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Title: The Ride - Hurt!Dean – Early Season 3 (spoilers up to 3x01)

Summary: Sam & Dean in the woods, both angry, how can something not go wrong with one of them?

Disclaimers: Not mine, but I'm actively working on getting bits & pieces.

E/O Drabble Challenge

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Word Count: 100 (every mini chap!! so I don't repeat myself ^^) - \0/ Merisha taught me well.

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A/N 2: Story and Chapters' titles from the song "The Ride" by Milow.

- Word: Ankle

Chapter 1: If I had a Way to get out of this Day (Sam's POV)

We're on the trail back to the car after torching a Wendigo, when I hear Dean curse behind me.

"What's up with you?"

"Don't know, some mosquito bit me or something."

He's scratching vigorously at his ankle. Mosquito, sure.

"Dean, there are no mosquitoes around. Let me see."

"Who made you the big brother? I'm good."

"Stop complaining then. Move; I wanna shower."

I resume the trek leaving Dean to his grumbling. We've both been edgy lately and the heat today made it worse.

After 15 minutes, I realise it's quiet and look back to see Dean lagging behind... limping.

Chapter 2: If I had a way I'd get out today (Dean's POV)

Sam's been on my back for days now. Just because I won't help him break my deal. I'm tired of it; no way I can stand this until the deal is due.

Yes, maybe a shower is what he needs. Make it ice-cold.

Shit, my ankle really starts to throb. I should probably stop to look at it but Sam will be grousing again if I slow him down and I've heard enough; I'm already lagging behind.

I try to keep up, limping more and more as I feel my right lower-leg getting stiff, like swollen.

Probably not a mosquito.

- Word: Alarm

Chapter 3: I would Run Away (Sam's POV)

Seeing Dean dawdle on his way back to the car sets off a silent alarm I wasn't aware of until now.

I know he's pissed at me which means he ups his walls, but if anything, he should be way up front, not miles behind.

Maybe the Wendigo got him and that dumbass is trying to hide it again. I hate when he does that.

After all, if he's too stubborn and proud to let me help he can friggin' hobble behind. I'll be waiting by the car; have the Medkit ready, just in case.

Apparently, I'm not angry enough not to be worried.

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Chapter 4: I would Run (Dean's POV)

It hate to alarm anyone over an injury, but this time might be a good time to start. I look up to see Sam resuming his pace and walk away. Well I guess that settles it.

Still following him, I go through everything Dad taught us about First aid, survival and various injuries.

Swollen goes with sprain; I sprained my ankle before and this feels different. Different in a bad way.

Once I rule out everything I know, what is left bodes nothing pleasant for me.

I'm about to call out for Sam when I stumble and fall on my knees, dizzy and nauseous.

- Word: Spent

Chapter 5: 'Cause these Walls (Sam's POV)

I reached the impala faster than I thought. Not sure if it's because I walked fast or because I spent the time listing all the things about Dean that get on my nerves. What I know is that Dean is nowhere in sight anymore.

I check my watch and decide to wait for 10 minutes before I walk back to find my annoying brother. I'm still pissed that he sold his soul for me; I understand, would have done the same but still... Not like I'm going to tell him. Hypocrite I know.

We'll make peace once he gets here.

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Chapter 6: Block out the Sun (Dean's POV)

I'm spent; feeling like I ran a marathon in the desert.

Trying to stand up is futile. My right leg is almost completely numb so I settle for leaning against a tree, still panting. It's time to assess the damage.

I look up wondering where Sam disappeared. Guess it's just me then.

I roll up my jeans as much as the swelling allows it. My sock is already down and I instantly know that I'm in trouble. Blood is oozing from 2 puncture wounds, the skin shiny and bruises appearing.

How could I not realise a snake bit me?! Shit.

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- Word: Ditch

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Chapter 7: Today I've got everything to lose (Sam's POV)

I've waited enough.

We're still on a hunt. I shouldn't have left Dean behind to begin with. Especially not when he was obviously struggling. Dad might have told us to suck it up, but there's no way Dean would have ditched me.

I'm almost running now, back to Dean; emergency kit in one hand, shotgun in the other.

He can't be far.


I strain my ear but hear no reply. Definitely worried now.

Next thing I hear is retching... It sounds almost as bad as Dean's first boozing.


When I find him, he looks just as bad too.

Chapter 8: Today I've got nothing to lose (Dean's POV)

Man... Last time I felt this bad was after my first boozing. I almost ended in a ditch that night. Luckily Sam was there. I wish he was now.

I look up upon hearing my name. Sam's back. Good. Our gazes meet. Years of taking care of each other and I can tell he understands it's bad. Sorry Sam. I wish I could have spared you this.

I wonder if I'll still see the Hellhounds. Sorry guys the snake was faster.

Sam's kneeling next to me, his big hand on my neck. It feels good.


That sounded ridiculously weak.

- Word: Pressure

Chapter 9: I'm gonna grab the Wheel (Sam's POV)


As I run my hand through Dean's sweaty hair I'm surprised by how cold he actually is. I was expecting heat. Keeping the pressure on his neck I start assessing the situation.

It doesn't take long to see the rolled up jeans and the swollen leg; no way to miss the snake bite either.

"Shit... Dean... Why didn't you say something?"

I realise how stupid that sounds; plus my voice is rising in anger. Great. Dean keeps saying I need to work on my bedside manners, maybe he's right.

I just wish I could stop needing them all the time.

Chapter 10: I could go wherever I wanted to (Dean's POV)

Great. Like he wasn't pissed enough before, I screwed up again. I didn't want to put more pressure on you Sam.

"I'm... sorry..."

I hear him sighing. I really am sorry. Sorry for the deal, sorry for Dad, for Jess, sorry for dragging you back, sorry you couldn't be a normal kid...

"I'm sorry."

Sam opens the Medkit and starts cutting my jeans; another one lost to the cause. Sometimes I wish I could dump everything; we paid a high enough price already. Not like the choice's still mine though. It never was. It's just a question of time now.

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- Word: Control

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Chapter 11: Jump onto the world (Sam's POV)

"It's okay Dean. You're gonna be okay. Just let me help."

This is bad. As I get some gauze and compressive bandages from the kit, I try to remember everything Dad taught us. No sucking, no burning, no cutting. "First do no harm". Bandage & immobilize. I hope it's not too late for that. Dean's been walking for too long; trying to keep up with me. I should've known.

He winces as I start working on his leg. Focused on immobilizing the knee, I look around for branches; I need to get the venom spreading under control.

"I got you!"

Chapter 12: Leave
(Dean's POV)

It's good to abandon control to Sam again. Just for a bit. Just while I rest a moment.

"Dean! Look at me!"

I'm looking. Not letting you out of my sight again. Never. Bad things happen when I lose you. I got you back. Not sorry about that. It makes me smile. I think.

Sam's hand is patting my cheek.

"I need you here Dean! Stay with me!"

I must have zoned. I'm here. For now. The rest is out of my hands; in yours maybe. You said you'd save me. Can't let you do that though.

"Don't Sam. Don't."

- Word: Relax

Chapter 13: Going Down (Sam's POV)

"Dean... What?... Stop!!"

I don't know what he wants but I wish he'd stop fighting me. It's hard enough to splint a leg with broken wood pieces, I really don't need to have Dean moving around.

"Relax, just a moment until I'm done."

For some reason, that was apparently not the thing to say.

"Don't. Dean! Leave that in place! Come on... Dude."

"Just don't... Don't save me Sam."

That leaves me dumbfounded. For sure wasn't expecting that one.

He's totally out of it. I have to get him back before he hurts himself any more. Find something...

"Sorry Dean."

Chapter 14: As it's spinning 'round
(Dean's POV)

I need to get away from Sam. There's no way out of the deal. Those are the terms. He can't help, can't save me. I told him; why is he so stubborn?

He suddenly stops fussing. Good. Finally got him to listen to me. That's how it's supposed to be; I'm the big brother, he listens. Now I can relax.

"Sorry Dean."

Sorry what?...

Okay. That was Sam's hand... on my face. Unexpected.

Why did...? What...? Wait, why am I on the ground?


"Dean? You're back with me?"

He sounds both worried and guilty.

"Did you just slap me?"

Word: Wall

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Chapter 15: I will drive 5000 miles just to survive (Sam's POV)

"I guess... At least it worked. We have to get you out fast Dean; the venom has already spread too much. You should have told me."

Great add guilt to the hurt.

"Okay. I did my best, you think you can get up. The car isn't that far anymore. I'll help you."

"Yep, I'm good Sam."

I swear it's like facing a brick wall. Why is it that he never wants to admit when he's hurt and in pain. Just like Dad... worse than Dad. Damm, it's not like I can't see the lines of pain showing on his face.

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Chapter 16: Take me along for the Ride (Dean's POV)

Sam's right, we have to get out of here. His stubbornness has been driving me up the wall lately, the feeling probably being mutual, but he's right about that part. It's creeping me out here, and I'm getting worse.

"Let's go."

I try to stand up and fail miserably. Yup, definitely worse.

Sam moves next to me and puts my arm around his shoulder. Freaking giant; he hauls me up like nothing. He'd better not consider carrying me back.


I knead my thigh just above Sam's splint work. My leg hurts. At least the part I can still feel.

Word: Scratch

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Chapter 17: A change comes on my Eyes (Sam's POV)

Dean's on his feet. Sort of. I'm not sure how far he'll manage. That stupid pride of his is probably the only thing keeping him up.

We start the journey back in silence, medkit on one shoulder, Dean on the other. It's slow going on the uneven ground.

I can feel him struggling with every step. Looking down, I see new scratches, inflicted by the shrubs, bleeding more than they should.

Shit. It means he's already having coagulation trouble.

Suddenly Dean stops. No. We can't. We have to keep moving, or else... I really don't want to go there now.

Chapter 18: As I'm leaving
(Dean's POV)

I can't anymore. I need to stop. So I stop.

Sam tenses. If I didn't know him, I'd say he's close to panicking. That look in his eyes as he scans me, like he's trying to figure out what's happening inside me.

Dude, you're not Superman.


Shit. Did I say that loud.

"Come on Dean, we can't stop now."

Sam grabs me even tighter and urges me to move. Scratch that... right now, he feels like Superman.

"Give me a minute, Sam"

I pant like a dog. A dog on 3 legs.

"We might not have a minute Dean."

Word: Twitch

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Chapter 19: These Streets persuading Me (Sam's POV)

I look at Dean, not bothering to hide my worry; his face twitches, failing to hide his pain.

I'm torn between actually letting him rest a bit, and just manhandling him to the car and rush to the nearest hospital. Fuck, I don't even know where it is or if they'll have the anti-venom to treat Dean; not that we know what snake bit , how could he not notice.

I let out a growl in frustration. I've had enough.

I move to face Dean, not giving him a chance to react and haul him up in a fireman's carry.

A/N2: Mish wanted Sam to carry Dean, who am I to not grant her that request. Blame her.

Chapter 20: With mumbles strange Goodbyes (Dean's POV)

"Holy.... Shit... Sam put me down! NOW!"

"No! We've wasted enough time already."

Great the Sasquatch's taken control. I feel like a potato sack. Can it get any worse?... Stupid. I should know better than to tempt fate like this, knowing our record of bad luck.

My leg twitches, being bounced like that on Sam's shoulder, it hurts; not the most comfortable mean of transportation if you ask me. It allows me to notice that Sam grew some impressive muscle since Stanford though; he's really firm now, not that he wasn't before, but wow... Where did my little brother go?

A/N: I couldn't resist the allusion... Hehe. It won't get beyond that. Loved Becky. Love the writers & Kripke. :D (it's not considered a spoiler, is it? :S)

Word: Over

Chapter 21: Through the Forest (Sam's POV)

Dean is fighting me for a while, but there's no way he's gonna win that one. Get over it Bro. When he finally stops struggling, I manage to move faster; not sure if it's because it's actually easier or because having Dean relinquish his fate to me just increases my worry and my pace.

"Almost there."

I resettle him, rearrange my grip and he grumbles; I'll consider that a good sign. I push harder when I finally see the opening in the trees, knowing the Impala will be just there.

Right now, she's the most beautiful sight in the world.

Chapter 22: Through the Haze
(Dean's POV)

I hate this but what can I do. Hang there, being bounced around and wait until it's over. The worst part is not seeing where I'm going; I know where I was, what I'm leaving behind but I have no idea what lies in front of me. Not that I ever knew, but it's just worse than usual. I want to be sure Sam will be okay; he's stronger than me, he'll manage what I couldn't handle: life without my brother.

Maybe it would be easier if things ended here, now. Bad luck on a regular hunt. No "Deal" shit.

Word: Lap

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Chapter 23: To the Soul of Everything (Sam's POV)

Finally we've made it here. On to the next step.

I lower Dean from my shoulder, letting his back rest against the Impala. Hopefully her black sun-warmed body will get some warmth back into him, bring some comfort.

"Dean? Try to hold yourself up a moment."

My hand never leaves him while I open the passenger door; normally he'd shrug it off.

"Come on... In."

I'm manoeuvring him inside when he grabs my shirt, pushing me back.

"… sick... gonna be..."

"Shit! Okay. Head down, breathe... slow..."

I lower myself, resting one hand on his back, one on his lap.

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Chapter 24: Throw my Heart out (Dean's POV)

I'm gonna throw up. Again.

I really didn't need that roller-coaster ride Sam gave me. His shoes might now suffer the consequences; payback's a bitch. That makes me laugh and it's all my stomach needed. I missed Sam's shoes. Mine too. Thanks for little favours.

I can feel my heart hammering inside my chest; it wouldn't beat faster had I run 20 laps at high speed. Can a heart actually explode?

Sam left. Again.

No, I'm not panicking; Dean Winchester doesn't panic.

Sam's back. Again.

"Here Dean, drink. Slowly."

I spit the first mouthful out and swallow the rest down.