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I stare at the elevator door, pondering what just happened. I can see my sister out the corner of my eye, in all her pink glory. She disgusts me, it's true. You really can't pick your family. I can't believe that she kissed Fredward. Well, I can't believe that I kissed Fredward, either. On my other side is my best friend. No wonder she and Melanie get along. They're so much alike. But Carls will always choose me over her. I know she would.

My sister breaks into my thoughts with her sickeningly sweet voice. "Sam, Freddie said something weird last night. Can I ask you something?"

The elevator dings and Carly gives me a strange look. Like I can control what my sister asks. We step out and I reply, "Everything the dork says is weird. What?"

Melanie holds the front door for me and Carly. Oh, how nice of her. Makes me sick. "Well, after I kissed him, he said something about how you swore you two would never do that again. What was he talking about?"

My heart freezes for a moment as they join me on the sidewalk outside the door. What am I supposed to say?

"Sam?" Carly asks, her eyes all big and innocent. She's trying to get a good, honest answer out of me. She must really want to know.

"It's nothing," I mumble, shoving my hands deep in my hoodie's pockets and striding ahead of them, keeping my eyes on my feet. I glare at my shoes as Carly's hand appears on my shoulder, stopping me from walking any further as my sister and she prepare to interrogate me.

"What happened between you and Freddie, Sam?" Melanie pries, sinking her manicured nails into my obvious embarrassment. "You can tell us. I'm your twin, Carly's your best friend. Tell us."

I ignore her and instead look at Carly, more willing to spill my guts to her than anyone in the world. "Remember the first kiss fiasco?" She nods and I take this as a cue to continue, "And remember when I left in the middle of iCarly to talk to Freddie?" I suddenly decide that I don't want to tell her. I sit down in the middle of the sidewalk and shut my trap.

"And? What happened?" Carly prods, kneeling down next to me. Melanie's face (my face!) is hesitant; she wants to know, but I'm speaking so quietly that she'd have to be on the ground too. And she doesn't want to get her clothes dirty. The conflict is plain as day.

I bite my lip. I don't like secrets. Especially keeping secrets from Carly. It's not that I want to break a promise, but Carly is my best friend in the world. She needs to know. And Melanie? She'd find out eventually anyway.

I sigh. "He was out on the fire escape, like you said. And we were talking about how first kisses were so stupid and how we wished we could just get it over with. And…I guess we had the same thought, but he started to say it first. And I finished his sentence, because I knew what he was gonna say, and I'd really like some ham right about now." I realized that my words had come faster as I went on and needed to derail myself before I got too caught up with what happened. Carly snaps her fingers in front of my nose, trying to get me back on track.

I breathe deeply, "And…we kissed. That's all there is to it. We swore that we'd go back to hating each other the second it was over. And we did. Simple as that. Can Mama get some ham now?"

I stand up. The look on Carly's face is a mixture of disbelief and amusement. Melanie's is downright angry. Maybe she's mad that she wasn't his first kiss. Or more likely, she's mad that I want food right now instead of telling her all the juicy details.

"You kissed Freddie?" Carly asks, blinking. "And he lived?" I sigh again.

"Yes, scream it to the world, why don't ya? Carls, you can't tell anybody. I wasn't supposed to tell anybody."

"I promise. I'm just in shock, that's all."

I turn to Melanie. "You have to promise too." She holds her hands up in surrender and I know she won't say anything. We know each other like that. Her face breaks into a grin (my grin!) as we start walking again.

"You can have him."

I roll my eyes at her comment, but don't say anything. It could be taken as 'He's your friend, I won't take him away from you two.' or, she could be meaning something else. My sister can be devious when she needs to be. Maybe we are related after all.

So...that was a new one for me. iCarly? Who would have guessed? But I saw iTwins last night and wondered "What if Melanie asked Sam about Freddie's freak out?"

I've seen a few "How iTwins should have ended" fics, but none about that question. So instead of waiting for someone to write one, I took matters into my own hands; I got off my lazy butt and wrote this.

I'm not sure how I feel about this story. I kind of like the Seddie undertones,, I'll let you tell me what's wrong with it.

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