IK it's been ridiculously long since I updated this but hey chill. . . cuz heres another one. I'm gonna have sum fun wit this chapter. . . plus im changing the rating to T.
Seth is now 13, and Leah is 18. Anyway enjoy. Seth's POV.

"Raised By Wolves"

I was riding in the car with mom.
She was dropping me off at the movies in Port Angelis. I was gonna meet up with some of my freinds.

The drive is sooo long.
Ugh. I hate waiting. Supposedly, you spend half of your laugh waiting for stuff, if thats true then I spend the other half complaining about how much I hate waiting.

I'm so bored.

Look a tree.
Oh look another tree.
And Oh My God, another tree.

How exciting.
I moaned "Ugh I'm so freakin bored"

"Let's talk then" my mom said.
"Yea, let's talk about the economy" I said, sarcastically. Rolling my eyes.

My mom rolled her eyes.
"How about we talk about. . . sex?" my mom said.

I froze.
"Oh hell no" I said "We are not having this conversation now nor will we ever."

"Yes we are" my mom said.
"Then I'm gonna go home and slit my wrists" I vowed.

"I talked about this with Leah, and she is still alive today" my mom said.
"Cause she's a girl! I'm a guy, and a guy talking about sex with his mom is SOOO past creepy" I said.

We stopped at a traffic light.
My Mom ignored me and started "So let's start with the basics"

"Aw hell no" I said.
I opened the door, and walked out.

"Seth you get back in this car this minute" my mom shouted.
"Nope" I said. Crossing my arms and standing on the side of the freeway.

The light turned green.
The cars behind my mom honked their horns.

"Seth, get back in this car this instant, or I'll leave you out here and let the wolves get you" my mom threatned.
"Yea, maybe they'll raise me as my own" I said, and then walked away.

"Maybe I would be better off if I was raised by wolves" I mumbled to myself as I walked home.