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M for language, violence and lots of death.

This chapter assumes that Peter goes on his little time traveling spree in 'I Am Become Death.' The following is what should have happened or did happen in this story line.

The Bennet's Former Home, Costa Verde, CA- Four Years In The Future

Cautiously Peter approaches the house. His recent encounters with Claire and Mohinder make him wary of this new future. Peter knocks on the door, while creating blue hot fire in his other hand. The wooden door swings inward. An unexpected sight causes Peter to extinguish his flames.

'Uncle Peter,' the boy's excited cry rings about the entry way.

'Hey,' Peter's response confused. Was this cute boy Sylar's kid?

'Daddy's making waffles. Do you want some?' the cute blue shirted boy asks.

Lacking any idea about what was going on Peter agrees. Slipping inside Peter closes the door behind him. Peter notices a well kept house as he follows the boy towards the kitchen. He keeps looking around for photos but only finds ones of the boy. Peter wonders who the child's mother might be.

'Hey, Peter,' that familiar voice calls to him from behind the kitchen island, 'nice to see you, again.'

'Sylar,' Peter responds to the dark haired man busying himself about the stove.

'Would you like some waffles, Peter?'

'Sure,' the young Pettrelli responds.

Peter watches the boy walk over toward the kitchen island, where his small frame barely permits him to pull himself into a wooden chair. Once seated across from Sylar, Peter notices the boy's obvious resemblance. Also, the boy's features hint maddeningly at someone else, someone familiar, however it remains elusively mysterious.

Turning in his seat the boy looks at Peter. The boy's head tilts slightly to one side before he asks, 'Uncle Peter, where's your scar?'

'What?' bewilderment covers Peter's unmarred face.

'Noah,' Sylar calls out as he turns off the stove, 'that's not really your Uncle Peter. That's a different Uncle Peter.'

'Daddy?' Noah asks confused by how someone could be Uncle Peter and not Uncle Peter.

Two large hands pull Noah from his seat. Then they gentle place him atop the kitchen island. Sylar leans in close to his son, so that Peter can barely make out his words.

'Now, some people are going to join us in a minute. I want you to stay here, and not move. Ok?' Sylar instructs his son.

Noah looks at his dad. He shrugs his little shoulders. Sometimes Daddy knows things that do not make sense and Daddy gets upset if Noah fails to do what his told.

'Ok,' Noah responds. 'Daddy?'

'Yes, Noah.'

'Where's Mo-' his words lost in a thunders cacophony of noise.

The sound of breaking wood and glass fill the house, which is followed by the sound of glass crunching under booted feet. Whirling around Peter sees the brown haired Claire and a confident looking Knox enter the kitchen.

'Sylar,' Claire hisses out.

'Claire,' he responds.

'What's going on?' Peter asks.

Eyes wide, smiling as he takes deep invigorating breaths Knox states boldly, 'We're here to kill Sylar.'

'Oh,' Peter's responds, 'Umm. . .what's with the breathing?'

Impossible Knox's smile widens, 'He's afraid.'

Sylar shakes his head, 'No, I'm not.'

Knox stalks toward the kitchen island. In a gloating voice he says, 'Not you. The boy. I can feel it.'

'How about me?' a cool female voice quires from the study doorway.

'What?' Knox stops mid stride, with his eyes snapping toward the study.

Incandescent blue light illuminates the kitchen. Knox's piercing scream reverberates about the house. Then it fades. That sickening smell of charred meat and ozone overwhelm the comforting breakfast smells of waffles and coffee.

Claire turns to run. An invisible force catches her after a few strides. Straining desperately against the force that holds her, Claire feels her body slowly pulled back into the kitchen. Then she spins about to face the people she hates the most.

'Claire,' Sylar breaths out tiredly, 'what did I tell you last time you tried this?'

Claire remains silent. Her blue eyes lock on Peter. Her gaze pleads for help one moment then switches to hatred the next. Confused Peter stands looking at her.

Elle walks toward her son. She slides on hand protectively around his small shoulders.

'Claire, we can't have you trying to hurt our son,' Elle says.

Scoffing Claire responds loudly, 'Shut up, you insane sociopathic bitch. If you weren't such a who-'

Claire's words stop. Her body dissolves into a fine ashen dust.

Everyone stops.

Everyone looks at the little ash pile that was once Claire Bennet.

Peter yells, 'WHAT DID YOU DO?'

Shaking his head back and forth with his puzzlement displayed plainly, Sylar responds, 'Nothing. I didn't do anything.'

Peter stands there looking incredulously at Sylar.

Then a chipper little boy states, 'Mean lady, go bye, bye.'

The three adults suddenly focus their attention on Noah. He looks at them with an innocent not understanding look.

'WHAT DID HE DO?' Peter yells at Noah.

Elle hugs her son. Her arms wrapping protectively around him as she tells Peter, 'Don't yell at my son.'

'SHUT UP,' Peter screams incensed by the death of his niece.

Elle watches her son extend his left hand toward Peter, with his index finger pointing accusingly. Then Peter dissolves into a powdery dust.

'Not Uncle Peter, go bye, bye.'

After a second, Elle takes Noah's little hand into hers. She clasps it tightly to her, while her blue eyes explore her son's dark not quite so innocent gaze.

'Elle,' Sylar intrudes.

'I know, dear,' she responds keeping her eyes on her son.

'We need to talk about this,' Sylar says as he moves around the island toward his family.

'Yeah,' Elle responds, 'but does it explain why the neighbor's dog disappeared.'

'The one that kept getting in our trash?' Sylar asks.

'Yes.' Elle directs the next statements to little Noah, 'Do you remember when Mommy found you outside by the trash?'

Noah nods in response.

'You told Mommy that the doggy went 'bye, bye.' Did you make the doggy go 'bye, bye'?'

Noah nods, again.

Elle presses a kiss against the top of her son's head. Then resting her head there she looks across the kitchen. Blue eyes take in the Knox's charred remains along with the ashen ones of Peter and Claire.

'What a mess,' she says.

'Hmm,' Sylar responds.

Shifting her gaze to Sylar, Elle asks, 'Well. . .we should do something else for breakfast, so who wants Slushies?'

Noah excitedly shouts his agreement.

Sylar looks at her.

'Ok, who wants ice cream?'

Again, Noah shouts his agreement.

Sylar raises an eyebrow at her.

'Fine,' a resigned tone in her voice, 'who wants IHOP?'

For a third time, Noah agrees happily.

'I'll get the keys,' Sylar approves.

His thoughts pull the keys across the room towards his outstretched hand. He catches them, while Elle carries Noah across the kitchen toward the door. Sylar follows his wife and child to their ruined front door. Seeing it he sighs knowing he has another honey do.

Elle leads them down the short walk toward the mini-van parked in the drive. As she walks Elle talks quietly to her son, 'Noah.'

'Yes, Mommy,' the boy responds.

'First, never make Mommy or Daddy go 'bye, bye.' Ok?'

'Ok,' Noah says his disappointment clear.

'Now, it's Ok to make other people go 'bye, bye', especially if their last name is Pettrelli.'

'Yes, Mommy,' his tone happy like a child given permission to play with a favorite toy.

Elle hears the car unlock. Balancing Noah on one hip, she reaches out with the opposite hand, which she uses to slide the van door open. Her strong small hands grip Noah's waist as she transitions him to his child seat. Then Elle starts buckling him in, while saying, 'You see you're special like Mommy and Daddy. We have powers that are like yours. Now after breakfast, we're going to talk all about what special people can do.'

Noah nods happily as Elle finishes buckling him in. After checking his belt again, Elle slides the door closed. Then she opens the passenger side door and slips inside. She notices Sylar already has the mini-van running. Elle looks at him.

Feeling her blue eyes on him he turns to her, 'What?'

'So,' Elle draws the word out as he blue eyes search Sylar's dark ones, 'you said he would save the world?'

'Yeah,' he replies, 'but Angela's visions don't always work out, or at least not how you'd think. Even with her ability I don't all the stuff I dream.' Shrugging he says, 'Maybe he destroys it?'

Then their little boy asks curiously, 'World go bye, bye?'

Elle and Sylar yell in unison, 'NO.'

Behind them a startled whimper precedes 'Scary, Mommy. Scary, Daddy.'

'It's alright, Noah,' Elle assures him. 'Just no making the world go 'bye, bye.'

'Yes, Mommy,' Noah agrees reluctantly.

With an accusatory tone Elle says, 'He's so your son.'

Sylar's voice contains a weary defeatism that bespeaks an argument lost long ago, 'How come every time he does something good he's your son, but whenever he does something wrong he's my son?'

'That's just the way it is,' Elle responds.

Sighing, he starts backing the mini-van down the drive, 'Whatever, at least Claire won't be bothering us again.'

'What about, Peter?' Elle asks.

'I don't know. He tried to explain that time travel thing to me once. Even using all those strings it made no sense,' Sylar answers. 'Maybe call him and see if he picks up? If not. . .' he voice trails off.

Sylar shifts the mini-van into drive. They roll smoothly down the road among the cookie-cut southern California houses.

Elle starts digging in her purse for her phone.

'Mommy,' Noah calls for the backseat.


'Uncle Peter go 'bye, bye?'

'Mommy doesn't know yet,' Elle states as she pulls her phone out. Pausing she asks Sylar, 'You know, if Peter is alive, he won't be really happy about this, so maybe it's time. . .'

'You're probably right, but I'm hungry and he might be a problem anymore,' Sylar responds.

'After breakfast then.'

'What's after breakfast, Mommy?' Noah asks.

Elle's blue eyes watch Sylar mischievously. She tells her son, 'How about after breakfast you make Uncle Peter go 'bye, bye?'

'ELLE,' Sylar snaps.

'What?' her voice falsely confused.

'Your incorrigible.'

'Yes, but you love me anyway.'

'Yeah, I do.'


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I wrote this to fix the Syelle issues with season three. The first is Sylar killing Elle on the beach, fixed. Second, Knox killing Noah, fixed. In between, I used the basic season storyline, with the insertion of a pregnant Elle.

Why the smut scenes? Because sex is important to a relationship. How a couple has sex gives information about their relationship. The first scene, Canfield House, Elle dominates the relationship and their mating. The second, The Beach, Sylar is in control of both her and their relationship. Finally, the last scene is more equal partners, with Sylar in control but showing his appreciation of Elle. And you thought it was just smut for smuts sake;-)

As for whether that dissolving power would kill Claire/Peter, I don't know. If it dissolves the person it should. . .so it does in this story.

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