NCIS: From Day One

A/N: I was going through my dvd's, and decided to watch Season 3 disc One. I got to the last episode on the disc called "Silver War", and at the ending, Ziva had found Kate's sketchbook.

The scene made me cry, and it felt... so special, because I miss Kate so dearly.

So, I made a Memory story for Kate. It's not my first one-shot, but it will be the best one-shot that I ever wrote, and I think it takes a great deal of how Kate was captured in Gibbs' memory.

Semper Fi.

------------------- ------------------- ---------

As Kate's desk lamp turned on, his suspicions were correct.

Ziva was sitting at Kate's desk.

"She's gone Gibbs." Ziva paused. "I don't think Kate would mind."

He walked to his desk and sat down in his chair. Though on the way to his desk, his thoughts came into his head.

'You didn't know Kate, Ziva.'

"I found this," She started, and he looked up. "But I have a feeling, she would have wanted you, to have it."

'Kate's sketch book.' He thought, with surprise. She'd have to be dead in order for anyone to see that.

Realizing what he just thought, he wanted to head slap himself.

'That's because she IS dead.'

As Ziva put the sketchbook on his desk, he looked down at it.

"I'll see you, in the morning." She gave a little warming smile, as she departed.

Flipping through the sketchbook, finding some of the pages, blank, he came to a drawing.

Smirking, he thought Kate had captured Tony just right, shades on, leaning back in his chair at his desk, with shades on.

He continued to flip through.


'Abby, with her skull cloth hat, similar of what she had Kate wear.'


And finally....


Gibbs saw how she captured and sketched him out, perfectly, like nobody else could before.

What Kate had sketched, was the mirror image of him, almost as if it was a portrait.

She had captured so much emotion in the sketch, the memories wanted to make him cry, for the first time in ages.

Remembering the day they met on Air Force One, Ari's attack, her death on the roof...

"Wow, I thought I'd die before I ever got a..."


Her funeral.

"You're late for my funeral Gibbs."

Though, he knew in his mind and heart, that Caitlin Todd, was his best Agent he ever had, and that he missed her everyday, he knew it was time to put her away, and accept the fact that she was never coming back.

They had Ziva now.

It was time to move on with the now, but yet, remember the past when he could.

But, he'd always go back to the sketches, and smile.

Remembering that even though Kate was gone, forever...

She had remained, at NCIS.

From day one.


In memory of NCIS Special Agent Caitlin Todd.

May you always be missed by your friends, your family...

Your team.