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Forty years have passed since Monkey D. Luffy and his pirate crew found the grand treasure One Piece.

Monkey D. Luffy was known throughout the world as King of the Pirates and his crewmembers had their dreams realized.

Twenty years later after the discovery, Monkey D. Luffy has been executed, leaving the location of his now legendary fortune and all that it contained a living mystery once more.

However, his death did not end the Great Age of Pirates.

Men and women, adults, elderly citizens, young and old traveled across the oceans once again, searching for the greatest and amazing treasure in the world itself.

One Piece.

One Piece: Prism Reflection

Setting Out To Sea! Part I

I'm going to be King of the Pirates!


"Man, I'm so thirsty!" A voice from a ship, a small, wooden dinghy with a mast and a white sail on it said as an arm lifted up to view, holding a compass. "I knew I should've bought that map. But I only had enough Beri for either a map or a compass."

The owner of the voice got up, revealing himself to be a young man of around 16 to 17 with had well combed dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, wore a light blue T-shirt, black jeans with a small chain looping around the left side and white sneakers with black stripes. He stood about 5'7" and ¾ or 5'8" if rounded up but the unique thing about him where the sunglasses he had hanging on his shirt.

The young man sighed as he got up and looked around, hoping to find an island. "Man! I don't want to drink sea water again!"

He soon spotted a small piece of land nearby and jumped with joy. "Awesome! An island! Fresh water, a map and FOOD!"

Picking up and oar from the dinghy's floor, he began rowing as quickly as he could to the island.


On the others side of the island, stood a large ship with two big black sails with a jolly roger painted on each on and on the black flag above the crow's nest. The Jolly Roger was that of a big skull, looking as if it was fat with small, styled eyelashes and make up on the cheekbones and around the eye holes. Behind the skull was a bone and what appeared to be a Zanmato with the tip of the blade pointing downward at the right diagonally and the hilt opposite to the tip.

Walking out of the ship where a group of pirates, led by a large woman of about a height of 6'11", with vibrant, red hair that fell just beneath her shoulders. She wore a short sleeved black shirt, dark blue pants that didn't seem to fit her unseen thin legs, a dark red coat which she wore on her shoulders similar to a cape. The woman carried a large broadsword on a sheath on her back and her face had fat cheekbones with some wrinkles on top, an ugly mole near her chin and she wore make up on her face, her eyelashes well styled.

Needless to say, the woman's appearance was very hideous and had made a failed attempt at making herself look more beautiful. "Today is such a lovely day to look for treasure." She spoke in a deep voice. "But it pales in comparison to my loveliness, am I right?"

"YES, RAINE-SAMA!!" All of the crew agreed. All except for the cabin boy. A thin, young man with short dark hair, downcast blue eyes of about a height of 6'2". He wore a simple brown shirt, blue shorts that fell just to the knees and black sneakers. The cabin boy was hunched down, carrying an object that was almost twice as long as Raine and very heavy, evident by how much trouble he had carrying it and how slow he moved in comparison, that was wrapped around a large cloth/blanket.

"Maaaark!" Raine called out, looking back at the cabin boy. "Make sure nothing happens to her!"

"Y-yes, R-raine-sama." Mark managed to say, carrying the cloth wrapped object. "I'll m-make sure nothing h-happens to Dinah."

"Too bad, Mark!" One of the pirates taunted, looking at Mark. "Looks like you got stuck carrying the Captain's butcher knife again!"

Raine suddenly stopped, placing a hand on the hilt of her broadsword and looked at the pirate with an angry glare. "What did you say about me?!"

The pirates and Mark looked afraid as the one who taunted the latter looked at their captain nervously. "N-n-nothing, captain. I meant to say that Dinah is truly a beautiful thing to possess. Only worthy of someone such you, Beautiful Flower Raine."

Raine's demeanor suddenly changed as she looked embarrassed a blush on her face. "Oh, you! Please stop, you're making me blush!"

"You already are!!" The pirates and Mark stated the obvious.

"Ah yes. That's true." Raine quickly unsheathed her broadsword, her face changing to an angry frown as she slashed at the pirate she was angry at. "But you still have to be punished!"

The pirate collapsed, injured from the slash as Raine sheathed her broadsword and resumed walking. "Let's go, men."

The pirates followed, too afraid of Raine to help the injured pirate and Mark followed as well, carrying Dinah.


"Wow! What a big forest!" Will said, looking around amazed as he entered the forest from where he docked. "I wonder if they have food here."

"What are you carrying, Mark?" Will heard a voice speak and looked around for it.

"It's a barrel. I think it's filled with rum." Another voice, Mark's replied.

"Rum?! I'll be the judge of that!" A third voice replied.

"Voices. And they're straight ahead." Will ran ahead, walking for a bit and soon reached a small clearing. He hid behind the bushes and saw two men wearing bandannas, sleeveless shirts and shorts with ripped ends along with a young man that seemed a few years older than him.

One of the pirates was shaking the barrel and the sound of a liquid was heard. He then pulled off the cork from the top of the barrel, peeked inside and smelled the hole. "Yeah, it's definitely rum."

"That's great! Pour me some too!" The other pirate said as the one holding the barrel poured some rum into two mugs.

"Hey, wait a minute! I don't think Raine-sama will be happy if she finds out you two are drinking the barrel of rum I just found." Mark said, looking worried.

"That's why she's not going to find out we drank some rum! Right, Mark?!" The barrel holding pirate threatened, glaring at Mark.

"W-w-well… I…" Mark stammered.

"Oh please! The cabin boy wouldn't tell on us and deprive us of some delicious rum for our hard work after pillaging that last ship!" The pirate holding the mugs replied, grinning at Mark in a threatened manner.

"You're right! This rum really is tasty!" Will said, drinking from one of the mugs.

"See? He agrees with m- Wait, who are you?!" The pirate holding the mug asked, realizing that Will had taken one of the mugs and drank from it.

"That's my rum you drank, you fool!" The pirate holding the barrel placed it on the ground and pulled a cutlass out from its sheath.

The pirate holding the mug of rum placed his on the ground and made to grab Will. But the latter simply hit the pirate in the face with the empty mug. He then brought the empty mug down on his head as the pirate placed his hands on his face in pain and was knocked out.

The remaining conscious pirate charged at Will and slashed at him. But Will moved, dodging the slash as he took a step back. The pirate slashed at Will again but he dodged, taking another step back. The pirate kept advancing towards, slashing as the latter kept stepping back, dodging each attack. The pirate then slashed at Will's head but he reared it back.

Will suddenly moved his head forward, headbutting the pirate. The pirate winced in pain and threw a left jab at Will's face but he blocked it with his right arm. The pirate grinned as he thrusted his cutlass at Will's face but he dodged the thrust by jumping to his right.

Will suddenly caught the pirate's arm with both hands and as hard as he could, threw him straight at the tree behind him. The pirate let go of the cutlass and dropped to the ground, having lost consciousness.

Mark just stood there, shivering in fear as he saw this stranger take out two of his crewmates and figured he was next. He saw Will suddenly looking at him and froze in place as he walked towards him.

"Hey, you okay?" Will asked, concerned. "You look stiff like a statue."

"Huh?" Mark looked confused and calmed down a bit. "You… You're not going to beat me up…?"

"Why would I? Weren't those two bullying you around?" Will pointed to the two pirates he knocked out.

"B-b-but they're my crewmates! And I'm the cabin boy!" Mark replied nervously, looking down.

"That's still no reason for them to treat their fellow nakama like that." Will replied, grinning as he picked up the mug that was still intact and filled with rum. "Even cabin boys don't get bullied that much."

"But I never wanted to join them in the first place." Mark muttered then shook his head and looked at Will. "Anyway, thanks. I'm Mark Zenri."

Will took a swig of the rum and grinned. "That's good rum. I'm Will Tarin."

"What brings you to this island, Will?" Mark asked, sitting down in front of Will.

"The same thing as you, Mark." Will drank all of the rum in the mug. He then got up, picking up the barrel.

"Huh?" Mark looked confused as Will poured himself some more rum. "What do you mean by that?"

"I'm a pirate, just like you. I've just started out, mind you." Will replied, picking out apples from a nearby tree.

"Really?" Mark asked, surprised as Will ate the apples. "Why would you want to be a pirate willingly?"

Will swallowed the apples and drank some of the rum in his mug. "Because I'm going to find One Piece and be the next King of the Pirates!"

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