Final Fantasy VII - Alternate Crisis

The rusted old turquoise pickup truck came to a shuddering Holt. The door opened with a creek as a tall black haired man slowly exited the truck. His blue mako infused eyes marvelled with certain fear at the indescribable site in front of him. Shinra army, the entire Shinra was combing the barren wastelands outside of Midgar looking for the fugitive.

Zack realized they'd find him soon and find Cloud, The solider glanced behind him to the back of the pickup truck where the blond haired ex infantryman sat bolt upright not moving seemingly lifeless. He had a severe case of mako addiction however he had been slowly improving over the last few days. The Solider member smiled a remorseful smile as he turned toward his sick companion.

`Just my luck`. He thought moving over to Cloud. Zack gently lifted the wounded warrior out of the truck. Zack looked around for the best place; he sighted a small cave to the right of them. It wasn't well hidden but likely they'd not bother looking for Cloud once they had Zack. Slowly leading the unconscious warrior to the cave he smiled again.

"Things you do for friends eh" The black haired first class sat him down, looking into Clouds eyes he deeply wished they could have both gone to Midgar but at least this way one of them might survive. Zack roughed up Clouds blond mop of hair. He turned leaving the small cave entering the blistering sun light.

The seated warrior looked up as the Zack left him, Cloud reached out in a vain effort to stop him, it was too late Zack had gone to face his fate. Once which Cloud now realized he had to chance but that was impossible.

Shinra's army had moved closer they were a few kilometres from the cave, three helicopters accompanied the searching army, like reapers waiting for their target. No remorse, no hope. The black haired man walked for what felt like hours although it was merely minutes. The army caught on fast all platoons forming up in front of the doomed warrior. He sighed when he knew they were in range of him.

A single bead of sweat dripped down his fore head, the heat was blistering it would hinder just how much he could fight. Zack knew deep down he could probably take most of them, hundreds of enemy's yes it would take everything but they weren't the problem, Zack could easily deflect any fire on him from the front. Cross fire was what he was worried about Zack couldn't defend from something that could come from anywhere. He shook his head, all the soldiers aimed at him.

Unsheaving his huge buster sword from his back, holding it in front of his face. The voices of his friends ran through his head. Zack couldn't help but smile when he heard Angeal's voice.

"Use bring of wear, tear and rust".

Zack lent his head on the blade; the metal was cold sending a rush down his spine.

"Live for your dreams" Zack whispered silently."Defend your Solider Honour".

Gripping his sword with both hands, taking a fighting stance. The dead red eyes of the army looking right through him, into his soul. Squeezing the hilt all his friend flashed in his mind, Genesis, Cloud, Tseng, Cissnei, Sephiroth, Kunsel ,Luxier, Angeal and her.

The last image in his mind was of Aerith, making the wagon with her felt like age ago, Zack would never see her face again.

Too late the first shot was fired. Buster too the hits, spinning the huge mass which was the sword deflected the volley of fire which was pelting him. He bent his knees and launched into the hair. The sword in the warrior's right hand still deflecting fire. His left hand formed a fist, flamed engulfed his hand, firaga. The flames lick against Zack's hand; he launched the fiery ball toward the middle of the army.

Dirt flew into the air after impact soldiers were tossed left and right various burns covering some. Following up the First class solider flew down with force, he hit the ground running, and Zack felt the warmth of the ash under his feet. A group of solider charged with long swords draw. Buster clashed with the first slicing through both the sword and the enemy solider, with a mightily swing three soldiers felt the force of Zack's swing. The sword slicing through bone and sinew like nothing. Zack attention turned to the helicopters now focusing Gatling fire at him. Using a solders face as a launch pad he dived into the air, spinning the sword, a beautiful golden light encompassed Zack.

"MetorRain!!!!" The cry roared threw out the wastelands three huge meteor like energy masses hit the helicopters. The remains of the helicopters crashed into the earth managing to take out more soldiers. "Damn!" Zack felt a bullet impact his ankle, after a quick glance it was just flesh wound. The blood trickled down his foot. Too late Zack couldn't maintain flight any more he feel again to the earth this time surrounded by a new group of red masked soldiers. Spinning the sword around he cut more soldiers down.

`Not getting any where I need more` Zack thought was he parried more sword swipes. Zack had techniques which would take a lot of the force but his energy would be depleted. Zack grew wearily with every stroke for the first time in an age he felt the weight of the Buster sword. More wound hit him machine gun fire to chest, lucky not fatal. `That it! `. Zack jumped into the air once last like, curling up he charged more energy, all the material in his arm lit up. "ah APOCAPLYPSE" Screaming once again a huge red light engulfed all of the soldiers. The ground under them crumbled as explosion after explosion destroyed the soldiers, bodies were torn apart by the devastating attack. As soon as it had appeared all the light receded leaving not a ΒΌ of the force that was there before.

Zack crumbled falling to the floor a second time although this time he was on his knees, the remaining soldiers formed up and attack. Zack didn't defend himself again the first attack. The cruel blade of a solider sliced at his face. Zack didn't have time to react. The same solider went for a kill stroke to his chest. Zack threw the buster into the solider cutting him in half, blood spilled over the purple clothes Zack was wearing. Using the sword as a cane he forced himself to his feet enduring more gun fire to his chest. A fatal shot from behind; a bullet pierced his left shoulder blade. All feeling in his left arm. All of Zack's material was in that arm, `This isn't good`. Scanning the area fast there weren't a hundred enemies left all he needed was a quick burst.

Picking his huge sword in his right arm he whispered. "Live for your dreams" breathing deep. "Live for your dreams...Li..." Panting "Live...e....For......Aerith!!!!!". Charging with the last of the strength he ran at the remaining soldiers cutting them down, not bothering to guard against the gunfire, bullets pelted him again. Zack didn't feel it cutting more enemies.

`Five left only five! ` His mind raced as Zack used the last of his strength to cut two down. Swinging wildly at the third, he took more fire to the shoulder, his sword pierced the enemy but he lost his grip and balance at the same time. Buster feel to the ground as did a heavy wounded Zack.

With a look of sheer fear he watched helplessly as one of the remaining two soldiers walked over to him, evil in the red eyes of the mask, no remorse. Taking aim the solider target Zack's heart.

"Goodbye Aerith" he whispered. Eyes closed, sighing as if his acceptance of this horrible fate was complete. Blood splattered across his face, the warm liquid wasn't his open. Zack opened his eyes to a horrific site. Cloud buster sword in hand had decapitated the solider which the last remaining Shinra army member had pierced Cloud's chest which his sword.

The blond haired warrior smiled, Zack look at his bloody features as Cloud turned snapping the blade which impaled him, cutting down the last enemy with buster. The warrior fell next to his comrade; the broken blade in his chest was pushed further out as his back hit the rocky floor. Zack crawled to his saviour tears poured down his bloody face. He grimaced as Cloud with the last of his strength pulled the sword from him, the wound was fatal. Zack looked into clouds Mako infused eyes. The blond warrior coughed over and over, copious amounts of blood came from his mouth. He desperately tried to form words to tell his black haired friend. They finally came,

", Ti....Tifa!...I," his face suddenly expressionless Zack knew he was gone like so many of his friends. Tears flooded from his eyes, he placed his head on clouds chest sobbing.

"I will my friend, i swear it" crying the words were barely audible. With a new found resolve Zack closed the fallen lovers eyes and picked up his sword and stumbling toward the dark city in front of him. Midgar.

One Day Later...

After treating his wounds Zack walked through the dilapidated slums of sector five hoping, praying and wishing she would still remember him.

"four years" he had been experimented on for four years and now he was about to see the one person who kept him alive. Zack stood in front of the huge oak doors of the church, it hadn't changed a day, Had Aerith changed his wondered.

The huge door creaked open, the interior hadn't changed from the stain glass windows to the old benches, Zack saw from the corner of his eye, the flower wagon they make still with a broken wheel. Taking a few steps, Zack stopped dead she was there tending to the flowers, the pink ribbon still in her hair. The black haired warrior walked forward.




On floor 60 of the Shinra building two scientists looked on grinning wicked grins, staring at the tank in front of them. Hojo the head researcher scanned over a clip board before saying.

"Where did you subject come from" . The first of the scientists replied dryly.

"He is subject 352, Overdosed on Mako, then escaped, retrieved from out skirts of Midgar, in a critical condition".

"Subject 352?" He wasn't supposed to survive, he didn't bond well enough with Jenova".

"According to our tests now tell us has fused with the Jenova cells on cellular level..

"So it looks like we may have another Sephiroth on our hands hahahah" Hojo cackled looking on the tube which displayed the remains of which once was Cloud.

"Ti..fa" it mumbled.