E/O Drabble Challenge

Challenge word: ankle

Length: 100 words

Dean is 8. Sam is almost 4. They are spending some time at a playground next door to the current motel they are staying in.


"Higher, Dean. I wanna go higher!"

Dean gave the swing another push, watching the smile light up Sammy's face. When the swing stopped, Sam gave him a plaintive look.

"No more, Dean?"

"We have to get back, kiddo."

"One more slidey, Dean?"

"One more."

Sam squealed in glee, running toward the slide. He was almost there when he fell face first into the dirt. When Dean reached his side, he saw Sam clutching his ankle.

"I hurted my foot, Dean." Sam's face was streaked with tears and dirt.

"Come on, kiddo." Dean hoisted Sam onto his back. "I got you."