SO WERID/ Stong Medicene

Annie's Story

BY: baileybeagle

Disclaimer: So Werid, Strong Medicene and characters do not belong to me.

Summary; Jack and Annie have a crush on each other. Ned's thinking about retiring,

as for the rest of the gang you'll just have to read and find out. Peter and Kayla are now married. So what brings them together?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Jack, Annie, Fiona, Clue and Carey are all in the twenties now.


"She's stable, but she's in a coma." My grandfather replies.

I stand there in shock, first I lost my dad, then my sister and now my mom is in a coma. For the next three months, my mom stayed

in a coma with no change. All of us going in and begging her not to give up.

On the day the doctors said it was time to turn on the life support keeping her alive, she woke up and looked around to see

everyone standing around her. She tried to talk, but couldn't because of the tube down her throat. She began to choke.

The doctors removed the tube and gave her a drink, after a few minutes...

"Wh...what's going on?" She asked. "You don't remember?" I asked furious with her now. "No, I don't. The last thing I remember is

Fiona's funeral." Mom replied. "You went on a drinking binge and tried to drive and got into a car crash." I told her. "Did I hurt

anyone?" Mom asked. "No, but you did hit a tree and almost kill yourself." My grandfather tells her.


It's been a year since Fi died. After waking up from her coma, mom checked herself into a rehab. Just a couple of months ago Fi

and Kevin turned one. Today mom got out of rehab and almost everything is back to normal. We all still miss Fi, but my daughter

is begining to act just like her. That's what mom says anyway.