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The Letter

Bella's POV

My thirteenth birthday was drawing to an end and I was hiding up in the tree house at the end of the yard; listening to the crickets chirping. The arid Arizona heat was cooling finally and I had the best view of the night sky where the darkness was illuminated by an endless blanket of stars.

I hadn't wanted a party but my mother had insisted on a family barbecue and invited half the street along too. I had the option to invite friends from school but I didn't really get along with any one apart from my best friend Edward Cullen so I declined the offer. Of course Edward had come and we'd been inseparable the entire day. Our families were neighbours and our mother's were the best of friends too. It was inevitable that we'd wind up with the same kind of friendship as they had.

Edward had been there for me whenever I needed a friend to talk to and had let me cry on his shoulder for days when my father left us. He told me I didn't need a father and that they were overrated anyway. His attempts to cheer me up had worked a little and I'd managed to smile for the first time in a long time. He was tall and gangly with messy bronzed hair and a beautifully arrogant smile. I didn't know what I'd do without him. He was my rock and I was his hard place...two peas in a pod and if you wanted one of us you got both if you liked it or not.

"Bella...Pssssst Bella!"

I was pulled out of my thoughts and back to my favourite voice quietly trying to get my attention.

I rose to my knees and crawled over to the door flap on the other side of the little shack. I glanced down the rope ladder and saw him, straddling the shiny new bike his grandparent's had recently bought him, looking up at me.

A huge grin spread on his face when he spotted me and I couldn't help the one that appeared on mine.

"Hey Edward...What's up?" I asked in the same hushed tone.

I'd snook down here a little after nine and successfully avoiding my mother's build in radar. Iknew he'd used the same cunning to slip out of his house undetected...It was a skill we'd mastered at a young age so we could spend more time together than our curfews would allow.

"Can I come up?" He whispered.

Like he had to ask.

"Hhmmm I don't know...I mean shouldn't you be home and tucked up in bed? It is a school night!" I quipped.

"Yeah and you should be snoring away already too!" His voice raised slightly and both our heads shot around towards the house when the light in my kitchen flicked on. "Shit!"

He jumped off his bike and raced up the ladder while I beckoned him to hurry up. I giggled as he flew in through the door and sent us both flying back onto the floor.

His body suspended above me and his eye's were level with my newly swelling breasts. He gulped loudly and rushed to get up as a flush of scarlet tinted his cheeks.

"I uh sorry...I didn't mean...." He smiled shyly as I wrapped my arms around myself trying to figure out why I felt so warm and tingly when he was over me like that.

I bit my lip as a momentary lapse of comfort engulfed us and Edward ran his hand through his mess of locks.

"It's ok." I panted a little as I tried to ward off the same kind of glowing heat in my face.

After a few minutes though we both started to giggle and the tension was lost.

We stayed up eating skittles from our secret stash and looked out into the universe.

"I got you know...for your birthday." He looked over from where he was laying beside me and I turned to look at him.

"Edward you already got me something." I protested because he knew I loathed being made a fuss over and hated him giving me stuff.

Our families were tied strong but we were from different leagues. His father was a well respected doctor within the community with his own practice while my mother struggled with two jobs to make ends meat and keep a roof over our heads. They had the big white house down the block...and our house was barely bigger than than the tree house. Edward never once made me feel inferior or belittled. He was simply Edward best friend.

"Geeesh anyone would think I'd tried to buy you a heart shaped diamond or something! Besides the pendant was from my parents too so that didn't count." He chuckled as he sat up; grabbing my hand and pulling me up next to him. When he let go my hand tingled and I couldn't help clenching and unclenching my fingers in wonder.

"Here." He passed me a small package wrapped in purple paper with a little bow sitting on the top.

I sighed but took the present when he gave me my favourite crooked smile and leaned back onto his hands.

Carefully I unwrapped it and opened the little box.

"Edward!" I gasped as I took in the silver ring sat in a bed of velvet. "I can't accept this." I whispered as I closed the box again.

For the briefest moment a look of sadness filled him before he rolled his eyes and opened it again. He took out the ring and grabbed my hand. I tried to pull out of his hold but failed miserably as he slid it onto my middle left hand finger.

"It's a friendship no matter what, you''ll always know I'm here for you...whenever you need me." Again his mouth pulled up at the corner and grinned at me. "And it's not you can't be mad at me. My grandmother gave it to me to give to someone special and..."

"You think I'm special?" I asked before thinking.

"You silly thing..."He chuckled, ruffling my hair. "Of course you're special...You're my best friend and I love you!" He shook his head in if I should have known that already.

"You're my best friend and I love you too." I beamed and threw my arms around his neck. He hugged me back for a minute before pulling away slightly to look at my face.

"Always." He whispered as he pressed his fore head to mine.

"Always." I breathed.

Before I had chance to smile his closed lips brushed gently to mine and I held my breathe with wide eyes. After a moment I closed them because of the fuzzy feelings his actions brought me.

Our kiss only lasted a few seconds but it turned everything I thought I knew on it's head. He pulled away, overcome by shyness, and looked to the ground.

"I better go." He spoke in a hushed voice. As his hands ran through his hair again.

"Yeah." I bit my lip as he shuffled his butt across the floor and dangled his legs over the edge. "Wait!" I shuffled over and knelt beside him. "Thank you...for the ring. I won't ever take it off." I promised hoping things wouldn't get strange between us now

A part of me however wanted him to kiss me again.

He smiled his crooked smile before slipping out of sight giving me a heart attack as always as he jumped to the ground below. By the time I looked out to check he was ok he'd mounted his bike and was half way over my yard before he stopped and waved back over his shoulder; disappearing into the early hours of the morning.

I lay in bed that night twisting the ring around my finger and holding my hand up in the moonlight to admire it.

The morning after I dragged my sleepy self out of bed and went through my daily routine before waiting outside for Mrs Cullen to drive by and pick me up. I always got a ride with Edward because of my mother working so hard to keep us a float. I sidled into the back and he smiled at me. After a moment he slipped his hand over towards mine and laced his fingers through mine and gazed at me from the corner of his eye while trying to keep a grin from his face.

The school day passed with us flitting from class to class and everyone staring at his boldness when he'd hold my hand around the halls but I didn't care. I didn't know what it all meant but I didn't want it to stop.

He came over later that evening to see me like he always did when his mother came to see mine and we sat in my room watching movies. He held my hand all the time we were sat on my bed and would beam at me whenever he caught me looking at our entwined fingers.

"Bella...Could you come down here please?" My mother called up and I groaned as Edwards lips had finally been within an inch of mine again; my heart had started to pound in anticipation.

"Sure Mom!" I growled as I sat up and looked at him.

He smiled and got up onto his feet while helping me up too.

I didn't like the sight that awaited me around the kitchen table when we made it down stairs. Both our mom's were sat around it looking pretty serious and business like.

"What's going on?" I asked wearily.

"Well I wanted to let you know I've been offered a job...One that allows me to spend more time with you and pays better." She beamed.

"Mom that's great!" I rushed over and wrapped my arms around her.

She remained kind of stiff and that's when I knew this wasn't as good as it seemed.

"What?" I pulled away and backed up towards Edward who was leaning against the door frame with just as much concern in his eyes as mine held.

"It's in Boston honey...We'd have to move." Her brows pulled together in an apologetic look.

"No!...Mom we can't...I don't want to move...I want to stay here." I'd unconsciously moved towards her with my hands outstretched as if to beg her.

"Bella sweetie it's not up for negotiation...I've already accepted it and we leave in a few weeks time." Her voice fell to not much more than a whisper as I stared at her with wide eyes and tears rolling down my cheeks."

"Mrs Swan please...please don't take Bella away from me?" Edward had walked up behind me and was straining to keep his own sorrow from cracking him.

"I'm sorry Edward. I know how close the two of you are but I can't turn down this opportunity. I know you'd want what's best for Bella and this is going to help her so much in the long run.

Her words sunk in and I knew how much she'd sacrificed for me already and how hard she worked to provide for us...and for that reason...I couldn't be selfish. This would give her the chance to live as well as work and not be a slave to the man just to put me through college.

My life however would seem pointless without my best friend.

Our time together slipped away all too soon and we were sat waiting for the cab to take us to the airport.

I slipped out and ran to my tree house one last time and sat crying as I looked around at everything I'd collected. At everything that was Edward and I.

"Hey you." His voice was hushed as it always was when he came here.

I sniffled and wiped my eyes on my shirt sleeves. "Hey."

He came and sat next to me before doing his own mental sweep of our hide away.

"I'm going to miss you Bella...So much." His head lowered and I heard him stifle a sob.

"Not as much as I'm going to miss you." I on the other hand couldn't stop the floodgates.

"Bella honey...the cabs here." I heard my mother shout and panic filled my chest causing it to hurt so bad.

"No!" I whispered and screwed up my eyes hoping everything would go back to how it was before and that we didn't have to leave.

I hated my father more than ever and blamed him for this...If he hadn't bailed on us and left us in the lurch then maybe we wouldn't be going anywhere and I'd get to stay with Edward.

"You'll write to me right?" He asked with an urgency filling him.

I didn't have a computer because we couldn't afford one so I'd have to use the good old fashioned postal service.

"I promise...Every week." I sobbed harder as he wrapped his arms around me.

"No matter what...You'll always be my best friend." He finally cracked "I love you Bella."

"I love you too." I think he heard me through my incoherency.

When we got to the cab Edwards mom was crying along with mine and they were hugging each other ferociously while his father loaded our bags into the cab. He'd offered to take us to the airport but my mother had declined his kindness saying it was going to be hard enough to say goodbye once let alone a second time.

Edward hugged me tightly as the others started to congregate around the door my mother had just climbed into to wait for me. Before letting me go his placed a single chaste kiss on my lips and I could feel the tremble of sorrow behind them.

"Always." I sobbed before walking over to the car.

"Always." Edwards cheeks were now as stained with tears as much as my own.

I climbed into the cab and closed the door. My mother pulled me into a hug as the driver started to pull away.

"ALWAYS!" He yelled as he chased the car as far as his legs would carry him.

I turned in my seat and pressed my hand against the window as I watched him finally stop.


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