Chapter 1: MONSTERS

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I tried so hard not to scream as I heard a crash coming from my parent's
room. I hid under my blanket hoping that it was just a dream. But my shivers
just wouldn't stop and I knew that something was wrong as soon as I heard my
mom scream.

"Who are you...what do you want?! No... Please no..! Phil!!! WHAT are you?!"
she cried.

What's happening? What happened to dad? What do I do?! Out of instinct, I hid
under my bed with tears falling nonstop from my eyes. I was so scared. There's
got to be something I can do, but what? I hugged Emmett, my teddy bear, really

My dad gave him to me when I turned 4. He told me he's there to protect me
from nightmares. But it seems he's stuck with me in this nightmare.

"Mom. Dad...where are you?" I wanted to scream, hoping they'd hear me.
Unfortunately, all that came out was a muffled whimper.

"Do you smell that? Hmm...There's another one in one of the other rooms." I
heard someone say. He let out a bone-chilling laugh and then I heard light
footsteps approaching my room.

"No, please don't! Take me! Eat me or drink what ever it is that you do!!!
Please leave her alone! I beg you, please!" Then I heard a loud thud on the

"Mom… mommy?" I whispered while I cried.

"There you are," says the dark figure and I screamed, clutching Emmett. He
lifted my bed with little to no effort and smiled at me in a villainous

His eyes were a scarlet red and monstrous.

"Don't touch her Elliot." My eyes moved to the second figure that was now
standing at my door. A woman, with red hair, stands behind him. They're all
extremely pale...strange. The guy he called Elliot earlier lifted my bed and
brought it to the other side of the room exposing me. Not unlike showing a
puppy to the new owner in a pet store.

The strange guy eyed my small shaking body with a frown on his face. With a
small chuckle, he asked me "What is your name little one?"

I saw his eyes...piercing...hungry? His skin... his clothes...they're
elegant...beautiful,"Bella...and th-this is my bear, E-Emmett".

"Bella, how old are you?" he stepped closer. The red aired girl followed him
and growled, distracting me. Wait...she growled?

I covered my face with my brown wavy hair, hiding Emmett. As if that will
alter my fate. "My daddy says not to talk to strangers."

"Well, since your parents are gone... that rule no longer applies!" hissed

"What did you do to my mom? MOM?! DAD?!" my cry, hoping to hear them say
everything's going to be fine. However all I hear are my cries and screams. No
one is here to rescue me.

"What are we waiting for? Just drain this useless human and let's get out of
here. Apparently you're mistaken. There's no one to collect here." says the
girl who is now clearly annoyed.

The man kneeling in front of me lets out a soft chuckle. "Was I ever wrong,
Victoria? We are at the right house… but wrong time. I didn't know she'd be
this young, I give you that. But look at her...what a gift."

"You mean it is she, but she's like only five, or maybe six, you sure? We
can't change her... too young!"

What are they talking about? "P-please d-don't hurt me". I began to sob.
What's happening? I can't breathe. A wave of nausea began to seep over me, I
feel sick.

"I know...but I'm willing to wait. Let's leave her here. I'll be back, Bella.
You won't tell anyone, will you? Because if you do, I'll hurt all your
friends. You wouldn't like that now, would you?" he asked me

I no longer had the energy to speak, or think. I simply shook my head,
praying this was a particularly terrible nightmare. Or that they would
disappear. Delirium overcame me. My body simply shut down, as a natural
response to the mental bashing my brain was receiving. The world became
blurry. Then, I fell unconscious, and the world turned black.


"Mom, Dad... I wish you were here." I muttered as I packed my bags, picking
clothes more appropriate for the small, rainy town named Forks. I'll be
flying there today to live with my adoptive father, Charlie. It's been 12
years since that horrible night and yet I still remember every minute detail
of it. I'm just hoping that they give me enough misery to forget the day that
induces horrific nightmares every time I close my eyes. Renee is Charlie's
sister. She has taken care of me for the last 10 years. She is finally sick
of me. The final straw was last week. When she had to spend over an hour
attempting to calm me down after another of my 'episodes'.

My name is Isabella Marie Swan. I'm 17 now and in a few hours, I'll be living
with Charlie... I mean Dad. I don't know what awaits me there but one
thing's for sure---someone or something is hunting me. He said he'll be
back. Sometimes I wish that they would just show up right here right now. It's
torture thinking that every second, I'm being watched. That if I turn, I could
be staring into those eyes again. I've done some research...and I may know
what they are -Vampires. How to be sure if I'm right is something I'm not
really looking forward to.

"Are you ready?" Renee asks with a meek smile. Renee isn't the sweetest
person but I've grown to love her. I'll miss her. I'll miss
Arizona. I'll miss the sun.

I just nodded. "You ready Emmett?" I asked my bear too low for her to hear.
Emmett has never left my side. He's the only one I have left now.

Here we go.

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