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"Hide and Go Seak"


Leah's POV

I was so happy Mom let me take Seth to the park all by myself. She usually came with us. She said I was old enough to watch him for a few hours, and since we were only a few minutes away from the house she was okay with it. I hoped over the fence surronding the park while Seth crawled under it.

"What do you wanna go on Seth" I asked him.
"Swings" he cheered.
"Okay" I picked him up and walked towards the swings (he usually hated to be carried ,he prefered to walk) I placed him in one of the baby swings so he wouldn't fall.
"Push me Lewah" he demanded.

I pushed him on the swings for a little while and he giggled. Thats when Rebecca, Rachel and there little brother Jake got there.
"Hi Leah" Rebecca greeted us.
"Bwecca" Seth said reaching towards her.
"Hi Seth" Rachel, and Rebecca greeted him.

Jake followed behind them.
"Hi kid" I said messing up his short hair.
"You can't say that Leah, I'm five" he told me.
Me, and the twins laughed.

"Down, down" Seth instructed.
"You wanna come out?" I asked him.
"Wess, wess" I knew that meant yes.

I took him out and put him in the grass.
"Why don't you play with Jake while I talk to Becky, and Rachel?" I offered.
"Yay, yay" Seth said.
"Watcha wanna play Seth" Jake asked.
"Lets go on the slide" Seth sqeaked.

"Okay" Jake said walking towards the slides.
"You better watch him Jake" Rachel told him.
"I will" he promised.

Note to self- Never trust a kindergartner.

"Becca, Rachel!" Jake shouted running towards us followed by mini versions of Quil and Embry.
"Whats wrong" The twins asked immediatly.
"I don't know where Seth is!!" he told us.

"You lost him!?!?!!?!" I shreieked, mom was gonna kill me.
"What happended" Rebecca asked calmly.
"Well well" he panted "I was playing tag with him, and then I saw Quil and Embry and I went to say 'hi' but when I got back he was gone."
"Where were you playing?" Rachel asked cooly.
"Over there" he pointed towards a cluster of big trees.

We ran around screaming his name but nobody answered.
I reached a fallen down tree and looked under it, and there was Seth with his finger over his lips "Shhhhh" he told me.
"I found him" I called.
"Nwo, nwo shhhh" he instructed.

The others came over.
"Why didn't you answer when we called your name" I asked.
"Becaussseee Lewah your not supposed to whwen your pwayin hide and go sweak" he said.
"Seth, we were playing tag" Jake said.
"Oh" Seth giggled.

He was all dirty. His short spikey hair was all messy. His jeans had grass stains on his knees.
"Seth your all dirty, moma's gonna be mad" I said.
"Wewl it waswn't my fault" Seth said.

I picked him up, and put him on my hip.
I started to walk towards the playground.

"C'mon Jake" Rachel said as she began to follow.
"Okay" Jacob said unhappily.
Jacob walked behind the twins with Quil, and Embry.

"Hold my hand Jake" Rebecca commanded.
"No, I dont wanna" Jacob whined.

"Hold my hand" Rebecca repeated.
"Noooo" he moaned. They both seemed to look after their little brother alot, but Becky was more assertive.

"Come on Jakey were gonna lose you" Becky said smugly.
"Don't call me Jakey in front of my freinds" Jacob whined "just dont call me Jakey ever."

"I won't if you hold my hand" hmmm she was smart.
"Fine" he grumbled.

Rachel, Becky (holding Jake's hand) followed me to the playground. Quil, and Embry walked next to Jake and talked. Jacob glanced at his sisters hand around his every so often.
I set Seth down on a bench.

I did a quick once over to make sure he was ok.
"Ok were back" Jacob moaned tugging on Becky's hand "Can I go now?"

"Okay but stay on the playground" Becky said, and then Rachel added "Don't go in the woods again."
I wasn't sure whether or not to tell mom what happended. I could tell her Seth was playing on the slides, and got dirty. But Seth was too little to understand not to tell Mommy.
I could tell her the truth. I mean I really didn't do anything wrong.

So I let a five year old watch my baby brother. It was only for like ten minutes.
Then again lieing might work cause Seth didn't think he was lost. He thought he was playing hide, and go seek. I could just tell mommy Seth was playing hide, and go seek. Yea, that would work.

"Ok Seth it's time to leave" I picked him up again, and and supported his weight on my hip. Not like he weighed alot.
"Do we hwave to weave now Lweah" Seth asked.

"Seth we gotta go home now before Moma gets upset" I reasoned. Almost impossible to do with a three year old.
"Moma no upset" he agreed.

"Bye guys" I called.
"Bye Leah, bye Seth" they called back.

So I began the five minute walk home.
I carried Seth, afraid he'd wander into traffic or something if I let him walk.

Seth didn't like to be carried.
"Pwut me down Lweah" he grumbled.
"Seth your the little brother, and I'm the big sister so I have to take care of you" I said a little smug, cause I was the oldest.

He stuck out his tongue at me.
I giggled he was such a preschooler.

When we got home I just opened the door. It was unlocked.
I went into the kitchen, and Mom was making us lunch.

"Hi mommy" I said.
Mom turned to face us.
"Hi guys" she said not seeming upset.
She walked up to us, and picked up Seth.

"Hi Seth" she said in the baby voice she used to talk to him "Your all messy aren't you. What did you do?" She tickled his tummy, and he giggled. Mommy always had a soft spot for baby's. Especially Seth because he was her baby.

I considered myself a pretty good lair. Cause I knew what you had to do. You had to have your story straight ahead of time. On the spot lies don't always work out well. You can't have to much detail cause you wouldn't remember it. You had to have just enough that it was believable. Also some form of emotion helps to cover the lie. Like happiness, or sadness. If you make up something that is bad but minor it works too because it changes the focous. Authors make pretty good liars cause they can make stuff up. I wonder if I would make a good writer. Cause I always make stuff up.

"Oh the twins, and Jacob were there, and Seth wanted to play hide and go seek" I lied calmly, casually "He hid under a tree next to the parking lot. Don't worry I was watching from a park bench to make sure he didn't get into trouble. But I didn't think he would get dirty. Sorry" there a perfectly delivered lie.

"Oh well thats okay sweetheart" she said to me "I'll just give Seth a bath after lunch."
Yay! I'm off the hook.

Mom placed Seth in his high chair, and I sat down across from him.

"Whats fwor lunch Moma" Seth asked.
"Macaroni, and cheese" she answered.

I loved macaroni and cheese, and so did Seth.
"Bwut I don't want mwacroni, and tweese" Seth said.
"Then what do you want" Mommy asked.

"Cwookies" he cheered clapping his hands together.
"How about after lunch you can both have cookies" Mommy offered.

"Okway" he said shrugging.
Now I thought of a new way to get stuff done. Momma wouldn't of let us have cookies after lunch, unless Seth brought it up. He was the key here. His cuteness was undenaible. Everyone loved Seth. It was hard not to.

After lunch I was watching t.v. while Moma gave Seth a bath. Mommy came in the living room with Seth (all clean, and in new clean clothes and wet hair) wobbling behind her.
She looked under the coffee table,behind the couch, in between the cushions everywhere.

"Watcha lookin for Momma" I asked. Usually the only time someone looked for something this hard was when my dad was looking for the remote when a game was on.
"Seth's blanket" Momma said.
Seth was in love with that thing. He never took a nap without it, and always slept with it. I'm suprised he didn't bring it to the park. He must of thought he'd lose it.

"Nwo blankie, no nwaptime" Seth said.
"You have to take a nap Seth whether or not we find it" Mommy said "We'll find it later."
"How cwome Lweah dwoesn't wave to twake a nap" he asked pouting.

"Cause Seth" I said smugly "I'm a big girl and your just a baby."
"Am not" He said sticking out his lower lip.

"Then you wouldn't need your blanket would you" I asked knowing the answer.
"No blankie?" He said shocked. His big eyes got even bigger, and he opened his little mouth.

"Only babies have blankies" I said.
"I wanna bwe a baby den" he said.

"That what I thought" I said.

"Seth I don't know where you put that thing" My mom said.
"No blankie, no nwaptime" he repeated.

"We'll find it later" My mom said picking up Seth.
He pouted.

I had a pretty good idea where Seth's blankie was.

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