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Author's Note: I wrote this kind of as an alternate ending to season 4 where Ruby didn't die... mostly because I wanted a little bit more fitting end to her then what was on the show. So, Ruby is still alive (for now) in this story.

Author's Note 2: This story is another one I dug out of the backlog of stories I have written. Since the last one had a lot of success, I figured I might as well try this one out as well. Hope you all enjoy it!

Summary: The day Lucifer rose was the day Sam disappeared. Weeks later, Dean and Castiel find him in an abandoned town, injured and unconscious and no memory whatsoever as to what happened. With Dean's help, the brothers begin to uncover what really happened to Sam and learn how to become brothers again.

You Found Me

Chapter 1

It was close to midnight. Rain was falling steadily from the pitch black sky, illuminated by random flashes of lightning. Thunder rumbled and somewhere in the distance a bell tolled.

A dark figure walked across the muddy streets. He wore a water-proof leather jacket, a pair of torn jeans, muddy boots, and a gold amulet around his neck that was noticeable only in the lightning flashes.

Another figure walked beside him. This person was shorter, dressed in a trench coat and a suit with a loose tie that looked completely out of place in the desolate landscape.

"Are you sure this is where he is?" the first person asked roughly. His voice was hoarse and anxious.

"This is where his last known location was," the second person said. "Whether he still is here or not, we will find out."

The first person looked annoyed as he sloshed on through the muddy street. Another flash of lightning lit up the area, giving the two men a chance to see their surroundings clearly. The first man stopped and inhaled sharply as his green eyes landed on a still form lying on a piece of debris on the side of the road.

"Cass," the man said his voice a near whisper. It was spiked with fear.

"He is alive," the second said carefully. "But only just."

Thunder rumbled in the distance. The rain began to slack off as the first man knelt down beside the fallen.

"God, Sammy," he whispered as he placed his hand on the fallen's shoulder. "I'm so sorry."

"We should get him to the safe house," the second said. "We can care for him more there."

The first man agreed, shrugging off the second's attempt at helping him pick up the fallen.

"I've got him," he said roughly. "He's my brother. I've got him."

The second man nodded in agreement as the first man gingerly pulled the fallen into his arms and struggled to stand. It was difficult; the fallen was three inches taller and much heavier then the first. But somehow, almost too easily, the first man was able to pick up the fallen.

"Let's go," the second man said. "I fear we don't have much time."

Bobby was woken up late at night by the shrill ringing of the telephone. Grumbling to himself for falling asleep, he made a mad dash from the living room table he had fallen asleep at to the kitchen to grab the phone before it reached his answering machine. He knew exactly who it was and wasn't disappointed to hear Dean Winchester's terrified voice on the other end of the line.

"We found him," was the only discernible thing that Bobby could hear amidst the constant thunder and rain in the background.

Bobby waited for a few more seconds for the line to go completely dead before he put the phone back in its cradle. He began picking up papers from where he had strewn them across the floor in anger only a few days before.

"I wouldn't be here when he gets back if I were you," he said to the person who was now standing directly behind him. Lightning flashed across the open window pane, illuminating Ruby's dark features.

"I want to make sure he's okay," Ruby protested. "I think I have that right."

"You don't have any right," Bobby corrected her as he placed the last paper on his desk and picked up the demonic knife that Dean had left days earlier. "Not after everything you've caused."

"I was only trying to help," Ruby said. "So sue me."

"I'm going to do a lot more then that," Bobby said turning to face the demon. "The only regret I have is that Dean isn't here to do this himself."

He raised the knife and was about to plunge it into her chest when the front door banged open. Bobby turned around and Ruby vanished from sight.

Castiel entered first, trench coat soaking wet and dripping. He strode purposefully into the room. He was followed by a misshapen person who was limping. With a start, Bobby recognized the person as Dean, who was carrying a limp Sam in his arms.

"Help me get him to the couch," Dean yelled gruffly.

Bobby was frozen for a moment, staring in shock at the too pale face of Sam Winchester that was heightened by his soaked, dark hair. A dark red line ran from his left temple to his lip, one that was still dripping blood. He looked, in all respects, dead.

"Bobby!" Dean shouted.

Bobby blinked before springing into action. He grabbed the first aid kit from the bookshelf as Castiel left the room. Dean managed to get Sam to the couch by himself before totally collapsing to his knees.

"What happened?" Bobby asked as the angel returned with a couple of blankets and towels.

"I don't know," Dean admitted as he gently started pulling off Sam's wet clothes. "We found him like this about ten miles from here. The town was completely destroyed."

"That's over a thousand miles from where Lucifer rose!" Bobby nearly shouted. "How the… how did he end up there?"

"I don't know," Dean said again as he cut off Sam's soaked button-down shirt. It was torn and mutilated beyond repair.

"Damn it," Bobby swore as he caught sight of the first of Sam's injuries. There was a huge gash across the center of his chest that looked as though an animal had ripped him open. There was another one stretching from his hip to his ribcage, across his stomach. They were both bleeding heavily.

"Hellhounds," Castiel said gravely.

Dean's face visibly paled as he stumbled to his feet. Bobby reached over and placed a steadying hand on his shoulder.

"He's going to be okay," he said. "He's alive, Dean. He's still fighting. Now come on. Help me get these jeans off."

"Be careful of his leg," Dean said as Bobby reached down and brushed his hand along the twisted limb. Even unconscious and at the point of death, Sam whimpered and thrashed weakly at the contact.

"Holy shit," Bobby said worriedly. He wondered what had happened to the kid and felt extremely guilty. He had been part of the reason why Sam had left. If he hadn't gone along with Dean's plan…

"Now is not the time for blaming yourself," Castiel said from behind them, making Bobby start in surprise. He had forgotten the angel was still there. "You need to concentrate on saving him. We cannot win this war without him."

"Can't you do anything to save him?" Dean asked. "Like you did for Jimmy?"

"I was not able to save my host, except by angelic possession," Castiel said. "Sam's injuries are well beyond my healing abilities."

"Some help you are," Dean grumbled. He sighed.

"On three, help me lift him up," Bobby said. "One. Two. Three."

With a loud moan on Sam's part and some cursing on Dean and Bobby's, they managed to get the wet article of clothing off and replaced it with blankets for the time being.

"We're going to need to set that leg," Bobby said mentally wincing at the thought. It wasn't going to be pleasant, and that break was one of the worst he had ever seen.

"I know," Dean said even though he looked ill at the thought. "He's going to need stitches. God, this is all my fault."

"Don't think about that now," Castiel urged. "Worry about saving your brother for the time being. There will be a point where you can apologize to him yourself and he will apologize to you."

The wind picked up outside as Dean and Bobby set to work stitching up Sam's chest and setting his leg. Dean was forced to go outside and get some fresh air after passing out in the middle of setting Sam's leg. Sam hadn't woken up for it, but the look of pain on the youngest Winchester's face was enough to make the strongest man go weak at the knees. Luckily, Castiel was able to calm Dean down enough for him to be able to help Bobby finish fixing up Sam.

Sam stopped breathing at one point during the time Bobby and Dean were trying to save his life. Dean had nearly broken three of his brother's ribs and popped more then half of the stitches doing CPR. It had worked; Sam was now breathing unevenly, but he was still breathing. That was all Dean could ask for at the moment.

Outside of his chest, stomach, and leg injuries, Sam also received a concussion, two broken fingers, a broken nose, and handprints from where someone had tried to strangle him. There wasn't much Dean or Bobby could do for Sam after they had finished with the serious injuries, except keep him on the morphine that Bobby had in his first aid kit, and watch to make sure he was still breathing.

Castiel had left after he made sure Dean and Bobby could handle Sam's injuries. He had some higher power to report to and he had other assignments, such as stopping Hell on Earth, smiting demons back to Hell, that sort of thing. Dean was both glad and somewhat sorry to see the angel go. Castiel had such a comforting presence at times, and Dean could really use that right about now. Especially after he was the cause of his brother's near death experience and Sam wasn't conscious enough to yell at him or apologize.

Bobby had gone upstairs to his room in the late hours of the morning. The thunderstorm had dissipated, leaving a heavy rain in its place. Dean had been told to go to bed at some point, but he had chosen to stay up and watch his brother. He needed to watch his brother, to protect Sam from anything that tried to harm him. Even if that meant saving Sam from himself.

It was getting close to noon when Bobby came back downstairs in search of food. His first reaction was to check on Sam and bully Dean into leaving his brother long enough to get a few hours of sleep.

He stopped dead when he entered the living room and laid eyes on the couch. Dean was passed out in a sitting position, his hand on Sam's chest and his head on the edge of the couch. Bobby was surprised and touched at the sight; he had thought he would never see those two that close ever again after what both of them had done.