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Story: 01

The World is Lonely Here.

That image still haunted her mind. That of a doll with a rope tied to its neck, and hanging from a ceiling, as if it committed suicide.

But that's silly. Dolls can't move.

It had a red dress, with button eyes. It had plush-like brown hair. It looks like as if it were handmade, since stitches were visible on its limbs.

It was a present, from her he said. She must have gone to a crappy toy store.

The doll turned to face her, and whispered five words. "Come die with me, Asuka…"

She screamed. Instantly, her eyes shot open, and realized that she was still in Misato's apartment.

It must have been a dream, a stupid dream.

She realized that she was still in her pink pajamas that Kaji bought for her on her birthday last year. The blanket, that Misato gave to her the first time she came to live here—kept her warm from the winter's awful cold breeze. Her stomach growled.

I must be hungry. After all, I've lost four pounds already thanks to Misato's food. And that Idiot's food is the only thing edible here.

And with that simple thought, she decided to go to the kitchen. Silently, she got up, and walked towards the sliding door, but realized that there was something wrong with this picture.

Where is that idiot?

The boy who had slept in the same room has her has disappeared, without a trace. His make-shift bed looked messy.

He must have gone to go to the bathroom or something.

She disregarded her slight moment of worry for the boy, and left to go to the kitchen, but found that there was someone already there.

"Hi, Asuka," greeted Shinji, who was still in his t-shirt, wearing those ridiculous blue shorts.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, ignoring his greeting.

"Making a meal. Misato is out cold. After all, she did drink five beers today. And I'm kind of hungry right now," he replied calmly, pointing to the pot boiling on the stove. "It's tomato soup. You want some?"

"No thank you," she replied coldly. "I'll just get myself a sandwich."

"Are you sure?"

"Of course I am, Idiot."

What is he trying to do? Provoke me? He's not that stupid to know that I don't accept his help. Ever.

"Are you aware that Miss Misato forgot to buy bread today? I bet that you would make a pretty crappy sandwich without it."

The girl flinched. "Oh yeah, well, I know she's more responsible than that," she lied. She opened the refrigerator to find that a single loaf of bread was nowhere in sight.

"Told you so," he said, with a smug look on his face.

Something is wrong. He's usually not this smart. Wait. I think I know what it is! That bastard is trying to hit on me! I knew it. No guy ever resists looking at me, no matter how hard he tries.

"Well, it's not going to work," she muttered.

"Excuse me?" Shinji asked, his head tilted slightly in confusion.

"I know what you're trying to do, Shinji Ikari, and I don't like it. You're flirting with me. I knew it would happen!"

"Asuka, are you really that proud of your looks? Of course I'm not flirting with you," Shinji replied, slightly yelling in annoyance, "You're not my type anyway."

"What did you say?! Of course I'm your type! Every guy loves me. Every girl wants to be me. So are you implying you're homosexual or something?"

Shinji sighed. "I'm not homosexual, Asuka. And I wasn't implying it. Besides, I don't think Ayanami would like to be like you."

Asuka felt her face turn cherry-red. No, not because she was blushing. No, she was cherry-red in pure anger. "Why are you comparing me to that... Wondergirl?! I am so much better than her! I look better than her, I'm a better pilot than her, and even a better student than her! Why would she even want to be me when she doesn't even have enough courage to even smile, for God's sake?"

Shinji smirked, and said simply, "She's a better kisser."

"What the hell? You kissed that girl?!"

"Yeah, last night, when you were off with Kaji on that 'imaginary date' to that small ramen shop in town."

"Why you... bastard! Why were you even with that doll?!" she asked in fury. "You're the one to talk, since you didn't even kiss back when I kissed you last week!"

"So," he said, turning off the stove, he walked slowly to the girl and whispered seductively in her ear, "would you like to give it another try?"

The warm breath is tickling my neck, Asuka thought, not noticing that his hands were wrapped firmly around her. It's like... the Shinji I want... The one who holds me, who's gentle--

Suddenly, Shinji reached for her face, and said, "Pucker up." And with that simple little command, their lips crashed into each other.

What is he... doing?

She could feel his sudden burst of passion, and what scared her was that she felt passionate as well, but...

He's not... This isn't the Shinji I know...

She could feel something trying to get inside her mouth.

No! This isn't the Shinji I know!

She pushed him away, her face full of fear and pain.

He smirked at her. "Now who's the one backing away now?"

"You're not the Shinji I know!" she screamed, not caring about the sleeping Misato in the other room.

I can't take it anymore! This isn't my Shinji! He doesn't hold me right! He doesn't kiss me right! It doesn't feel right!

"So," he replied, "the 'Shinji' you want is that bastard who couldn't even reveal his own feelings? The one who is afraid to stand up against his own father? The one who is almost as talented as you are? That is your 'Shinji'?"

"I... No, that isn't the Shinji I want."

"Then what is the 'Shinji' you want?"

"One who understands me. One who isn't afraid to hold me, to comfort me. One that allows me to have sweet kisses with. That's the Shinji I want."

Shinji opened his mouth, and said, "My, my, you're just a girl who love fairytale endings, don't you?"

That isn't Shinji's voice... It's...

"Asuka... Die with me, die with me, Asuka..."


"You're not my Asuka. MY Asuka was the one who loved me tenderly. The little girl who stood by my bedside."

"I did do that! I was watching you the entire time! Praying for you to return back to reality! But you... you goddamn woman... you refused to! And thanks to you, Father moved on to the whore who was giving your medicine, the nurse! You are not my Mother!"

The Shinji/Asuka's Mom smiled, and said in a steely tone, "Of course not. My Asuka died with me."

Asuka screamed. Her eyes shot open, and realized she was in the bathtub in a small room with a toilet, and a sink below a mirror on the wall.

I must have fallen asleep while I was taking a bath. How strange.

"Asuka, come out now! I need to use the bathroom!" cried Misato, knocking on the white, bathroom door.

That bitch, Misato. The one who stole my Kaji away from me. The one who stole my... Shinji as well.

"Asuka, are you even there?" asked Shinji. "I need to wash my hands! The kitchen sink isn't working, and I need clean hands to touch the fish!"

That bastard. Why the hell is he asking me to get out, when he doesn't even have the courage to even hold me, or even love me.

"Oh just grow a pair, won't you dumbass!" Asuka replied angrily, getting out of the bathtub, shivering.

She looked at herself in the mirror. Her body was damp, and she discovered she lost around ten pounds.

I eat. I'm not like those models. I'm beautiful the way I am. I don't need anyone else.

Looking at her reflection in the mirror, the naked pilot of the EVA Unit Two said five little words. "The world is lonely here."

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