Purposeful Joys

"Bed is for two things, Jack, and eating is not one of them," Ianto scolded his lover as he brushed biscuit crumbs off the sheets into his hands, before throwing them in the bin.

Jack finished chewing the last bite of his Oreo before replying, eyebrow arched to mimic Ianto's favored expression. "Really? Only two things? How…unimaginative." The eyebrow bounced a few times above leering lips.

Ianto gave his lover a withering glare as he slipped back under the now-clean sheets. "And here I was under the impression that your imagination was limited to new and inventive ways to have sex," he replied dryly, secretly adding, Or die.

The former wasn't quite enough to make up for the latter, in his eyes. Then again, he was the only one (at this moment in time) who could take advantage of the former, a fact which still occasionally boggled his intellect-laden mind.

"That's what I was referring to, Yan," Jack said in a pouty little whine that, try as he might, Ianto couldn't help but find…cute. The great Captain Jack Harkness acting like a little boy. It was so cute he'd even let Jack get away with that childish nickname.

"So was I, Jack," Ianto replied, keeping his tone businesslike as he settled into his side of the bed. He focused an unnecessarily large portion of his attention on making sure his pillow was placed just so. "Or what did you think those two things were?" He sent a piercing gaze Jack's way.

Blinking owlishly, Jack's dawning expression of surprise was immensely pleasing to Ianto, as was the wash of chagrin that followed afterward. "Oh," was all he had to say, tone of voice unnaturally subdued.

This victory might just make Jack think twice about eating in bed. But probably not. Still, Ianto could chalk another point up in his column. And now for another… "Right at this moment, however, the second use comes into play," Ianto said half into his pillow, not bothering to cover his yawn. They were at home, not work; he didn't have to be perfectly polite.

Jack never was, regardless of venue. But Ianto held himself to higher standards; Jack was just allowed the intimacy of seeing him…unpolished.

Still a tad off-kilter, Jack absentmindedly straightened out the wrinkles in the blanket Ianto pulled up over himself. "And that is?" he asked.

Smiling sweetly at his no-doubt 'ready and raring to go (for a shag)' lover, Ianto said, "Sleeping."

The long, drawn-out nigh-growl of frustration Jack let out as Ianto closed his eyes was the most wonderful sound Ianto had heard all night.

It wasn't a purpose, per se, but one of the lesser-known joys in Ianto's life was keeping Jack on his toes by frustrating him at every turn. Or driving him 'round the bend, whichever seemed more fun.

But still, not as fun as sex. Especially with Jack.


Especially with a frustrated Jack out to prove there were better things to do in bed than sleep.

Ianto smiled as Jack settled, grudgingly, into the covers, wrapping one arm around his chest. He could guess that, no matter how early Jack woke him up (in an undoubtedly…imaginative…way), they'd still get so caught up in each other they'd be after or work.

Sometimes it was good to be shagging the boss. Even if he did get crumbs in the sheets.