A/N: Story title taken from King of Pain, by the Police. For the record, I despise my internet provider. I could pretend that the North Koreans targeted these bozos, but I'd only be fooling myself. It's been nearly a week without internet. I know there are some reviews I haven't answered, and I want you all to know that I really do appreciate all the kind reviews on other drabbles I've posted. For a list of the usual suspects you can go to Enkidu07 or Onyx Moonbeam's profile page.

Word count each section: One hundred on the nose

Summary: E/O CHALLENGE. Drabble word: ankle. Two Hurt!Dean drabbles. Kinda dark, especially the first one. I blame my muse.

They're right outside Atlanta, Georgia. St. Andrew's Church is nearby, priests dressed in black cassocks, slim, regal.

Dean's shoulders tighten up, ache for a solid week. Sam jokes about arthritis, old age, but the kid's clearly worried about him. Dean goes macho, growls at Sam all day. Later on Dean nearly breaks his ankle tripping over Sam's duffel in the dark.

Dean limps back to bed and dreams.

Fingers dig into his hipbones ---

"My pet. My beautiful, beautiful boy…"

…Dad's not around and Dean can't move…

Sam was at Stanford then.

Dean doesn't remember Father Cortese, but his body does.

On to the second one.