Dreams of Gold and Silver

Author – D M Evans

Disclaimer – nope, still not mine, all rights belong to Arakawa

Rating – FRT

Characters – Winry implied Ed/Winry

Series – manga

Timeline/ Spoilers – none really unless you don't know where Winry goes for her automail training

Word Count – 490

Warnings - none

Summary – her daydreams are metallic-hued.

Author's Note – I wonder how many others will pick this theme for gold. This tied for third place at fma_fic_contest for the gold prompt on livejournal. Thanks to S J Smith for the beta.


She thinks about her golden boys often, even though it's often painful to do so. Winry can barely recall the gold of Alphonse's eyes, the darker gold of his hair. It feels like he had been gray metal for his whole life. On the days the memory of his face fades away, Winry drags out her photo albums and takes a break from her automail before she loses Alphonse forever.

Edward is harder to forget. He might be smaller but so much more forceful, louder. He makes a bigger impact than his petite stature would suggest. Winry never has to fight to remember him. His golden eyes watch her in her sleep. Sometimes she feels them looking over her shoulder as Mr. Garfiel instructs her.

Winry doesn't kid herself. She wants to run her fingers through that long honeyed hair, to wrap her arms around Ed's back, which had become so manly. Winry isn't a child any more and she's surrounded by soldiers and Mr. Garfiel; her ears have lost all innocence. One golden boy she just wants to see back in the flesh, the other one she wants to take all she has heard and try it out on him. Ed would probably be startled to learn that, the little weirdo, her strange boy.

She can picture him now, golden hair spilling down over a silvery shoulder. Ed could rebel at the idea he was made of anything like precious metals, that he would be cherished by her. Ruby would be added to the fine metals if she told him. Winry would just have to show him instead. She smiles at the thought, a warmth starting deep within her, totally inappropriate for where she is, but Winry doesn't care.

"Winry, watch that woolgathering before you take off a finger." Mr. Garfiel's voice startles the metal nips right out of her hand.

She glances up at her mentor who is in fine form today. He's wearing a frilly blue sundress with pink roses. He has even managed to get his eye shadow to match his dress and his lipstick to highlight the roses. The way Garfiel has his hair curled up, Winry assumes the man has a date. "Sorry, sir."

Garfiel studies her face then breaks out in a big grin. "You're thinking of that sweet piece of honey, that little alchemist," he says in a tone of a hundred percent approval. "You should call him and tell him off for neglecting you. I'll do it for you, sweetie. I'll give him a piece of my mind."

Winry's eyes widen at the horror of it. She swallows a giggle, wanting to see Garfiel do that in person. "Save it for when he visits, sir."

"Don't you worry, I will." Garfiel flounces off.

Winry regards the automail before her then drifts back off into her thoughts of auric-hued brothers and all the things they would do when they finally come home to her.