It was now Buffy and Angel's fifth anniversary. They had two kids: Paul, a son named in honor of the man who'd helped save Buffy's life, and a daughter named Susan.

"Oh no!" said a distressed Susan, as she listened to Angel's story.

"Fortunately," Angel said. "I met this man, and we went back and stopped your mom from burning."

"Yay!" Susan and Paul applauded, even though the story's outcome was no real surprise.

"Was Grandma mad at Mommy?" Paul asked.

"No," said Angel, "once she knew everyone was okay, she didn't mind what happened to the dress."

"Aren't you two sick of hearing that story?" said Buffy as she entered the room. "Now you be good for your Grandma."

After the kids were dropped off at Joyce's house, Buffy and Angel went to that diner they'd want to try out.

"I can't believe we have it this good," said Angel.

"I can," said Buffy, "and I think it's going to get better from now on."

"I was just thinking about our future, and the kids' futures."

"They're going to be married one day," said Buffy.

"Yeah. They are. When each of them does get married, you know what we should bring?"

Buffy thought it over for a moment. "A fire extinguisher!"

"That," Angel said, "and make sure all cigarette butts go where they're supposed to."

They shared a laugh.

"It's easy to forget about that," said Buffy. "It's still a bit hard to believe."

"Let's talk about something else for a while," said Angel.

They spent the rest of the evening focused on the present, before going to pick up Paul and Susan.

Angel decided that Buffy was right, and things would get better from that point on.