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The Happy Ending

As the ceremony started Will walked slowly down a flight of stairs to where Kadma and Uriah stood. Uriah looked bored and Kadma was smiling holding two golden cups. A large crowd had also gathered to see the wedding of their prince to the hero of Meridian.

When Will reached them, Kadma held out her hands. "People of Zambala! The Golden Dragon of Unity who guides us in all we do, smiles down on a union that will be a blessing for us all!"

Kadma then handed the cups to Will and Uriah. Will looked down sadly at her reflection in the water. Once she drank the water she would be officially married to Uriah. A single tear dropped into the water.

Irma and Blunk watched from the statue of the Golden Dragon of Unity.

"Irma have to stop wedding!" Blunk cried.

"Of course I want to stop this, but what can an itty-bitty pixie like me do?" Irma cried.

Kadma tied a red sash to Will and Uriah's cups. "With the tying of this sash, we shall unite not only two lives, but two kingdoms!"

Suddenly a knife flew through the air and sliced the sash. Everyone turned and gasped when they saw Matt riding up on his horse.

"It's General Matt! He's alive!" A man cried.

Will gasped and he hands flew to mouth as tears of happiness started to fall from her eyes. She ran to Matt as he leaped from his horse.

"You're alive!" She cried.

"I couldn't let you get married without me," Matt said, placing a hand on her cheek. Readers cheer for Matt now!

Kadma rushed over and pushed the two apart. "General this is outrageous! You will leave at once!"

"I'm not going anywhere!"Matt said.

Will walked over to him. "What are you doing?" She whispered.

"I don't know, I'm winging I," Matt whispered back with a wink.

"How dare you trample on this sacred ceremony!" Kadma cried.

Irma's eyes widened. "The chicks gonna lower the hammer on Matt!" She cried.

"Where Dragon of Unity when you need him!" Blunk wailed.

At this, an idea formed in Irma's head. She turned to look up at the statue. "Blunk I think I have a plan, but I need some Super Spicy Pepper sauce."

Kadma turned to her guards. "Take him away!" She ordered.

"Matt!" Will cried, as they were drug apart.

"Will!" Matt cried back.

Suddenly a large stream of fire come out of the statue of the Golden Dragon of Unity.

"YO! What is with all this drama!?" Irma screamed from inside the mouth.

The Golden Dragon of Unity! He, I mean she, lives!" Kadma cried.

"Irma?" Will asked raising an eyebrow and smirking, recognizing the voice.

Everyone, including Kadma, Matt, and Will, bowed. Even the guards and the princesses bowed as they came in.

"Oh you dang right I live!" Irma cried. "So you better have a good explanation for why we aren't busting out the vows!" The guardian smirked inside the dragon and Blunk snickered beside here.

"But your greatness, General Matt is not a son of Zambala," Kadma said.

"SILENCE!" Irma shouted, once more breathing out fire thanks to the pepper sauce she was eating. "I am the Golden Dragon of Unity and I will decide whom to unify! My all seeing eye has peered into the very heart of the Meridian and Zambala and I have never seen a pair more right for each other then this lovely couple right here, Will Vandom and Matt Olsen. Give it up for em would you please people!"

The crows applauded as Will and Matt embraced "Now I demand that you proceed at once!" Irma told Kadma.

"Yes your greatness!" Kadma said, bowing.

"Alright let's get down to business!" Irma said. "Matt do you love Will? Of course you do! Will do you love Matt? Why do I have to ask? Moving on. By the power vested in me I hear by declare you husband and wife! You got anything to say about that queen babe?" Irma asked Kadma.

"Yes, I mean no, whatever you say," Kadma cringed.

Irma smirked. "I also decree that the princesses of Meridian are released from their vow and may marry however they please. And who pleases them that's very important."

"Booyah!" Nigel cried! Then he kissed Taranee. Eric and Caleb also kissed Hay Lin and Cornelia respectively.

Will and Matt smiled as they shared their first kiss as husband and wife. The crowd cheered as fireworks started.

A few days later, Irma was back in the Vandom family temple. The former guardian sighed as she packed her things in a small suitcase. Blunk watched her nearby. Irma groaned as she picked up the gong. "I can't believe I'm back on freaking wake up duty." Then she shrugged. "Oh well, Will's happy and if she's happy so am I."

"That's the spirit!" Blunk cried.

Then they saw the Oracle, Luba, Tibor, and the rest of the council floating above them.

"You better get your rest Irma," The Oracle smirked. "I have a yoga session at dawn and I don't want to be late for my greetings to the sun."

Luba grinned wickedly. "And don't forget I like to be woken up with a nice long foot massage!"

Luba held out her foot and Irma covered her mouth, turning a shade of green. "I think I'm gonna be sick!"

The council laughed as Irma ran straight into a wall. Their laughter stopped when they saw Will and Matt walk into the temple.

"Matt what are doing?" Will asked as Matt pulled out a small tombstone from his bag.

"What is he doing?" The red dragon asked.

"It can't be!" Tibor gasped in horror as he watched Matt place the tombstone next to the Vandom tombstones.

"He's-he's combining the family temples!" The yellow dragon cried.

All the ancestors stared in horror and Irma walked up to the Oracle.

"Uh, hey what does that mean exactly? You know for moi?" Irma asked.

"It means…" The Oracle cringed.

"Yeah, what, what it means what?!" Irma cried.

"Unfortunately…. you get to keep your pedestal!" The Oracle groaned.

Irma smiled widely and jumped up and down excitedly. "Oh yeah! I'm back baby! I AM BACK!!!" She cried. Irma bounced around on the other little statues like a pinball game until she skidded to a stop on the temple floor…right in front of Matt and Will.

"Oops!" Irma said covering her mouth.

"So this is the famous Irma?" Matt asked.

"You betcah," Will smirked.

"Somehow I pictured you bigger," Matt said, looking down at Irma.

Irma raised an eyebrow. "Say what?" She turned to Will. "You told him about me? About us?"

Will laughed. "I keep no secret from my husband Irma. I told him everything!" She said putting emphasize on the last word.

Irma blushed. "Everything? As in everything, everything?"

Matt chuckled. "That's right great Golden Dragon of Unity." He bowed to Irma and winked at her. Irma smiled sheepishly at her.

"I still don't get it," Will said. "What does combining our temples do?" She asked Matt.

"It gives me back my pedestal baby!" Irma cried happily.

"Can you do this Matt? Aren't there rules?" Will asked.

Matt smirked. "Of course. Right next to the ones about dressing up like a man and joining the army."

Will and Matt laughed and Irma jumped on Matt's head. "Well what do you know? This might just work out after all!"

Then she jumped down and started shouting out orders to the ancestors. "Hey where's my massage? Saving Meridian gives me knots in my back like you wouldn't believe! Where's my pedicure? Let's get jamming on my toes! And let's heat up some oil! I have no freaking idea what we're going to do with yet, but it's going to be freaking amazing!"

The ancestors groaned as Irma kept ordering them around, knowing they had to do what she said. Blunk was laughing hysterically, glad for both of his friends. And Will and Matt lived happily ever after.


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