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A Little Bit Of You Is All I Need:

Chapter 1- Closer Than Ever Before

A bright sunny day;

TK sits in his room, at his desk, his head supported by his hand. He's bored. In front of him stands a picture of the digidestined. He smiles and thinks about the excitement they had back then, in the digiworld. That was no place to be bored. But yet he also thought about the fights, and also the arguments they had there. Such as with Davis....

TK sighed… "Davis" He whispered and looked outside. It was already a while ago when he had noticed he felt something for him. Normally he wouldn't have gotten involved with Davis. He would just ignore him. But there was something about that red-haired boy that attracted him. He sighed again and decided to go for a walk in the park.

After a while, he saw someone lying in the grass. His heart jumped when he saw it was Davis. The tanned-boy laid on his back, a straw in the corner of his mouth. He was throwing a football in the air and catching it again. TK watched him do this a couple of times, and then went over to him.

"Hiya Davis, what you doing?"

Davis caught the football one more time. He lowered it toward his chest, looking at the person in front of him. "Oh, it's just you." Then he began to throw the football in the air again… A small frown made its way toward TK's other facial features. He felt slightly hurt by the cold reaction from Davis. When Davis next threw the football in the air, TK caught it. The agitated, red-haired boy suddenly sat straight and shouted

"Hey, give it back."

"Calm down, Davis. I just wanted to ask you if you would like to play a one on one game with me." TK threw Davis the ball and offered his hand... But Davis lay back down. This time, his arms were placed under his head, turning his face away.

"No thanks, I don't feel very well." Kari had turned him down again for the thousandth time. Probably because she loved TK. So Davis had no interest at all of playing with his 'rival'

TK still, offering his hand said. "Oh, come on, I know you like to play, and it will make you better. I just wanted to see if you can beat me." The last thing TK had said, he had said it with a huge grin on his face. Davis looked at him, and sat straight again. Then he took TK's hand. TK helped him up. Davis muttered "Thanks" though he didn't look at TK.

They started the game; Davis began to enjoy it, his sorrows completely forgotten. After a while, they fell on the grass, exhausted. "Heh, you're pretty good." Davis poke to TK, a little smile appearing on his face.

TK blushed "Thanks, but looks like I still can't beat you."

"Hey you're dealing with a pro here." Davis had a big grin on his face. It warmed TK inside. It was noon already, so TK offered to go somewhere to eat. "It's my treat, because I lost to you."

"Alright" Davis shouted, and took the lead, followed by a smiling TK....

After they had eaten the food that they bought, they were walking along the streets. "I'm so full, I can almost explode." Davis said happily, his right hand was resting on his full stomach. "Thanks TK, for he food". TK began blushing, he tried to hide his face, by looking away. "Say, how about you come by my house this afternoon?"

"Your place… Why?" Davis was quite surprised by his friend's sudden proposal.

"You know, to play some games, watch TV, do fun stuff..."

Davis hesitated for a while; TK had been so nice, and he felt better because of him, but after all, TK was still his rival... "Well, erm… you know, I'm grateful for the food and all, but, erm, let me think about it, ok?"

TK felt a little disappointed, he tried to hide it behind a soft smile. "Ok. If you want to, you know where I live, right? But now I've got to go, Seeya Davis thanks for the game."

"Bye TK, thanks again, for the food." Davis spoke while TK walked away. He himself also turned around and started walking home the football perched comfortably under his arm. It felt weird that TK, that anyone was so friendly to him. Normally, people just ignored him all together. He sighed "Well, I'll just pay a short visit then." He continued to go home he was going to leave his football, and freshen-up. Once Davis had done this, he went over to TK's house.

Davis was now standing nervously, in-front of TK's door; He knocked several times, and waited impatiently. 'TK won't be at home, or he'll send me away, or he'll decide he doesn't want me here' The door opened, making Davis jump slightly.

"Davis." a bright smiling TK stood in front of him. "I'm glad you decided to come. Please enter, I've prepared stuff, it's on the table."

Cautiously, Davis entered the room. It wasn't very big, but he saw a TV with a Playstation, so his face brightened. Soon the boy's were deeply indulged within playing games. TK tried to sit close to Davis, whenever possible. The games got intense; TK could feel every single one of Davis' sharp movements. These sharp movements would happen; when he jumped up if he made a victory, or tried to win a heavy battle. It didn't really go through Davis's mind that TK tried to sit close to him. But yet he still noticed that TK was always smiling in his direction.

When the boys got bored of playing games, they decided to watch some TV. Both of the boys grabbed for the remote, at the same time. TK was faster, so Davis grabbed the blonde's hand instead of the remote. He pulled his hand back quickly, blushing slightly.

"It seems like I'm too fast for you." TK teased. He was smiling, also, he ignored Davis' blush.

"Yeah, whatever, let's look at Digimon Frontier."

So, they watched some TV and had some more fun. Davis had almost forgotten about the time, and soon it became late. It was the evening, and time for him to go home. When they stood at the front door Davis spoke. "Thanks for everything TK, I had a great day. Really, I didn't know you could be such a cool guy."

TK smiled widely, which might have hidden his blush, or might have had the opposite effect. Either way, the darkness made his face too hard to contemplate. Suddenly, TK grabbed Davis in a hug and spoke. "Thank you too, Davis."

Davis pulled back quickly, shouting angrily "Hey don't hug me."

TK was more than a little surprised of the red-haired boy's reaction. "I- I'm sorry, I just thought-"

"You were thinking?!" Davis turned around "Goodnight TK" Davis spoke, he was no-longer shouting. Even though he said it quietly, the anger was still obvious within his voice. He walked off, toward his house.

TK stood in the front door. He watched as Davis disappeared into the night. 'Maybe I overdid it a bit.' TK thought to himself, the voice in his head, full of concern. He sighed and went back inside.


Davis was walking with his hands in his pockets. He kicked away a little rock. "Stupid TK, hugging me like that. What is he, gay or what?" But somewhere deep inside, Davis liked it. Somewhere he had noticed that TK always had come close to him, while they were playing games. And then, the moment when he accidently grabbed TK's hand. Thinking back at it made him shiver; Davis did feel guilty, so he decided that he was going to apologize to the blond, the next day.

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