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Author's Note: This is just a collection of one-shots that don't fit anywhere else, or have no space within the ever-complex workings that is my mind. As you can tell already, this folder contains miscellaneous Vocaloid stories (crossover-related or not) that I test-run or just create on a whim that may or may not have a back-story plotline, or are challenges made by others which I answer.

This story WAS supposed to be smutty, but most of the lemony scene I uploaded to AdultFanFiction. So yeah, want to read any future uncut content that contain lemons in my works go to AFF. For now, please accept this stuff I wrote up. I was bored...

A Babysitting Story


Eighteen year old Kagamine Len smiled as Yuki glomped him at the door. Behind Yuki was her step-father, Hiyama Kiyoteru. And with Kiyoteru was his date for the evening.


"Hello Len," the pink-haired woman greeted with a gentle giggle, "you haven't forgotten about the homework I assigned after class, right?"

"No, sensei, I haven't."

She smiled.

"Now, you know the rules, Yuki," Kiyoteru told his step-daughter.

"Yeah, dad, I know."

"Well, have fun you two," Luka said as she and Kiyoteru left. Len closes the door shut, and unloads his book bag off his aching shoulder.

The thirteen year old girl smiled as she started dragging Len into the living room. "C'mon niisan! Let's watch some anime!"

Len smiled himself as he was led to the room. With another giggle she jumps onto the couch, and onto him. Len started to get a bit of red around his cheeks. Let it be known that he has babysat Yuki since she was eight, and lately he's been having some rather adulterous urges towards the girl.

Oh, stop thinking such naughty thoughts, Len, he berated himself, trying to shake those perverted ideas away, damn you Mikuo and your lolicon doujinshi!

Across Sapporo, Mikuo sneezed.

"Mikuo, you okay?"

"Yeah. Just have a weird feeling someone's cursing my name."

"Well, ignore it," Rin said.

Back where Len was, he had a sudden feeling of wanting to kill Mikuo for doing something without him. He's probably with Rin...

Let it be known here and now, that Len and Mikuo were best friends growing up, and they seem to have this thing going on with the female Kagamine. Use your imagination.


"Oh, yes, Yuki?"

"Dad says that you're supposed to buy dinner tonight. He left money on the kitchen counter for the Dynasty King take-out restaurant."

Len gets up, and she lies down on the couch and continues to watch her Gundam Wing episodes, while Len headed into the kitchen, locating the left-behind wad of cash and the number for the restaurant.

Mongolian Beef noodles, Orange Chicken Stir-fry and Fried Rice sounds good. And I'm sure we have drinks in the fridge... yup.

He dialed the number, as he took out the sodas he found in the back of the refrigerator. Soon his call gets through the line.

"Yes hello. Is this the Dynasty King restaurant?"


Dinner was wonderful for it being take-out food, and they're currently watching the movie Ponyo. Yuki cuddled close on the recliner, as the movie continues to play. Len did enjoy all the films made by Studio Ghibli (My Neighbor Totoro being one of his favorites next to Kiki's Delivery Service), and was glad Yuki didn't object to the movie of choice. Len spoons her, his breath tickling her neck. You see, Len started playing around with Yuki, and somehow they ended up making out, which then descended into... adulterous action.


Len simply places a soft kiss on her cheek.

"Well? Did it feel good?"

She closes her eyes. Slowly, a hint of a smile crosses her lips.

"It... was good..."

The older teen allowed a smirk to cross his lips, before said lips brush against her skin with more soft kisses. Then, he captures her lips with a strong kiss. And she slowly melts into it, allowing him to have his naughty ways with her.

"To your room," he tells her once she parted from him due to her lungs needing precious oxygen.

"Yeah," she replies, a darker blush forming over her flushed cheeks.

He gets up, picking her up off the floor as they collect the clothes, and then leave after turning the TV and DVD Player off, then finally the lights. Len wondered how he was going to work this about. He knew Kiyoteru would likely murder him if he ever found out what had happened in the house on this night. Squeezing Yuki's hand as she leads him to her bedroom, he figured out how to deal with it and keep this a nice secret...

... As the door closes shut and a lock is applied...

Kagamine Len and Cold Treatments

Len was sick. It was winter time and everyone enjoyed the snow and the fun of making snowmen or snow angels, or having snowball fights. But, Len soon got a terrible cold so half the house was quarantined so Len's cold wouldn't affect the others. Winter was the time where they were the most busy creating new songs. The only two willing to tend to him was Rin, and Miku. But... Rin didn't think THIS was a viable way of curing a cold...

"That felt good," states Miku with her usual cheerful smile and eyes closed in total bliss.

Rin stares, while Len was still top-down bottom-up.

"How's having sex supposed to cure a cold?"

"He got very warm while I rammed his cute shota butt?" was her snickering reply. "Okay, I'm going now. Bye!"

And Miku leaves the room after making sure she looked all lady-like again in her usual skirt and shirt combo. Len moans, lifting his head up before he rolls onto his right side.

"My butt feels sticky... Is it strange I kind of liked it?"

Rin had nothing in reply to that, so she hides her blush by pulling a blanket over Len's half-naked form and goes to the kitchen to make some hot cocoa. She sees Miku gushing up to MASTER again, and resists the urge to face palm when Miku led the young man away.

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