You Know You're Obsessed With Kingdom Hearts When…

Chapter One

Reasons 1-25

1. You can recite every cutscene without looking at the subtitles.

own every game, including the Japanese ones.

's the reason you learned Japanese.

were pissed at Square Enix for not releasing Coded in the USA.

5. Yet, they're your idol for helping make Kingdom Hearts.

own every figurine.

've drawn fanart.

've written fanfic.

you see strategy guides, you scoff and go, "That's for wimps."

game file has clocked over 500 hours.

're a level 50 and you're still on Destiny Islands.

wish you had a Nobody.

make your own Keyblade.

freaks you out.

find yourself falling in love with yet another anime character.

made your own posters.

waited on line for almost two days just to buy KH II.

have Chain of Memories for both GBA and PS2.

hate everyone who says Kingdom Hearts has horrible graphics.

start saying 'Got it memorized?' after every sentence.

style your hair like Sora's.

try to activate Valor form with your dog.

cry when you fail.

start to believe your best friend is turning into Ansem.

make a plushie of a Heartless and beat it up with your Keyblade.

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