Don't Let Go

Sam held on with every ounce of strength he had left.

It had been a fierce battle between the brothers and the Muchaga, a half-human, half-bear-like creature with the power of twenty men. But Dean and Sam had held their own, trading blow after blow but taking their fair share as well. The beast got one good punch in to Dean, though, sending him stumbling perilously close to the cliff edge. Disoriented, Sam could see Dean wasn't going to regain his footing, and sure enough Sam saw Dean start to topple over.

Slamming the shotgun barrel into the beast's head, he bought the moment he needed to run past it and grab at Dean as he went over, managing only to grab his ankle. The Muchaga, beaten enough in its opinion, took that moment to run off.

Dean cam back to his senses to realize he was dangling upside down over the cliff and looked up to see Sam straining to hold on to his leg and pull him up.

"I gotcha Dean. I gotcha," Sam assured his brother.

"What about the Muck…chaka…thing?"

"One thing at a time, bro," Sam sighed, pulling Dean up the rest of the way.