Melanie's POV

I turned Dollar towards the jump, a low two feet six inches. I felt the muscles in his back tense as he cantered up to the jump. His reddish-brown ears, known to the horse speaking world as Sorrel, swiveled back and forth. He threw his head up and increased his speed. I planted my hands in his neck to keep me on and to slow him down. I let the reins slip through my fingers, and Dollar gathered himself for the jump. He tucked his front legs up and pushed off with his hindquarters. I rose with him as he soared over the jump. I being bareback slide backwards but managed to stay on. Dollar landed on the other side with out touching the jump. I patted his thick muscled neck and let him gallop. I didn't notice Lily standing by he fence until she called out to me.

"Great jump." She called.

I slowed Dollar, my Quarter Horse stallion, to a walk and he ambled over to her.

"Thanks, Lily." I said.

"Y'all look great and ready for the big competition next weekend." She said.

Lily opened the arena gate and I rode out.

"Why don't you tack up AnnaBell and come on a trail with me?" I asked her.

AnnaBell was Lily's first horse and was now about ten years old. I had given her to Lily because of a promise we had made when we were fourteen. The promise stated that I, Melanie Anderson, was to give Lily Taylor I'm A Classic Cookie's first foal. I'm A Classic Cookie, also know as Addie, was my other horse a fourteen point two hand black Quarter Horse mare.

I had two other horses, well one other horse and one pony. The other horse Dollar, I'm a Saint was his show name, was a sixteen point two hand sorrel Quarter Horse stallion. Pony, know at the show ring as ToyBoy, was my thirteen point two hand Welsh Mountain Pony gelding.

"Ok, we've done all the lessons for today and I'm sure that Anna would love the ride." Lilly said.

Lily was my best friend and also my stable manager. She had mid-back length dirty blonde hair and dark chocolate eyes. She was six foot even, long and lanky like Anna. Anna was Addie's first foal, and probable last, Anna was pure black, she had a white snip on her muzzle. She was fifteen hands even and was just like her mother in every shape and form.

"LILY HURRY UP!" I shouted.

"I'm comin'!" She shouted.

Lily came around the corner leading Anna, who was walking lazily along.

"I'm so ready for the competition next weekend." Lily said. "The two of us have been working our butts off all month for this."

"I know." I replied to her as she mounted. "I can tell by the way she is walking."

"Yeah and she needs to hurry her butt up." Lily said.

Anna must have understood the underlying threat and increased her step.

"So how's your training been coming along?" Lily asked.

"Great." I answered.

"Yeah so what horses are you taking?"

"I don't know."

"Oh well i know who I'm taking."


By now we had made it halfway down the trail. The roar of thunder sounded over our heads and I held on for dear life as Dollar reared. He hated thunder. Anna stood quietly. Dollar reared again and I slide off. I screamed as I fell under him. Dollar bucked as another roar of thunder sounded. I could do nothing as I watched his hind hooves on a direct course for my stomach.


Umm... Ok yeah this is the new story that me and my friend are writing. I don't really know what to say about it but we like it and so I thought that I would post it. I'm going to give it a week then post teh next chapter.