E/O Challenge

Word: Ankle

Word Count: 100 – On the nose

It's a paying gig and for once it's Sam who's not so keen to follow the rules!

Disclaimer: I own nothing – it all belongs to Kripke but those boys are just too much fun to leave alone.

Health and Safety! by Impaladreams

* * * * *

"So, what's it to be Sammy-boy, high or low ankle?"

Sam scowled up at the smirking face of his big brother.

"I hate those things, they're heavy and uncomfortable."

"Aww, come on princess, it's a paying gig, haunted construction site and free boots, to boot. Sorry they're not your usual glass slippers." Dean cracked delightedly.

"I'll just wear my trainers."

"No way, dude. We can't even go on-site without steel toecaps. Health and Safety, that's the rules. Besides you tell me I should always wear protection!"

"Bite me, Dean."

"Okaaay, let's see what they've got in Sasquatch size! Then…hard hats!"

* * * * *


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