Dear readers,

I am not entirely sure if FF allows messages like this in an on-going story so for that reason I am not going to leave this 'chapter' up for more than a few days or maybe a week at most.

Today I was one of the very few days in a pretty god damn long time that I actually figured I had a good amount of time to finally get to writing a few more paragraphs of my story: 'To Find a Purpose in Death'. So before I started writing I started reading back a bit and I actually intended to do this on . Which is where I came to the realization that a lot of people had send me private messages and reviews over the past months and even longer asking me if I intended to continue my story.

For those of you still wondering. Yes, I intend to continue and finish this story that is for sure. It's just that I really do not have a lot of free time and I once promised myself that I would not write a few words or sentences or a single paragraph when I had a few minutes of spare time. I have a lot of plans and possibilities still for this story and I want to take my time in order to consider every possible plot and twist or turn in the story. I do not wish to rush it and later come to the conclusion that I should have done something differently. That is why I only write when I have a good amount (basically like a complete day lol) of free time with nothing but writing my story to worry me.

I do have to admit that I'm extremely flattered so many of you are enjoying my story and it really does annoy me as much as it does you that the updates are so slow when I have such amazing plans for this story and I'm dying to know what you all will think of it.

Thanks everyone for the kind words and I hope I've answered most of your questions with these words. As I said, it will be finished and there will come an update. No it won't come today, nor tomorrow, nor next week but know that I have not forgotten the story nor you, my faithful readers!