It has been a while since I updated this story and I felt bad I had no ending. To be honest, I had this
chapter for a while already but I wasn't sure about it. On the asset of grammar it's probably a total disaster.
Overal to read it now, it's a quite good ending, so I hope you enjoy. Sorry for the long wait.

It was dark in the house. After Kari had run out of the house, TK knew he couldn't stop her. He was still to weak for that. So he put out the lights and went back to his bed. Laying on his back with his arms crossed behind his head he thought off what Kari would say and do to Davis. The moment they understood what Davis could have seen and probably had, was to him like a heavy weight landed on his chest almost making him unable to breath. Suddenly a tear slowly slid down from his eyecorner over his cheek. "Oh Davis" he whispered.

Kari was almost out of breath from running back to TK's house. She was so scared Davis would do something to the defendless TK... She crossed the streeth just as lights went from green to red. She had no time to spare and ignored the red light finding herselve suddenly in a pool of bright light. Closing here eyes she heard the sound of tires stopping suddenly. She felt how someone pulled here away from certain death.

Davis had arrived at the front door of TK's house. He hesitated, the place was all dark with no lights on. He thought nobody was home but he had to talk to TK and Kari so he decided to try to ring the bell. Nobody came to answer the door. It couldn't be that nobody was home TK was to sick to leave the house. So he tried again. Nothing. Maby Kari was out to get some grocery's and TK wasn't able to answer the door. He thought. So Davis opened the front door and went inside.

It was dark in the house. He stood in the livingroom, where he had left Kari's and TK's homework on the table. Suddenly he saw someone standing on the stairs and he heard that someone asking: "Kari?"

TK had heard the bell ringing and was a bit wondered because Kari knew she could enter withouth. Yet afther the bell rang a second time and he heard someone come in he decided to check it out. He went down the stairs and saw someone standing next to the table in the livingroom. "Kari?" He asked but as he decended the last steps he recognised who it was. And with great disbelief but also a bit of fear he said. "Davis, i-it's you."

Despite the dark the two boys saw eachother quite clearly. Davis couldn't belief his eyes when he saw a fragile, pale TK in green pyjama's. The shine of his golden hair had deminished to a dull straw like color. Davis immideatly felt very guilty but as soon as he rememebered why he had come here that feeling dissapeard and he was angry and hurt again. He said: "Why TK?"

Leaning against the wall, TK coughed a little. "Davis, I..." He hadn't any strenght left and as he fell Davis forgot his anger and quickly catched TK before he hit the floor. TK looked him in the eyes and whispered: "I love you Davis, I always have and I still do, I didn't mean to hurt you." then he closed his eyes. Tears had come in Davis' eyes he grabbed TK close to his chest and started to cry. "I'm sorry TK, I'm so sorry, please forgive me." Then he wiped his tears away, lay TK's arm around his neck stood up and kinda dragged him to his bed. When he had tucked him in he sat at the side and sighted. TK started coughing badly and was awake again.

"TK are you alright?"

"Davis, I have to explain,.." But Davis interupted. "No you don't"

"Yes I have to, you have to know what happened." TK said

Meanwhile a crowed had gathered where a policeman had saved Kari from getting run over.

"Damnit girl, are you suicidal or what? Ignoring a red light just like that."

Kari, a bit confused by what had happened stumbled onto her feet; "I, wha, I, I have to go." and of she ran the policeman shouting "Hey, wait.!"

'I'm gonna be to late, Oh TK I hope you're alright' she thought.

As she arrived at TK's she noticed the front wasn't closed completly so she knew Davis had entered. Carfully approching she slowy entered. It was dark and quiet. Her hart was up to her throat... "TK?" she whispered... "Davis?" a bit softer. The house looked the same as when she had left it. Could it be she had arrived here before Davis? She walked up the stairs to check on TK.

As she entered the room she was shocked to see Davis in here. But as he lay besides TK and there was no sign of struggling. She came at ease... Both boys were sleeping and emitted somekind of innocent peacefullness She slipped down with her back against a wall and started laughing softly while tears of relief rolled down here cheeks...

After a while she whiped her face got on her feet and placed the cover that was on TK also on Davis. With both boys tucked in, she looked at them one more time. She took a deep breath, breathed out again and silently left the room...


The next morning, Kari had prepared breakfast. As she had called Davis mom to say her son had stayed with TK and everything was alright, she went to wake up the boys. It was a pleasant surprise to see TK a lot beter. Both Kari and Davis felt awkward. She invited the boys to have breakfast downstairs where they talked it over. As TK had already explained to Davis what had happenend it wasn't a long talk. Meanwhile Davis and Kari tried to make a close on theyre diffrences. TK still had to stay home from school but he could take care of himself. He was happy to see Kari and Davis leave for school as friends and he had something to look forward to, because Davis had promised him to take the 'sick-watch' over from Kari. What means that until his mom came home again, Davis would spent every night with him...