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Lesson number one

It had been a month since Will had saved Meridian from Phobos and she was renowned for her bravery. One day in her family temple a few clouds formed in the shape of a warrior on a horse. The Oracle's voice was heard.

"Oh, savior of Meridian you have brought honor to the house of Vandom. In gratitude we honor you. All veneration to you, oh mighty…"

"Say it, say my name," A feminine voice said.

"…Irma!" The Oracle groaned reluctantly.

A spotlight shone down on the brunette girl who smirked widely. Since she had made Will a war hero Irma was now going to be given the position of guardian.

"Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!" She said happily. "Hey how you doing up there man?" She called to the Oracle. "Thanks for the intro!"

The Oracle gritted his teeth in irritation. Irma rang a bell imperiously. "And now I think I'd like to visit my beloved pedestal," The guardian said happily.

The Oracle waved a hand toward the Red Dragon, the Yellow dragon, and the Pearl Dragon who groaned.

"Let's get it over with," The Red Dragon muttered as the three dragon form a stair way toward the pedestal.

Irma held her arms out. "Ceremonial robe of honor," She said. The Oracle put a yellow robe with a dragon design on the guardian. Irma smirked. "Oo, wish Will could see me now!"

Irma then slowly made her way up the stairs with her arms spread out. She was really enjoying the moment. The ancestors weren't so thrilled.

"Will saves Meridian one time and now she thinks she's the queen," The Oracle groaned to Tibor, who was working the spotlight.

"I'm climbing a stairway to heaven!" Irma beamed a she reached her new pedestal. "Woo yeah! Top floor! Pedestals, perks, and props! Ceremonial bath of honor!" She ordered.

A bath tub appeared out of thin air on the pedestal and Irma dove into it with a swimsuit on. The Red Dragon and Tibor growled in annoyance when water splashed them.

"Oh yeah! Y'all better take a deep breath now, cause I aint leaving my pedestal for the next thousand years!" Irma smirked. The ancestors groaned in unison. "Let the whirlpool begin," Irma said. The ancestors took straws and began to blow into the water turning it into a sort of hot tub. "Oh yeah!" Irma groaned in relaxation.

In the Vandom house, Yan Lin, the family friend, sat at the table with some charts, money, and a book laid out in front her. Susan was pacing the room while her husband Tony sat at the table with Yan Lin. Yan Lin smiled at Susan.

"Relax child. The spirits tell me Matt will arrive and propose to Will before the sunsets," The woman assured. Then she smirked and held up a chart. "There's still time to get in on the pool!"

"Yan Lin," Susan said, giving Yan Lin a disbelieving look.

"Gambling is like playing Mahjong with blank tiles. No one really wins," Tony said. He turned around and smiled at Susan, one hand behind his back. Susan smiled back and started to pace again. Tony smirked and turned his head slightly to smirk at Yan Lin. He opened his hand to reveal gold coins.

Yan Lin smirked and took the coins from Tony. "I'm enriched by your presence my friend," Yan Lin said.

"Hmm?" Susan said looking at Tony.

"I think I'll go pray," Tony said, standing up and leaving quickly while Yan Lin tried not to laugh.

There was a knock at the door and Susan went to answer it. When she opened the door she saw a young girl named Lillian at the door.

"Hello Lillian," Susan greeted.

"Is Will Vandom here?" The small blonde girl asked.

"Why she's out in the field," Susan replied.

"Yeah doing her chores," Yan Lin added.

"Oh, I'll go help her!" Lillian cried running off. Then she ran back. "Thank you," She said to Susan before going off again.

Susan laughed as she closed the door. "The children all love Will."

"And why not? She strong, she's brave, she's beautiful," Yan Lin said.

Susan chuckled. "She's a chip of the old block."

In the fields, Will was practicing her moves with a pitch fork. Blunk and Napoleon were watching her as they lounged on a rock. Lillian smiled as she ran down to join her. Soon other girls joined Lillian.

"Hiya!" Will shouted as she thrust her pitch fork forward.


Will jumped and turned around to see the girls. "Hi ya," She smirked. "What's going on her girls?"

"We wanna be like you Will Vandom!" Lillian said. Then she started doing some fight moves but ended up falling on her behind causing the other girls to giggle.

Will chuckled. "But I'm still learning myself," She explained.

"Please!" Lillian begged.

"Come on teach us Will!" One girl cried.

"Show us!" Another rang out.

"Well I guess I could show you a few moves," Will said.

Lillian gasped excitedly. "Will's gonna teach us how to kick butt!" She and other girls cheered loudly.

"Whoa! Calm down everyone!" Will cried. Once she had their attention, she went on. "That's lesson #2. The first and most important lesson is to be gentle. At the same time we're being tough."

"How can you be tough and gentle?" A little girl asked.

"Yeah I wanna be tough!" Lillian cried pumping her fists.

"I know it does sound a little funny, huh? But the world is full of opposites and so are you. To be a good warrior you must bring all into balance," Will explained.

The girls looked at Will, confused by what she just said. Will thought a second before smiling. "Let's see if this helps. Earth, sky, day, night. Sound and silence. Dark and light." Then she started to sing.

Will: One alone is not enough

You need both together

Winter, summer, moon, and sun

Will jumped up, twirling a wooden pole around. She landed, thrusting the pole out.

Lesson number one

Lillian handed some poles to the rest of the girls, leaving one for herself, and they all stood to attention.

Will: Like a rock, huh-huh

You must be hard, huh- huh

Like an oak, mmmuh

You must stand firm, huh- huh

Cut quick, like my blade

Think fast, huh- huh


Blunk jumped onto Will's should and thrust out a small stick he was holding. "Blunk warrior!" He cried, making Will laugh.

Girls: Like a rock, huh- huh

I must be hard, huh-huh

Like an oak, mmmuh

I must stand firm, huh- huh

One girl was having some trouble keeping the pole from wobbling. Will came over and helped her hold it better.

Cut quick like my blade

Think fast, huh- huh


"Okay Will, I'm ready!" Lillian cried.

"Uh, huh, but you're still out of balance," Will said. She gently pushed Lillian with her finger and the girls fell down. "You're only half way there."

Will: Like a cloud

You are soft

Like bamboo

You bend in the wind

Creeping slow

You're are peace because you know

Blunk jumped onto one girl's head, making her shake in fear.

It's okay to be afraid

Will held out a finger and Blunk jumped onto it. The girl smiled at Blunk, who smiled back.

Girls: Like a cloud

I am soft

Like bamboo

I bend in the wind

Creeping slow

I'm at peace because I know

It's okay to be afraid

Will started to do some fighting moves and the girls copied her.

Will: One alone is not enough

Girls: One alone is not enough

Will: You need both together

Girls: You need both together

Will: Winter, summer, moon, and sun

Girls: Winter, summer, moon, and sun

All: Lesson number one

A girl slipped on a rock and fell on her rear. Napoleon ran up and licked her cheek, making her giggle.

Group 1: Like a cloud

Group 2: Like a rock, huh-huh

Group 1: I am soft

Group 2: I must be hard

Group 1: Like bamboo

Group 2: Like an oak, mmmuh

Group 1: I bend in the wind

Will: You can fly

Group 2: I must stand firm, huh-huh

Group 1: Creeping slow

I'm at peace because I know

Group 2: Cut quick, like my blade

Think fast, huh-huh

Group 1: It's okay to be afraid

Group 2: Unafraid

Will: You have begun

Girls: Lesson number one

Lesson number one

Lesson number one

Lesson number one

Lesson number one!

They all jumped up into the air and landed on the ground hitting their poles to the ground letting out a loud snapping noise. A few seconds later, General Matt rode to the gates on his horse.

Lillian gasped. "It's General Matt!"

"General Matt!" All the girls cried as they dropped their poles and ran toward him.

Matt laughed as he got down of his horse. "Hello little warriors," He greeted. He walked toward Will with the girls at his heels.

"You're new uniform suits you general," Will smiled.

"Oh, the uniform, yes. Now I just have to live up to it," Matt said.

"Of course you will," The red head assured him. You're very brave."

"Oh right, brave," Matt said nervously. Then he cleared his throat. "Will I haven't know you for very long, but I feel that doesn't matter so much when a man is in…" He trailed off when he looked downa t the little girls looking up at him. "When a man is in…" The girls started laughing. "Is there someplace private we could talk?" Matt asked Will.

"We could go to my house!" Lillian cried. Matt's eyebrows shot up in shock and the girls giggled like crazy.

"Okay everybody," Will laughed. "Time to be like the river and flow home."

The girls groaned, but left. Lillian however remained stubbornly rooted to where she stood. Matt smirked, knelt to the ground, and held his helmet out to Lillian. "Could you take care of this for me?"

Lillian gasped. Then she grabbed the helmet with a huge squeal and ran off laughing.

"You do know that you're never going to get that back right?" Will asked Matt, who laughed.

A little while later, Matt led Will into the garden. She sat down on a bench while he knelt to the ground in front of her.

"Will Vandom, will you marry me?" Matt asked nervously.

Will's eyes widened in shock and a half a second later she let out a cheer and tackled Matt to the ground in a hug. She had accepted his proposal.

A distance away, Yan Lin laughed as she watched with Tony and Susan. "She said yes!" The woman cried happily.

Tears started to form in Susan's eyes and her husband place a hand on her shoulder. "When one's heart is over filled with joy, some may spill from the eyes."

"You can say that again!" Yan Lin cried. "I win the pot!" She laughed pulling the coins out.

Tony smirked and crossed his arms. "Actually you bet he would propose before sundown. I bet he would propose before noon," He told Yan Lin.

"But you don't gamble," Susan said.

"Betting against a family friend is not a gamble. It's an investment," Tony said. He held out his hand and Yan Lin reluctantly dropped the money into his waiting palm and crossed her arms.

End of chapter