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Story: 06

One More Final: I Need You, or the Beast that Shouted Hatred to the World

The world was covered in a blanket of red, and all was quiet.

The waves of the crimson sea were the only sound in this lonely, quiet world.

Across this world was the scattered parts of a beautiful lady, with crimson eyes that penetrated the soul.

A smile was plastered on her porcelin face, as if joyous of what the world has become.

The dead beasts stood on this land with their arms open, as if crusified.

It seemed that no one lived in this lonely, quiet world.

The silence seemed to be the only one there.

However, by the shore, lay two pilots of the mighty beasts that slayed the beautiful lady.

A boy and a girl, side by side.

The boy in a tattered school uniform, the girl dressed in a red and black plug suit.

An single black eyepatch covered left eye, her right arm bandaged.

He woke up, and rose to see a beautiful girl, the same one with her body parts scattered around the sacred ground, standing on the orange sea.

They both stared at each other, and before he knew it, she was gone.

He turned, to find his love, and heard the sound of her heart beating.

It was time, and he must not fail twice.

He sat up, and sat in a postion, kneeling towards her.

All of the hate that boiled within him seemed to continue growing, he knew that he must not fail with the horrible deed.

But he felt this was justified, that everything he had done was justified, and that the world was like what it should be.

Except for her.

He didn't need her here.

He wrapped his fingers around her delicated neck, and squeezed.

He squeezed as hard as he could, digging his dull fingernails into her pale flesh.

She awoke, but did not scream.

This made him hesitate, but he continued to squeeze the life out of the girl.

She had caused him his misery.

She had refused to help him in his darkest hour.

She was the enemy.

She always was.

He felt this sickening pleasure pulse within him, and he knew that this was right.

But wait.

She still did not scream.

Instead, she lifted her hand weakly, and stroke his face.

Her eyes, not crying because of fear or hatred, not coldly analyzing him, looked like the comforting eyes of a mother and a lover.

He stopped, immeadiately.

He broke into tears, the same salty tears that fell when he wept over her death now fell upon her face.

She had loved him the whole time.

She just did not want to admit it.

He needed her here.

And she needed him here.

Her comforting eyes turned into eyes of disgust.

"How disgusting," she whispered, loud enough for him to hear.

He ignored her comment of malice, and continued crying, ashamed for what he attemped to do.

"I hate you," she whispered again.

With the remaining strength within her, she pushed the boy to the side.

He reached and grabbed her wounded hand.

He whispered between sobs three words that she had always wanted to hear.

Well, before he failed to save her in her darkest hour.

Where was he, when she fought all of those beasts?

Where was he, when the lance penetrated her and EVA?

Where was he, when the beasts tore her apart?

He was nowhere to be found.

He had left her in the time she needed him the most.

She slapped the boy with her remaining hand, slamming his head on the sand.

She rose, and postioned herself in front of the boy.

Her strength, quickly depleating, made her fall on her knees.

She placed her hands on his neck, and squeezed the life out of him, digging her fingernails into his flesh.

He whispered the three words over and over again, as if it were a prayer, as if it were the most beautiful song in the world.

She didn't give a damn.

In the end, the songbird stopped, and his head now hung limply.

She had done it.

She had ended her misery.

It was all him.

He was at fault for everything, the reason why everybody in the world was gone.

The reason why there was a sea of crimson.

The reason why that beautiful, porcelain girl smiled upon them.

Before she could smile, she felt a kick within her.

Looking down slowly on her abdomnen, she found that the kicks were actually within her.

Then there was another, and another, and before she could comprehend anything, her stomach inflated to the size of a full moon.

This was her fate.

She knew she was destined for something, but certainly not this.

Yes, she was truely the girl who would save the world.

ULTRA SHORT OMAKE: What the Hell is Wrong With You?

Featuring Asuka Langely Sohryu.

hitsuzenbutterfly: So... what do you think?

Asuka: What the hell is wrong with you?

hitsuzenbutterfly: Well, I wanted to write an alternate ending to the infamous ending scene of End of Evangelion...

Asuka: I hate you so much.