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End of last chapter

-(12 hours later)-

"SAM!" The loud shout woke me up and I fell out of the bed.

"What?" I asked groggily finding Paul stood in the doorway, his eyes wide and worried

"Come quick….it's Bella."

And I ran.


The look on Paul's face had me on my feet in a second. Many scenarios running through my head. Bella dying being the worst case. I've never heard or read about what happens when ones imprint dies. Does theirwolf counterpart also pass on? Or are we forced to live our long lives without a love? Either way. I didn't want to find out.

I barged through the bedroom door to see…..

Bella smiling at me.


"Ahahaahaa. Got ya Papa wolf!" Paul laughed. Glaring at him for the briefest of moments before I ran to my Bella. I was cautious of her existing injuries but nevertheless embraced her in my arms. Whispering my love to her and possibly letting a stray tear fall down my cheek.

"I'm so glad your awake! I thought I'd lost you." I whispered as she stroked my cheeks lovingly.

"I'm fine baby. Honest, just a few bones and bruises left. Please don't be upset anymore." She answered, looking straight at me, smilling. This woman is incredible, she gets the shit beaten out of her, bitten by our immortal enemy and she's consoling me! This is twisted!

We sat and spoke until her eyes started drooping and Carlisle said we should let her rest. This gave me a chance to talk to Carlisle without my attention being drawn to Bella. I'm not an obsessive boyfriend! Im just…..obsessive about her health? Ugh I still sound obsessive. Anyway, Carlisle told us that she should be fully healed within the next 12 days. She wasn't to walk about to much or strain her breathing as that would put pressure on her metal rodded ribs (sounds kinda x-menish huh?). Apart from that, all her cuts and bruises should heal. The bite mark on her neck will be permanent though. Her beautiful mocha skin will be scarred by that bitches fangs. Wait. What happened to Victoria?

"She got away again." Edward said solemnly from my right. "Her power of evasion is extremely powerful. That along with her combat abilities enabled her to get away from us. We got a few good shots in first but she got to the Atlantic and swam, thus we lost her scent and were too worried about Bella's condition to follow her. I'm sorry Sam." So she was still alive. Damn it!

"It's alright Edward. Gives me a chance to end her life…..for her almost ending mine." I said, staring at Bella. She's so beautiful when she sleeps, her long dark eyelashes fanning over her prominent cheekbones. I'm a lucky son of a bitch to have her love me like I do her. I sat with Bella all night, not sleeping, only blinking when I had to. I was envisioning our lives together. What our wedding would be like. Her carrying my children. What our children would look like. Hell I was even imagining out grandchildren and a grandmother Bella! I have way too much time on my hands.

"Or you have way too much love for this woman." Truer words never spoken by the mind reading vampire. "Imprinting is like nothing I have ever seen Sam. The way your tied to Bella is astounding. I only wish that I myself, may someday find a love like you have." Edwards face took on a longing expression. Only Bella could make me feel compassion for this lonely man.

"You will Edward. I know you will." A croaky voice said from beside me, a small smile crossing her lips. "Your other half will find you, when you least expect it. And when that day comes, you'll be so complete" she says looking at me with such love and adoration "and you'll live the rest of your existence a blissfully happy man." I tore my eyes away from Bella to see Edward looking at her with an odd expression on his face. If vampires could cry, I think he would be. Bella smiled one her heart-stopping smiles and Edward rushed forward to embrace her.

"You, my dear, are one extraordinary woman. Sam, never let her go." Edward left then, probably to ponder over what Bella said. Me? I just sat and stared at my forever. And she stared straight back at me.

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