Then Alison jumped out of his hands and hugged him. Edward hesitated and then hugged her back. Then he said you remind me so much of you mother when she was human. Then Edward turned to me and said Madison I'm sorry. Why didn't you try to call when you found out you were pregnant I would've came you know. Then I said Edward I thought you didn't care about me anymore. Then Edward put Alison in his left arm and put his right hand on my face, and said Madison I didn't stop thinking about you. Not for one day.

Then I smiled at him and he smiled back and I took his hand and said let me show you around.

Edwards point of view:

Madison showed me her room (which she didn't sleep in it was just for looks).

Then Madison showed me her office where she did her work at.

Then she showed me Madison's room.

Then Madison said you are welcome to live with us. Then I replied like I said I'm never leaving you again. Then I kissed her passionately the Alison said get a room then we both looked at her and laughed. Then Alison got out of my arms and started pushing me and Madison towards Madison's bedroom.

Madison point of view:

I thought Edward was serious about going to my bedroom and all. But all we did was talk about what we did in the past. Then Edward said he was with Tanya but only for a little bit. He just used her to get over his empty feeling. And sometimes he said that he would see my face on Tanya.

I said that I never found a love again and I said nobody can ever behold your face. In all eternity. Then Edward said how did you turn into a vampire and I said Alison turned me into one. Then he said oh does she only drink blood or can she eat as well. I said both and I said she doesn't sparkle though. And I said she doesn't even drink humans blood. She goes to a over-populated school. And I beamed at the thought.