Title: The Ride - Hurt!Dean – Early Season 3 (spoilers up to 3x01)

Summary: Sam & Dean in the woods, both angry, how can something not go wrong with one of them?

Disclaimers: Not mine, but I'm actively working on getting bits & pieces.

E/O Drabble Challenge – Word: Blanket

Word Count: 100

Chapter 43: Should've known Better

The doctor finally called Sam back in the room. The grim expression he could read on her face send chills running down his spine. No no no... It couldn't be. It was just a snake bite. They had survived Wendigos, Witches, Poltergeists. Hell, they had survived Demons!

When he arrived next to the bed, all he could see was his brother's pale face, finally looking at peace. He dug under the blanket to take Dean's hand, squeezing it firmly into his. Not cold. Yet. He brought their joined hands to his forehead and allowed himself to cry. He was alone.