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Oh. My. Goddess.

Kill me.


I won't give anything away, but prepare to be HEAVILY DISSAPOINTED.

It's not that I would say this if it was in real life, I'd actually encourage Ikuto…but in the manga…now way. It means we won't see him for a LONG TIME. Grr.

Anyways, I've been writing pretty late at night…and it means I fall asleep in the middle of something, so that's what's up with the late updates lol. My parents might kill me for staying up so late XD

The table cloth was snow white. Sparkly silver chopsticks with tiny, baby blue cranes on them sat on light blue napkins. The was gorgeous. Across from me, a tall, detailed clear, glass vase held a bunch of wild daises, lilies and small white flowers. Souko returned with the food, my mother went to help her.

"I see your interested in Ikebana, Souko-san," my mother commented, nodding towards the vase. Ikebana = Seriously dedicated flower aranging XD

Souko looked a little embarrassed, "Yes, I loved it ever since I was a little girl but…I'm not very good at it."

"But it's so beautiful! How can you say that?"

I was glad to see that our mothers were getting along well. I gazed over at Ikuto, whose Persian blue eyes were busy looking at the food he was eating, although, I knew he could still hear our mothers' little conversation and the corners of his lips curved into a smile. When we were filled with rice, I offered to help clean up.

"Ikuto, dear?" Souko called him, taking the same place she did before on the leather sofa.


"Be good and take Amu and Ami, here, outdoors."


"Yes. To see the garden and that. We're going to have a chat."

Ikuto reluctantly lifted Ami up and we closed the sitting room door behind us.

"She hasn't said that to me in years," he told me angrily.


"To go away because her and the 'adults' are talking."

"Why would it bother you so much?"

"I don't know. I guess I just feel left out, a bit. Do they think I'm not an adult?"

"Your not, Ikuto."

"Right. But still."

"Ikuto, I don't understand you. I don't think I ever will."

He ignored me and brought us outside. The snow, of course, was gone but there was still a lot of frost. The driveway was coated in a thick layer of shiny, slippery ice. It was very cold, too. The remainder of the snow was sitting on walls and trees because there was not enough sun to melt it. Even the soil was mixed with the snow and looked awful strange. We walked to the back of the house to see a long garden filled with all sorts of coloured flowers, buried slightly in snow.

"It's beautiful," I said, standing in the middle of the grass and twirling.

"Want to see the cherry blossom at the bottom of the garden?" he asked, putting Ami down and taking her hand.

"Yes, please!" I replied enthusiastically and skipped to the bottom of the garden.

At the bottom was a huge, fabulous cherry blossom. It's branches stretched out really far, but it lacked blossoms. I was a bit disappointed, but I imagined that they looked delicate, like paper flowers, when they did bloom.

"You can make a wish if you stand under it," Ikuto explained.

"A wish? Are you stupid? I'm not a kid, it's just and ordinary tree!"

He snickered, "Fine, I was kidding. Just stand under and see what happens."

I stood under the tree on a patch of grass. I didn't see anything happen.

"Like this?"

"Yeah, sure," he said, while reaching upwards. I wasn't sure what he was going to do at the time to be honest. I just stood there like an idiot waiting for something to happen. He pulled one of the branches gently, the released it. A small pile of snow dripped onto my head.

"Eugh! Gross! My hair! Ikuto!!"

He was obviously chuckling to himself, bent over laughing like that. I picked up a piece of half-melted snow from the ground and threw it at him. It hit his head straight on. It was then I realised that the snow wasn't clean, but there was some dirt in it. He reached up to his head, in surprise, and shook off the dirty snow.

"H-Hey! There was dirt in that snow!" he shrieked, then tried to shake off some more snow.

"I'm sorry!" I tried my best to stop laughing, "Let me help you…"

He bowed his head and I combed my fingers through his hair a few times. It was all gone, but his hair was soaked. It was a pity, since he had nice hair.

"Amu-chan?" a voice called, "Are you there?"

I grabbed Ikuto and Ami's hands and raced up to the top of the garden.

"Yes, Mamma?"

"Oh, Souko-san wanted me to tell you that she had dessert, if you want to come in for some."

"Oh, thank you Mamma."

We followed her inside, back to the sitting room, where on the dining table, was a big cake and bowls of ice cream.

"I hope everyone likes chocolate cheeseca-" Souko began.

"Chocolate?" Ikuto's ears had pricked up.

Souko giggled, "Yes."

"If anyone doesn't like theirs, I'll gladly take it, then," he announced cheekily before taking a seat beside us all.

A pretty glass bowl sat in front of me with green tea ice cream in it, and a plate beside it with a creamy, soft looking cheesecake topped with a sort of chocolate sauce. It took me forever to eat it because I was taking my time to savour it all. I ignored Ikuto's hungry stares from beside me, he had finished his within seconds. I brushed my hair in front of my face, as if he wasn't there.

Then, the door opened and a blonde-haired beauty flew through the door on her mobile phone.

"I'm telling you; if they ask for me to do that job again, I'm totally free."

"Utau-chan," Souko exclaimed and got up from her seat.

"Mammy! Um…here listen, I got to go," she told the person on the phone, hanging up and kissing Souko on the cheek.

"Did everything go well?" she asked, pointing to a seat beside Ikuto and I where she could sit.

"Well…" she stated, flicking back her golden ponytails.

"Utau-tan! Utau-tan!" Ami cried, leaving her seat and hugging her.

"A-Amu, why is your little sister hugging me?" she gasped, looking towards me.

"She's a huge fan," I explained, laughing a bit, "I might warn you; so are my parents."

"Wuah! Hoshina Utau in the flesh, I still can't believe your friends with my Amu-chan! And then Ikuto-san's little sister. How amazing!" my mother cried, her eyes were the size of dinner plates, and glistening.

"Oh, why thank you. Anyone from Amu's family is a friend of mine," she replied, giving a big, closed-eyes smile to all of us. I don't think I'll ever get used to Utau's split personality.

Utau, due to being late from recording another song for her new album, unfortunately had to eat on her own, but we kept her company at the table. At the end of the evening, it was getting very dark. Too dark to walk home. Souko offered us a lift home in her car. Ikuto, Utau, Ami and I stood outside for a while, while the rest were busy talking inside. Ami, of course, was all over Utau, her new "Onee-tan."

Ikuto stood beside me, looking at the waning moon, with his hands in his pockets.

"So…I guess this means you'll be moving back home, then," I finally spoke up.

"Yeah. Maybe so."

"What do you mean maybe?"

He turned to face me, "I just go wherever the wind takes me."

"Ahh, right." I began to stare at my shoes, "What about your bag of clothes?"

"Already taken care of."

"I see…" I stared intensely at my shoes then, watching my toes point inwards.

"I had fun, though."

I looked up straight away, "Me too."

Then, thinking he couldn't surprise me anymore, he hugged me. A full, warm, bear-hug. I laughed.

I hopped in the car when my parents came out and waved goodbye from the backseat. Was it over? Just like that? Ikuto's little visit seemed short. Wait- what am I saying? Who needs him anyway! With the way he acts all perverted around me!

But when I looked out the care window, I saw Ikuto waving back. Even through there was a car window and a good bit of space between us, I could still see his eyes. They looked so soft. And I wished I could thank him for his stay, in a way. Just for being there and making some good memories with me. The movies in, the days out, the food we cooked together, the laughs, the sad moments, the snow days… I didn't want to say goodbye.

When I got into the house, I went straight upstairs to find that he did take his bag home. The sleeping mat was neatly folded in his corner. And the room seemed cleaner then it was before. It felt empty. There was something missing. My Charas slept soundly in their eggs, they had followed me home in the car. One egg was missing. I walked over to the corner of the room. My bookshelf stood high above me and I picked out a book at random. A manga book, to be exact. I noticed that it was in the wrong place and put it back. No, two were in the wrong place. Hang on, three!

Ikuto had tried his best to keep my bookshelf clean, but he didn't know the order I kept my books in; the order I bought them. I arranged them back into place and then decided that I wanted to read one. Sailor Moon was my oldest so I fell back onto my bed and flicked open the first page. My Charas heard me shuffling around, and woke up.

"Sailor Moon!" Ran exclaimed, "Can we read it with you? Sailor Venus is my favourite!"

"Sailor Venus, no way! It has to be Sailor Jupiter!" Miki replied, sticking her tongue out to Ran.

"Oh my, Desu~ I think I prefer the outer Senshi…Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune! Desu!~" Suu sung, dusting off her apron.

"Your all wrong. Sailor Moon is the best," I told them, turning the page.

Okay, okay. I know what your thinking. Ran, pink, Chibiusa. Miki, blue, Ami. Suu, green, Makoto. Well I just thought that these characters seemed to go with the Shugo Chara characters. Like Ran would look up to Minako because she's pretty, confident and outgoing. Miki would look up to Makoto because she's creative, strong and bold. Suu would look up to the outer Senshi because…well…I don't know why…I just thought it would be funny :3

Its funny how they all seem to like my favourite characters though :S

We continued to read until the last page. When I opened it, a piece of ripped, lined paper fell out.

"What's this?" I asked them, picking it up from my lap and turning it over and back.

"Amu-chan!" Miki cried, taking it from me, "I didn't know you had such talent! It's beautiful…for a scrap piece of paper. No wonder I'm one of your Charas!"

"Huh?" I took it back from her and looked at it. What I didn't see, was on the back. My name written in pink pen, with swirls, hearts, stars, butterflies and flowers in blue, green, pink, yellow and purple.

"I didn't draw this, Miki," I told her, not able to take me eyes off it.

"Oh…" the once proud Miki floated away.

"It's gorgeous though…" I stopped and gasped, "It was Ikuto, wasn't it?"

"I bet it was!" Ran exclaimed, her little pink, fluffy pom-poms shaking everywhere.

"He loves you…~Desu!" Suu managed to get her little sentence in, and smiled.

I stared at it for ages, it was too sweet. I went to the bookshelf to put the manga back, and couldn't help but wonder if there was more, so I opened a few more books. Tons and tons of pieces of lined paper fell out of them, all different sizes and colours. But each had "Amu" or "Amu-chan" written on them. One even said "Koneko-chan" but I think that was just Ikuto having a laugh. I knew what I was going to do, took out a scrapbook full of coloured paged and a glue stick and began to glue them all in, one by one. In the end, the little notes had taken up eight A4 pages. Wow, Ikuto was really crazy.

When I was finished, I got dressed into my pyjamas and sat on the bed. It was too quiet. Even my Charas had nothing to say. And right there on the bedside table beside me, was a tall glass; with a single withered rose in it.

Kitty: So that's it.

Ikuto: What?!

Kitty: Well, it's no longer Ikuto's Visit anymore is it?

Ikuto: You mean…your firing me?

Kitty: No! No! It's the end of Ikuto's Visit…but I'm planning on a sequel :D

Ikuto: "Ikuto's Visit 2...Ikuto plans more mischief!"

Kitty: No…I was thinking more it was a continuation of where we finished off and Ikuto and Amu's love progresses : )

Ikuto: Yay :D Okay, I'll go with that : )

Ikuto's reviews - Sweeney Todd.

Oh. My. Goddess.

JOHHNY DEPP SINGING? NO WAY. (Kitty: I thought Johnny did a pretty good job…)

And the ending was horrible! HORRIBLE. (Kitty: Okay, I'll agree there.)

Besides the singing, because I'm not a musical fan, I guess all of the gore was pretty good. Especially when Mrs Lovett locks the kid, Edward-Tadase-Toby, in the basement and he discovers all of the secrets :3

(Kitty: Okay, Edward-Tadase-Toby is kind of an inside joke, so I'll let you in :3

When me and me bessie were having a sleepover we were watching Sweeney Todd and we couldn't remember the cute kid's name so since I was going through a 'let's name everyone and everything Edward' phase, I named him Edward. But my friend, who favours Tadase from Shugo Chara wanted to name him Tadase.

We went on calling him Edward and Tadase until we found out that his real name was Toby. And then he became Edward-Tadase-Toby :3 )

So anyway, I liked the gross bits. Another was one of the times when Todd sent that guy down the hole, he hit his head and fell sideways, gross :D And what about when it took that guy ages to die and he grabbed Mrs Lovett's skirt? Ha-ha.

But what I hated more then the singing, was Todd's daughter and that weirdo kid that came with him on the boat. Who was that kid, anyway? Was he related to Mrs Lovett or something? Whatever. He was annoying. He couldn't sing, he bugged me the whole time and I had to skip all of the scenes he came on the screen. WHY DID HE GET TO LIVE IN THE END?!