A Worm Trailmon was waiting for them to board. "Come on now," he complained. "We don't have all day."

"Hard to believe that all of that happened," Shannon said.

"Yeah, now I have something to tell my younger sister," Seth grinned.

"I'm sure we'll see each other again," Bokomon said, also holding back tears but he was failing miserably. "And if we don't, I'll be sure to have everyone know about this last amazing adventure to the story of the Humans who came to our world and saved us when we were on the brink of destruction."

"I'm sure we'll be back," Takuya shouted. "We did it once before and I'm sure it'll happen again."

"I just hope it lasts longer than it did this time," Tommy stated, adjusting his hat.

"Yeah," agreed Zoe.

"Are you sure you'll be able to lead the Digital World all on your own?" asked JP. The boy wasn't sure how the young rabbit Digimon would be able to handle all that pressure on his own since the other two ruling angels, Ophanimon and Seraphimon were killed and their DigiEggs nowhere to be found. All he knew was it was going to be hard.

"I'll manage," answered Lopmon with a strong voice. "I have Bokomon and Neemon to help me if I falter."

"Good luck, Lopmon," wished Takehito and Koichi.

Terriermon flew over to Tommy and Seth. "Do you g-guys really have to g-go?" he asked, trying to act as if he wasn't crying.

The Warrior of Ice hugged the small Digimon. "We have to," answered Seth. "We've got families and everything back at home. We'll meet again, though!"

"Are you humans coming or not?" asked the red Trailmon named Worm impatiently. "All aboard!" Before leaving, Takuya, Koji, Tommy, Zoe, JP, Koichi, Nazu, Seth, Shannon, Takehito, and Hayato pulled out their D-tectors. There was a low hum as their individual Spirits and Beast Spirits appeared before them and flew towards Lopmon, resting in a circle around him. The eleven kids said final goodbyes and boarded the train that would take them back to their home world, the Human World. Lopmon watched as their saviors drifted into the distance and waved after them.

When Worm's red caboose disappeared, Lopmon brought down his hand. The heavy burden that now laid before him seemed that much harder for him. He looked down at his feet. Terriermon looked towards the brown look-alike and gave the Digimon a pat on the back. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"Ruling the Digital World," the rabbit Digimon answered.

Terriermon gave him a weird look. "You've done it twice before," the dog Digimon said.

"Never on my own," Lopmon said.

Terriermon frowned and there was a silence for a minute. "Master Lopmon, you still have me!" Bokomon exclaimed. "I'll help and we can search for Ophanimon's and Seraphimon's DigiEggs. By now, they're most likely hatched. Patamon may be able to recognize me, after all, I was his Papamom and raised the three of you to take back up your thrones."

Lopmon gave Bokomon, Terriermon, and Neemon a grateful smile. "Thank you," he said, squaring his shoulders and taking a look at the now twenty-two guardian Spirits. Lopmon knew things would never be the same.


The humans watched the Digital World flash by them as they left for home. "So, what are you're guys plans when you get home?" asked Takuya.

"Well, I plan on seeing my mom and dad," Zoe smiled. "It feels like forever since I've last seen them."

"Yeah same here," agreed Shannon. "I plan on giving them big hugs. I'm actually glad we moved to Japan; I wouldn't have been able to meet you guys or had this amazing adventure." She smiled at Takehito, making him go flushed. "But there's business that I have to take care of right now before I get home. Takehito, could you come with me for a second?"

"Uh… o-okay," he answered. When they left the compartment, Zoe exchanged looks with Takuya and Koji in disbelief.

"When did she-?" the girl gasped.

"Who wants to bet that those two are going to be smiling even more stupidly can Seth can?" Hayato asked.

Seth laughed, even at the jab made against him. Practically everyone went into hysterics. "Now if only a few someone elses would confess," Hayato added, pretending to subtly eye Koichi and Nazu. The two went beat red.

"Oh, come off it," Takuya groaned. "It's obvious!"

"What is?" inquired Tommy and Seth. Takuya ignored them.

"You might as well say it," sighed Koji. "Otherwise, Shannon will try to make you and lets save us all that trouble and just say it now."

There was an awkward silence. "Fine," Nazu stated, flushed completely red. "K-Ko-Koichi, I-I l-like you. Okay, everyone happy?"

Everyone nodded. This seemed to ease Koichi's own nervousness. The boy smiled at her, though he was still beat red. "I like you too."

"There, now there's a happy ending!" cheered Zoe, standing up and patting Nazu on the back with a wide smile. She said some unintelligible things in Italian. "Never thought all this love stuff would be covered before we ended this chapter."

At that moment, Shannon and Takehito walked in. The boy looked as if he was on cloud nine and Shannon was light footed. The Warrior of Water suddenly noticed that Nazu and Koichi were beat red. "What'd I miss?" she asked quickly.

"They confessed," JP answered. The girl cheered something in English and hugged Nazu. "If only I was there."

Nazu was squeamish under Shannon's embrace. She gave Koichi a pleading look. The dark haired boy laughed and helped the girl away from the other.

"All thats well that ends well," sighed Takuya, looking towards everyone and his gaze lingering on Zoe. "Ready to get back home?"

Everyone nodded. This would be an interesting couple of days. Things would have been rocky but they would have each other.


Arc 6: End.

Kaito: Well, it's over! Eleven months and a half! It's unbelievable!

Seth: Wouldn't it be longer?

Kaito: Eh?

Koichi: The original. The Void.

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Tarou, Shou, Ethan, Adelina, Jiro, Rikuno, Yutaka, Aiko, Ryota, and May. Their partners will include Agumon, Gaomon, Kunemon, Armadillomon, Lalamon, Penguinmon, Hawkmon, Wizardmon, Phascomon, and Otamamon. Yeah, I know a majority of them aren't really original but they work. :P Other notes, according to the Digimon Wikia, Sakkakumon has more than the reflecting attacks he showed mainly in the anime. Once again, I had to make up an effect for the attack Chrono Paradox for ZeedMilleniummon since my sources don't know.

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The Legend is far from over. Digimon Frontier: Fallen World and Digimon Frontier: Legendary Ten. Past and future, what shall be held in store?