Madison's Point of view:

"You don't want me?" "No". The haunting words echoed through my brain. "No". "You're no good for me Madison". I knew I was never good enough. I should have expected this. It was too hard to deal with. I closed my mind.

One month later.

I stayed in my room. I ate, went to school and work, and then stayed in my room. I closed my mind to the pain. I stopped it from coming through and hitting me. Suddenly I felt very nauseous. I always felt sick to my stomach but…. Oh. I ran to the bathroom and was sick. This was very strange. This was too strange. I hadn't eaten anything. It must be a bug, it will be gone soon.

Three Months Later.

The vomiting stopped a month ago. What was wrong with me? I was fatter and I sware something in my stomach just moved. What could be-? No. That's not possible. It can't be! I couldn't be pregnant. I rushed downstairs. Who do I tell? "Madison, what's wrong?" Charlie asked, I was sweating, crying and I'm sure my face had the look of uttermost horror on it. "I think… I'm not sure. Pregnant" I spluttered and ran back up to my room. I cried into my pillow for around an hour. There was a knock at the door.

"Maidson. I have a test here… Um. I'll um- leave it outside your door. Take it when you're um… ready. Do you want me to call your Mum?" Charlie asked. I got up and opened the door. "No" I whispered and took the test out of his hands.

I prepared the test. What would happen if I were? Alice would see, right? And he would come back to me. He wouldn't leave me with our child? Maybe he would be disgusted that I didn't take the morning after pill. Well how was I to know? He shouldn't even be able to… urgh. And now we wait…. I paced up and down the bathroom. I decided to have a shower, my hands lingering on my stomach. A perfect green-eyed child could be inside. I got out of the shower, taking care not to look at the test as I wrapped the towel around me. I walked to my room. "What does it say?" Charlie asked. "Haven't looked" I mumbled and went to my room to get dressed. I look time, picking an outfit then taking care to dress myself. I brushed my hair then dried it. "Madison. I've um- got the test here." Charlie whispered at my door. "What does it say?" I breathed. But somehow I already knew the answer.


My Crumbling world fell apart.

Alice's point of view:

4 months after Edward left Madison. He was empty. It was doing neither of them good, being apart. Suddenly my vision went black. "Positive" I heard Charlie say, standing at the door holding a pregnancy test. Madison was pregnant? 10 minutes later Carlisle's cell started ringing. "Carlisle?" I called. "I'm here I'm here. Hello? Charlie! She's- what?" Carlisle looked at me. I nodded in confirmation. "Oh. Ok. Well Edward's upset about it too. I don't think- yes, I agree. I'm going to send you a cheque. If Edward isn't going to be in the baby's life he needs to contribute something-. Ok. See you soon Charlie"

5 months later.

Madison's pints of view:

Everyone was very supportive. Especially Charlie. They had moved house. They moved into a little 3-bedroom house. How Charlie afforded it, I will never know. It's modern and spacious. They have lots of new furniture and the nursery is very lovely. Suddenly, I felt a twinge in my stomach. Then the pain really started. "Dad" I wailed. "Dad, Help!" Charlie ran to my door and found me sprawled on my new bed. "I got the bag Madison. Lets go" Charlie smiled. He was happy about the baby. Being a Mum at 18? This wasn't right. Ow! I couldn't form coherent thoughts anymore.

"Push Madison. Just Push" The doctors were saying. I was pushing. God, I was pushing. "One more, Madison. Only one more and this will be over" I hoped so. I pushed. I heard a soft whimper. "She's beautiful." The doctor said to me. She. Of course she was beautiful she was Edwards. "Do you have a name for her?" The doctor asked. "Yes." I whispered. "What's she called, Madison?" Charlie asked me. "Rosa Meleah. Alison ." I replied. By now the nurses were finished cleaning her.

She was placed in my arms, my baby Alison. The first thing I noticed was that she was colder than a normal baby, her skin cooler. Then I noticed her flawless, pale skin. Not as pale as his, but paler than the average human. Then I took in her face. She had big, greeny gold eyes. The centres were liquid gold and the further out from the iris it got, the greener it did. The perimeter of the iris was emerald. Like his eyes were when he was human. Her cheeks were flushed a brilliant red, her lips a soft pink 'o'. The perfect face yawned and her eyelids fluttered. They were a pale purple. "Alison" I whispered in her ear.