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Chapter 1

Coli broke from the foggy haze of her dreams, and let out a agonizing sigh. The cave was empty, all except for the dozing pups of the drappa, Mortra. They were good sized pups, and their eyes had already opened. They were all beautiful, with fresh clear gazes and minds. Never before had Coli seen such lovely souls as these.

The whispering sigh of the the wind told Coli to hurry on with her duties. She was the Sikla of her pack, yet she could be seen as a stronger and more trustful rank. Her pelt was clean, and it shone amusingly as it danced with the morning rays of sun that stream in through the cave entrence. Her eyes were a deep and understanding gray, and flecks of dark fur showed well by her right ear. Yet she was a mysterious she-wolf, with large paws and a slopping belly. Her muscels were rippling and healthy, yet she sniffled often whenever she was nervous or under pressure. But under all those dashing features lay a beauty beyond beauties. A marval beyond others. A jewel, perphaps. A shining glimmer of hope.

"Setta, Grainie, Mell," murmured Coli as she gently woke the pups with her soft voice. "My dears, it's time to rise. Mother and father will be back- yes, I am here. Don't cry my darlings."

"Coli, Coli." the pups cried, and Setta, the beautiful and graceful she-wolf of the three, scrabbled over to the Sikla. "Tell us a story, to speed time. Whenever you speak, time does move a little faster." The coaxing words of the she-wolf were so sweet and so kind, that most wolves could give into her within a moment's thought.

"No, my dear." Coli said, sharpness edging her voice. It hurt her to say no to the sweet pups, but it wasn't allowed of her. Her pack was complex, for they had mixed religion. The drappa and dragga both followed Fenris and Tor, while Coli followed a more mysterious way of thought. Such as why the earth was firm and easily made. How it had even come to be. And how the life of living creatures had even come to be. For of course, someone must've been there to make Fenris and Tor. Yet, someone must've been there to make that someone...

"Please, Coli. We won't tell mother or father. They are worried we will stop believing in Fenris and Tor, but we won't. Honostly, we won't!" Mell spoke up now. He was the strongest of the three, with his dark pelt and trusting gaze. He had spirit like his father, the dragga.

"I am sorry, but I cannot." Coli murmured, her heart swelling with pain to tell them of how light had brought creatures to earth, and how darkness had formed mud. But the rules of the drappa and dragga were kept, and no talk of "Blaskin" was allowed. Blaskin was what the drappa and dragga called Coli's religion, and it was quite insulting to say so. Blaskin sounded horrible, like some torture, or another name for Wolfbane. Because of the no-Blaskin rule, Coli was kept from telling the pups her stories.

"Please don't whimper my dears." Coli sighed as the three pups burst out into cries.

"Coli, do you not take our word?" cried Grainie, the youngest of the three, yet a very wise and smart speaking soul. He was a proud male, but he was no leader like his brother, Mell.

"I take your word, with all my heart. I would never not trust you- the births of the drappa. For I trust the drappa and her mate. And going against them is not allowed. Do you understand?" Coli's words finally managed to sink into the pups, and they realized what they had just asked of her. They all looked very gullity as they sat there, tears still blinking in their eyes.

"We are sorry, Coli. We meant no anger from you. But rules board us in, and we cannot think without stumbling upon our parent's voices. You must understand also, that sometimes we wish to be Siklas." Mell said after a moment, and his voice lingered for a moment in the foggy mist of the morning.

"Indeed, little one. Yet if you ever became one, I'm sure you would take back your wish." Coli murmured, knowing well that the three pups were safe as children to the drappa and dragga. They were much safer then Coli was. Her life had many turns to it, as their's remained in a simple balanced line between rank and worship.

"Aye, that you would." chuckled a mysterious yet familiar voice from the entrence. Coli whipped around, and snarled.

"Back, Nekkro." she spat, and the three pups huddled in fear.

"Oh, Sikla. You act so brave, yet you are so small. And powerless at your rank." snapped the shadows, looming towards her. Nekkro was large, and had a plan of secrets wound like a web of lies. Each one supporting the last, gently cackling in the breeze. He was an old dragga who led a pack that lived down the river. It was a larger pack then Coli's and it ruled over several large and fierce wolves. Coli had hardly met them in battle, but something made her spine tingle everytime she thought of them, and how they had matched Nekkro's speed and cunningness.

"Silence, Nekkro. Why are you here? To steal more Lera?" muttered Coli, backing closer toward's the pups.

"No- Never again shall I do that." Nekkro spoke slyly and carefully. "Where is Striding?"

"Why do you wish to speak with my dragga?"

"Touchy little thing, aren't you?" chuckled Nekkro.

"He is out hunting with my pack." Coli replied.

"Then you shall bring him to me. Now." the male wolf growled. Coli couldn't back down. She led Nekkro back out into the sunlight, and called over her shoulder to the pups.

"Stay safe, my dears." she called, and there was a faint yap of reply from the three.

"Hurry." Nekkro spat, and only then did Coli notice the hunger in his voice, and see the ribs that stuck out through his flesh like twigs.

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