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" Stop! We won't hurt you! We just want to talk!"

Yeah right! If you wanted to talk then you should have called me, not chased after me with guns. A shoot whizzed past my ear. I screeched and ran faster. I was ahead, but with the way I keep tripping, not for long.

As the footsteps grew closer, I grew weaker. I was almost blinded by the sweat rolling down my forehead, and the silver and black spots that danced into my vision.

Another shot past me, and I lost my balance tripping over my own feet. I fell and felt something making contact with my head.

Get up, Bella! Go! There getting closer! I screamed at myself.

I tried and failed to move. All I could do know was to wait for them to find me and shot me, or worse.

" There she is ! That-a-way!"

I heard running steps toward me and starting panicking. I heard panting nearby, almost right on top of me.

Move NOW! BEFORE they do something horrible to you!

" She's hurt. Mistress will kill us if we bring her like this."

He WAS right on top of me! " I guess we have two options then, shoot her and ditch the body or keep her and clean her up, then accept whatever punishment Mistress gives us, and her."

" Wrong rookie, we WILL be killed if we don't bring Mistress her slave, we keep her."

" It 's a shame we have to give her over she really pretty."

" Calm your cock down ,maybe Mistress will be in a good mood and give you her body as a reward."

" Yeah, maybe Mistress will. Hey do you think Mistress will let us cond-" That was all I heard before the darkness took me over.

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