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Chapter 1: Taunting the Beast

"Saitama Prefecture is a prefecture of Japan located on the island of Honshū. The capital is the city of Saitama. This prefecture is part of the Greater Tokyo Area, and most of Saitama's cities can be described as suburbs of Tokyo, to which floods of residents commute each day. Saitama Prefecture is bordered by Tokyo, Chiba, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Nagano, and Yamanashi. It is located central-west of the Kanto region, measuring 103 km from east to west and 52 km from north to south. Radial transportation to and from Tokyo dominates transportation in the prefecture. Circular routes were constructed as bypasses to avoid congestion in central Tokyo. Some points of interests in Saitama are the Saitama Super Arena, the John Lennon Museum and the Chichibu Shrine. "

"I have to say Izumi, there seems to be something off about your report."

Beads of sweat started trickling down the back of Konata's neck.

"Well, Ms. Kuroi, what exactly seems to you mean by that?" the otaku asked nervously.

"First off" she said with some snide, " I told you three weeks ago when I gave you the assignment that you were supposed to write a report on Tokyo."

Konata felt like hitting herself in the head. It was bad enough that Kuroi didn't sound like she thought her paper was good, but the fact she wrote about the wrong topic only added fuel to the fire.

"Curses! If I had remembered that I could have written a good report on Akihabara. But that was the same time that the Challenge of Haruhi Suzumiya came out."

While her teacher was going on about the myriad of other problems her report had, Konata became lost in her own little world. Images of her new game floated in her head.

"How could I focus when I saw a game was a mixture of everything I love: an RPG with dating sim aspects that had Haruhi traveling the world, fighting monsters and trying to get involved to her friends? I just couldn't resist, that game is so addicting but it's harder then I thought, after three weeks I'm still trying to trigger the last flag."

A quick snap of Ms. Kuroi's fingers brought her back into the real world, the world where Konata was standing in her class giving a verbal report on the wrong prefecture.

"Done spacing out? Like I was saying, I couldn't help but notice that your report sounded a little too formal to becoming from you."

Another bead of sweat dropped down Konata's head. "Do you have to be so blunt, Ma'am?"

"Just head back to your seat for now."

Giving a sigh of sadness, Konata made her way back to her desk amongst a few giggles from her classmates from getting dissed from the teacher. She slumped into her chair and rested her head on her desk.

"Oh, Kona-chan. I thought your report sounded really smart."

Konata turned her head to hear the younger of the Hiiragi twins complementing her on her short report. Her bow was a indication of her mood, and right now it was droopy. She gave off this little smile then continued. "That was still better then my report, at least she didn't say your paper was too short like mine."

"Yeah, but Tsukasa, the truth about my report i-"


Both were shocked into sitting straight up and staring right at their teacher who had a devilish glow in her eyes. Tsukasa's face was white with fright and looked like she was going to pee herself out of fear. Konata had a scared expression on her face too, but on the inside she couldn't help but be a little critical of her teacher's behavior.

"Man, if Teach could get this gung-ho about students talking in her class, I wish she could channel that same energey into our game. That way she would actually be an asset when I'm trying to pull mobs instead of me constantly dying cause she fell asleep at the computer when she should have been healing me."

She looked across the room to see what Miyuki thought of the situation. At least Kuroi wasn't going to yell at her, so was the only person so far to get a hundred percent on her oral report. Miyuki noticed Konata looking at her,and gave off that gentle smile of hers that assured Konata everything was going to be alright.


Miyuki was so surprised that she ended up falling backwards out of her chair and hit the floor with a little thud.

Konata couldn't help but notice the suggestive pose Miyuki gave off when she tried to stand up. In her mind, Miyuki looked like one of the characters in her dating sims who would sit on top of the bed with a cute little face right before the major event scene occurred. A few of the boys in her class were giving her weird stares too, like they were thinking the exact same thing while everyone else was laughing.

She then put her head back on her desk and couldn't help but chuckle a bit herself.

"It always helps to have a moe-blob like Miyuki in my class. She makes the education process a bit more moe."

Miss Kuroi, after getting mad at Konata, Tsukasa, and surprisingly Miyuki, calmed herself down enough to address the class.

"Okay so I know you guys have a long break coming up but I'm going to ask you one thing to promise me. I don't care what you do over the break, just please whatever you do, finish your homework. By yourselves."

With that last statement, she turned her head towards Konata's direction, who by the way was staring back at her with a "Who? Me?" expression.

"While writing a zero on your paper would mean less work for me, it would reflect poorly on me as your teacher. Besides, I don't want to spend all my free time grading late papers because you decided to be lazy. I wanna goof off too, ya know?"

"But Ma'am, don't you spend most of your free time on the computer anyway?"

The class immediately grew silently. A huge vein popped up on Kuroi's forehead. She started contemplating walking over to Konata's desk and giving her a good wack on the head. While corporal punishment in the classroom was against the law, she had hit Konata on the head a few times before and her class knew not to speak against it otherwise they would feel her wrath.

Konata suddenly realized her poor choice of words and braced for impact. Instead, Kuroi calmed herself down and quickly regained her composure.

"Class dismissed."

"Man, I thought she was going to give me some lumps for a second. Maybe I should hold off on teasing her for a while."

While Tsukasa, Miyuki and everyone else was leaving the classroom, Konata was busy emptying her desk of all her important possessions.

Not her textbooks, but her Gameboy, her DS, her Ipod and her PSP. She made it a habit not to bring her textbooks home until she had a test to cram for.

As she was making her wat towards the door where Miyuki and Tsukasa were waiting, she was abruptly stopped by Ms. Kuroi.

"Can I have a word with you, Konata?"

Konata looked over to Yuki and Tsukasa. She knew something was wrong and they knew it too. Miss Kuroi only talked to students after class when they were in really big trouble, plus when a teacher is on a first name basis with a student, it's usually not good.

Putting on a good face, she told her friends, "Hey guys, I'll see you and Kagami in a little bit, so just wait for me, okay?"

They both nodded their heads to her and made their way down the hall.

Miss Kuroi motioned Konata to sit in a chair near her desk which got Konata thinking,

"Man, I'm really busted."

Author's note: Don't worry, Kagami will appear more in the new few chapters. Right now it's unclear what's going to happen, but if you guys can feel free to imagine what you want, but I don't think I'll take the KuroixKonata so sorry to disappoint anyone out there.

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